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Recruiter Places 13 Physicians at Missouri Hospital

The Recruiter Next Door: A Neighborly Introduction Drives 13 Physician Placements for a Metro Hospital


Director of Recruiting Katie Moeller’s regional expertise and the teamwork culture at Jackson Physician Search help her succeed in recruiting 13 physicians with an Academic Hospital.

The Recruiter Next Door: A Neighborly Introduction Drives 13 Physician Placements for a Metro Hospital

As a national physician recruitment firm with offices across the country, Jackson Physician Search understands the nuances of placing physicians in vastly different areas of the United States. From major metro hospitals to remote, rural health centers, each organization offers a unique opportunity, and it is the job of Jackson Physician Search recruiters to present them in a way that appeals to physicians.

It helps to have recruiters living and working in the region who can speak to what it’s like in their client’s part of the country. Even though technology gives us the ability to interact with colleagues anywhere in the nation, it’s reassuring to the hiring organization when the recruiter representing them knows the pros and cons of their specific location firsthand. Plus, a potential physician candidate is more likely to trust what the recruiter has to say about a location when he or she lives in the region.

This has certainly been true for Director of Recruiting Katie Moeller. In less than four years, she has placed eight physicians with an Academic Hospital in the major metro where she resides. Of course, she hasn’t done it alone. The culture of teamwork at Jackson Physician Search continues to be integral to her success. Overall, the team has made 13 placements, with 4 more searches underway.

A Midwestern Welcome

Katie joined the Jackson Physician Search team in January of 2018 to serve the Midwest region, and as fate would have it, the Chief of Radiology at an Academic Hospital moved in next door. Curious to find out if she could help his organization, Katie welcomed the opportunity to introduce herself. As it turned out, Dr. B was currently trying to hire a Radiologist, so he was happy to accept the help from his new neighbor.

Still new to the industry, Katie was eager to prove herself. Leveraging the 100% digital recruitment strategy championed by Jackson Physician Search, she quickly connected with candidates and screened them to identify the best fit for Dr. B’s organization. Once she completed the first search, her success earned her the chance to work on two more placements. In a matter of months, Katie placed three different Radiologists – an Interventional Radiologist, a Body Imaging Radiologist, and a Neuroradiologist. Dr. B was thrilled, and he let his colleagues in other departments know it.

Teamwork for the Physician Recruitment Win

Soon, Katie was leading a search for a Division Chief of Vascular Surgery. Normally, a high-level leadership position like this one might take nine to twelve months to complete, but with the help of a Jackson Physician Search colleague, Katie was able to deliver in under 90 days.

Dr. H was working in academia on the East Coast and looking for a fresh start. He had originally reached out to Jackson Physician Search Senior Director of Recruiting Jeff Foster about a position on the West Coast, but ultimately, Dr. H wanted to stay at an Academic Hospital. Jeff wasn’t currently sourcing for any positions that fit Dr. H’s needs, but rather than simply part ways, Jeff looked to the Jackson Physician Search website to see what other options might be available for Dr. H. He saw Katie’s Division Chief of Vascular Surgery listing and made the introduction. As luck would have it, it was a perfect match.

“It couldn’t have worked out better. Dr. H was the ideal candidate for my client, and the opportunity was exactly what Dr. H wanted,” said Katie, “I’m so grateful to be a part of a national firm with a culture that puts others first and encourages teamwork. Jeff’s primary goal was to help Dr. H find where he belonged – even if it wasn’t with one of Jeff’s own clients.”

Physician Recruiting for an Urban Academic Hospital

Although Dr. H was actively seeking a position with an Academic Hospital, academia is by no means the default preferred practice model for many physicians. Teaching and research responsibilities can be extensive, salaries typically tend to start a little lower, and – unlike private practice – academia doesn’t offer opportunities for partnership and related ancillary income.

While it’s more common to discuss the challenges of rural physician recruiting, recruiting for major metros has its own unique obstacles as well: higher living costs, crime rates, overcrowded school districts, and even housing shortages are common concerns for candidates evaluating physician jobs in urban areas.

To overcome these issues, Katie makes it a point to highlight the unique benefits of physician jobs in academia. She focuses on the opportunity to help underserved patient populations and to mentor the next generation of physicians. Of course, she can also tell candidates what she loves about the city itself. She even goes the extra mile to connect candidates with a local realtor for personalized tours that focus on their lifestyle interests.

“As a retained partner, I truly feel like an extension of the organization,” Katie explains, “From day one, I kept digging until I really understood their values and culture. With that deep level of understanding, I can confidently screen out candidates who wouldn’t be a good fit and only present those I know the organization would be happy to hire. You just don’t get that with a contingent firm.”

Her client certainly agrees, and 13 placements later, the successful partnership continues to thrive.

If you are hoping to partner with a recruiter who will be an extension of your brand, representing your values and culture to potential candidates, Jackson Physician Search is that partner. Contact a Search Consultant today.

Key Takeaways

  • Over less than four years, Katie Moeller made 13 placements for the Academic Hospital, with 4 more searches underway.
  • Having recruiters living and working in the region adds value as they can speak firsthand about the location and build trust with potential candidates.
  • Jackson Physician Search’s 100% digital recruitment strategy plays a vital role in connecting with candidates quickly and efficiently.

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