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JPS Uses Geo-Targeting to Place an OB/GYN in North Carolina

Jackson Physician Search Recruiter Wins Doximity “Hire of the Quarter” by Using Geo-Targeting to Place an OB/GYN

North Carolina

When an OB/GYN private practice began to feel the effects of increasing physician retirements, Jackson Physician Search leveraged access to Doximity to find two physicians in a highly competitive specialty market, all while dealing with the impact of the latest COVID surge.

Jackson Physician Search Recruiter Wins Doximity “Hire of the Quarter” by Using Geo-Targeting to Place an OB/GYN

A record number of physicians are nearing retirement age. Combine this with increasing physician burnout and low physician job satisfaction, and it’s not surprising to learn that physician retirements are above projected levels, leaving healthcare organizations nationwide with vacancies that make it harder to meet the needs of the communities they serve. And, of course, the smaller the community, the more devastating the impact of these losses. Organizations need creative physician recruitment solutions to find well-suited physicians to fill immediate vacancies while developing a pipeline of potential candidates for future needs.  

This was exactly what a small, single-specialty practice in Northeast North Carolina was hoping to find when they first approached Jackson Physician Search. The OB/GYN private practice needed recruitment assistance due to an upcoming physician retirement in their group. The group also knew that a local solo practitioner was planning to retire in the near future, and they had plans to absorb his practice. The group understood the tremendous impact their mid-sized community of 55,000 would feel with the departure of two busy OB/GYNs, so they made the strategic decision to recruit not one but two physicians in a highly competitive specialty market, all while dealing with the impact of the latest COVID surge. 

No Physician Recruitment Challenge Too Great 

Jackson Physician Search Recruiter Stephanie Hutchens was not intimidated by the challenge at hand. She met with the client and identified the many benefits they could offer to an incoming physician, including the autonomy and earning potential of a private practice, with the collegiality and mentorship of a group that had been serving its community for nearly 40 years. That said, she knew the location might be difficult; it was small in comparison to surrounding metro areas and situated more than an hour from the larger, more well-known cities across North Carolina and Virginia.

Widely respected in the community, the practice required an incoming provider to be well-trained with a track record of clinical excellence. The right fit would also be dynamic and have an engaging demeanor. In addition, he or she would have a strong work ethic and a desire to be busy — as each provider in the group was delivering up to 150 babies per year, meaning the hours and call would be significant. 

It was a tall order, and the realities of OB/GYN supply and demand made the search all the more challenging. The number of open OB/GYN jobs across the country was four times greater than the number of physicians likely available to fill them. In order to successfully recruit a provider of the right clinical caliber who was also likely to stay long-term, Stephanie knew she had to be highly strategic in how she sourced for the position…so she turned to Doximity.

Recruiter’s Doximity Training Pays Off

Having attended multiple Doximity training sessions, Stephanie knew how to leverage laser-focused geo-targeting to identify candidates with potential ties to the region. Once she found relevant candidates, she implemented best-in-class DocMail messaging strategies to reach out to them. This is how she first engaged with Dr. H, an active-duty OB/GYN with the United States Army. Stationed just 90 minutes from Stephanie’s client, Dr. H was pursuing her first position as a civilian physician, as her time with the army would come to a close in the summer of 2023. She and her husband, who was also in training as an OB/GYN, had purchased land in North Carolina years ago with the intent to build a home there someday. That property just so happened to be located 30 minutes from Stephanie’s client. While the location was a deal-breaker for many candidates, it was precisely the draw for Dr. H and her husband — a fact Stephanie would never have uncovered without Doximity’s geo-targeting functionality. 

A Physician Worth the Wait 

Like many organizations looking to make an immediate hire, Stephanie’s client initially thought Dr. H’s availability was too far out — they couldn’t wait until next summer! However, after getting to know Dr. H, Stephanie could see that she was not only the right cultural fit for the group, but she and her family had the potential to become deeply rooted in the community, both personally and professionally. So, after much consultation and strategy discussions, the group agreed to meet with Dr. H and quickly decided that she was the right fit for them. 

With Stephanie’s high-touch involvement and support, the group was able to partner with the local community hospital to develop a compelling compensation package, including a sign-on bonus, relocation stipend, and loan support. The group was also able to analyze the community’s needs to identify an opportunity to bring Dr. H’s husband on board when he completes training in 2024.

Secrets of Success: A Persistent Recruiter & a Powerful Recruiting Tool

The practice opportunities for this husband-and-wife team were endless in today’s market, and they confided that they had even considered starting their own private practice. But Stephanie expertly conveyed a compelling practice opportunity, aligned vision, culture, and community details to connect a stellar candidate with an equally impressive group. In a market where many organizations are struggling to recruit a single OB/GYN, by leveraging the power of Doximity, Stephanie was able to recruit two to this private practice. It’s easy to see why Doximity recognized Stephanie for her success, naming her placement their “Hire of the Quarter.” Most importantly, Stephanie’s successful placement allows the group to continue providing exceptional care to its North Carolina community and beyond.

Is your organization undergoing an especially challenging search? The team at Jackson Physician Search is the only firm to license every recruiter to use Doximity; a powerful tool for recruiters to connect with physicians who will fit, thrive, and stay with your organization for years. Reach out today to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • The increasing number of physicians nearing retirement age, coupled with physician burnout and low job satisfaction, has led to above-projected levels of physician retirements, causing healthcare organizations to face vacancies and challenges in meeting community needs.
  • Jackson Physician Search is the only recruitment firm that licenses every recruiter to use Doximity, making it a powerful tool to connect with physicians who will thrive and stay with organizations long-term.
  • Despite initial concerns about waiting for Dr. H’s availability, the practice realized she was the right cultural fit and decided to meet with her. Stephanie’s high-touch involvement and support helped develop a compelling compensation package, allowing the group to hire both Dr. H and her husband.

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