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A Successful CRNA Placement in Wisconsin

"It’s a Small World": 45-Day CRNA Search Reunites Candidate with Army Squad Member


This successful Wisconsin CRNA search was completed in just 45 days, thanks to the collaboration between Jackson Physician Search’s digital strategies and skilled recruiters and a surprising personal connection.

“It’s a Small World”: 45-Day CRNA Search Reunites Candidate with Army Squad Member

Every physician or provider search has its obstacles, but it is the especially strenuous searches that often result in organizations contacting Jackson Physician Search for assistance. After all, we have a track record of success with even the toughest searches, and we don’t shy away from a challenge. One client, the COO of a hospital in Southwestern Wisconsin, recently came to us for help with several searches–one of which was for a CRNA, currently among the most difficult positions to fill. 

When Search Consultant Cori Centerino was assigned to the client, she was prepared to do whatever was needed, though she knew, especially with the CRNA search, that it could take some time. She certainly didn’t expect the CRNA search to be the first to close–let alone in 45 days! This “small world” placement involved reuniting a CRNA candidate with a former squad member, who was now the lead CRNA for our client. This recruitment journey is remarkable in its own right, and the fact that it happened so quickly demonstrates what is possible when digital recruitment tools are leveraged by recruiters willing to put in the work.

A Market-Driven Recommendation

Cori visited the client in December to meet the stakeholders and gain a better understanding of the organization’s culture. She arrived during a snowstorm, but as a native of the Midwest, Cori wasn’t troubled at all. However, the extreme weather reminded her that the candidates most likely to thrive in the location would be from the region or at least have spent a few winters there; therefore, she would focus her sourcing efforts on candidates already working in the area.

Cori was impressed by the facility and enjoyed meeting with leadership and other physicians. The opportunity had a lot to offer, but Cori was concerned the compensation was below the mark. Rates for CRNAs had risen so rapidly that the gold-standard industry compensation reports weren’t really keeping up with the market. She pulled some real-time data to show leadership the median compensation for a CRNA. Unable to deny the information, they agreed to increase the offered compensation and knew they might need to provide additional sweeteners to close a deal.  

A Surprising Connection 

Cori diligently followed the Jackson Physician Search digital recruitment strategy–distributing the job ad through all relevant channels and proactively searching databases as well. The technology did its job in getting the ad in front of an interested Midwestern candidate, but after submitting an initial inquiry, the CRNA candidate fell silent. Cori was relentlessly persistent, however, and when they eventually talked on the phone, she was able to reengage him by sharing more details about the position.

The candidate was currently working in Iowa but looking to move back to southern Wisconsin, where he and his wife were from. Circumstances had prevented him from visiting for several years, but he knew the time was right to move back. He liked what Cori told him about the job and was eager to connect with someone at the organization. When Cori provided the information of the department’s lead CRNA who would be calling him, the candidate was blown away. He recognized the name as someone he had served with in the army years ago, the very same squad member who had encouraged him to pursue a career as a CRNA. Both Cori and the candidate were awed by the feeling of kismet at that moment.

“He’s the reason I became a CRNA,” he shared, and Cori knew then that he was the CRNA they’d been searching for.   

A Winning Recruitment Formula

Cori presented the candidate right away, and the process moved quickly from there. The head of anesthesia was thrilled to reconnect with him and felt certain he would be a great fit for the organization. Because the drive was only a few hours, they were able to schedule an in-person interview right away, and sure enough, he impressed everyone he met. He signed a contract less than 30 days after Cori first presented him–just 45 days from the start of the search.

The client couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. When Cori placed an excellent FMOB candidate just a few weeks later, it was clear her success wasn’t luck. The combination of a time-tested digital recruitment strategy, a dedicated recruiter, and a responsive client proved to be the winning formula for recruitment success.  

The True Drivers of Success 

While Jackson Physician Search pioneered the transition to digital physician recruitment, and our clients value our expertise in this area, we always stress the importance of the people driving our successful searches. Technology is a vehicle for getting candidates’ interest, but our dedicated recruiters put in the work to evaluate, compel, connect, and then foster the process to completion. The digital tools are critical, of course, but they are only as good as the people using them, and in this respect, we are proud to have a team that maximizes their aptitude and resources.  

If your organization has a tough position to fill, the team at Jackson Physician Search has both the strategy and the skills you need to connect with the right candidates and hire the best people. Reach out today to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • Leveraging a deep understanding of the region’s weather and culture, the recruiter targeted candidates from the Midwest who were familiar with the climate and lifestyle.
  • Real-time market data and a transparent conversation about compensation adjustments helped attract candidates and expedite the process.
  • The recruitment’s success was attributed to the combination of a digital recruitment strategy, a dedicated recruiter, and a responsive client, resulting in a quick placement.

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