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Physician Recruiter Brings Missouri FQHC Quick Success with These 3 Tactics


Senior Search Consultant Cori Centerino helped a Missouri FQHC solidify its candidate profiles and strengthen its job offers before leveraging three digital physician recruitment tactics to connect with the Family Medicine physician and Pediatrician who matched the vision.

Physician Recruiter Brings Missouri FQHC Quick Success with These 3 Tactics

As the demand for primary care physicians continues to outpace supply, physician recruiters must consistently leverage every tactic available to connect with potential active and passive candidates and present them with a compelling reason to consider something new. This is exactly what Senior Search Consultant Cori Centerino committed to doing when she met with the leader of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in rural Missouri. The organization was seeking both a Family Medicine physician and a Pediatrician, but it had yet to find the right candidates.

The organization was undergoing some change, and Cori suspected that part of the problem drawing out this search was inconsistencies in what the various stakeholders wanted in a candidate. So, she set up weekly meetings with leadership to ensure everyone agreed upon the ideal candidate profiles. Upon further analysis, Cori was also concerned that the compensation for the Family Medicine job was below the median. She pulled the data to review with the client, and they agreed they would need to increase the advertised salary range to stand out in the competitive market. Once everyone aligned on both positions’ details, Cori assured them she would leave no stone unturned. If the candidates they described were out there – Cori would find them.

Trusting the Digital Physician Recruitment Process

As a recruiter for the largest privately held physician recruitment firm in the nation, Cori has access to an arsenal of tools to help her connect with physicians. From a network of job boards to the largest opted-in physician database in the country, the digital recruitment process established by Jackson Physician Search involves touchpoints for physicians in an active job search, as well as those who aren’t necessarily looking but might consider a change for the right opportunity. Cori knew this process had proven effective time and time again and was committed to leveraging every resource available to her. The following three tactics were the most impactful.

1. Digital Physician Recruitment Tactic: Text Campaigns

Cori posted physician job ads for both positions that highlighted the benefits of working for her client, but she knew her chances of success would increase considerably with proactive outreach. She searched various databases to find candidates who matched the criteria and launched a text campaign to tell them about the job in a customized text highlighting a specific feature that met the particular physician’s job search preferences. She sent a minimum of 300 texts per week. 

The texts were extremely effective. Dr. V, a Medical Examiner in St. Louis, responded to Cori’s text, explaining that she wanted to get back into clinical practice as a Family Medicine physician. After learning more about Dr. V, Cori presented her to the client, and they quickly scheduled an interview. Dr. V was impressed with the organization and felt the community would be an ideal place for her family. She was happy to accept an offer, bringing the search to a close in just under six months – well below the average time-to-place a Family Medicine physician.

2. Digital Physician Recruitment Tactic: Job Board Outreach 

In addition to posting job ads on relevant job boards, Cori also used her access to the various job boards’ databases to identify qualified candidates. She searched each database by specialty and desired location, sending customized emails to relevant physicians. Through this channel, Cori connected with several potential good fits and presented them to the clinic.

3. Digital Physician Recruitment Tactic: Targeting Residents 

Cori also leveraged her access to the database of medical residents to isolate 2024 residents in the appropriate specialty who were interested in the Midwest. She sent texts to all residents who matched her criteria. 

In her final year of a Pediatrics residency, Dr. T received Cori’s text and responded to express her interest in the job. Cori was impressed and presented her to the FQHC leaders, who invited her for an interview. The interview went well, and Dr. T was eager to move forward; however, the clinic was already interested in another candidate Cori had found via a job board. Cori broached the idea of extending offers to both candidates, confident that Dr. T was a strong choice and creating an opportunity to bring on two physicians if both accepted. The client agreed, and of the two, Dr. T ultimately accepted. When their original offer didn’t work out, the client was especially thrilled that Cori had advised them to move forward with Dr. T.

Secrets of Physician Recruitment Success

Early in the process, Cori identified where further communication was needed in order to change the trajectory of the searches. She immediately put a plan into action to ensure that both she and the FQHC’s leadership were on the same page about who would be the best fit for the organization. The weekly meetings she established were crucial to getting everyone aligned about what they were looking for, which, of course, is critical to the success of any search. The client was also receptive to Cori’s counsel regarding compensation and flexibility, which helped the positions align with the market and candidate expectations. 

Most importantly, Cori’s commitment to the innovative digital physician recruitment process was essential to identifying the candidates. She knew the search would require a proactive approach and leveraged every resource available to seek out candidates who matched the ideal candidate profile. Her success with this client demonstrates the ongoing effectiveness of the Jackson Physician Search digital physician recruitment strategy, designed to meet physicians where they are and connect them with organizations where they will stay long-term.      

If your organization plans to hire a new physician, the Jackson Physician Search recruitment team has the expertise, experience, and resources to accelerate your search. Reach out today to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cori set up regular meetings with all stakeholders to align all parties in their vision of the ideal candidates.
  2. Cori leveraged her arsenal of digital physician recruitment tools to connect with active and passive candidates via multiple channels through customized, strategic messages.
  3. The client valued Cori’s data-backed market expertise and was willing to make the necessary adjustments for a competitive offer.

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