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Guide to Keeping Your Staffing and Recruitment Plans on Track During the Pandemic

Jackson Physician Search
September 24, 2020

Jackson Physician Search Senior Consultant Kyle Knox was recently invited by the New Hampshire Hospital Association and the Maine Hospital Association to present “Keeping Your Staffing/Recruitment Plans on Track in Today’s Reality” via webinar.

As COVID-19 continues to usher in a new normal for hospitals and medical groups, healthcare providers are focused on the daily blocking and tackling of the situation, including the primary goal of saving the lives of patients who fall ill, while healthcare administrators are forced to keep a watchful eye on the resulting financial realities.

With the updated physician shortage projections by AAMC showing an increasingly competitive physician recruitment environment, healthcare administrators and in-house physician recruiters are closely re-evaluating their staffing plan needs and recruitment strategies. Physician recruitment often requires upwards of 6-12 months to source, interview, and hire a candidate and comes at a cost of near $250K for recruitment, relocation, salary, and incentives. Additionally, a single physician vacancy can result in lost revenue of $1M or more per year, and it interrupts patient care.

In today’s new reality, hospitals and medical groups are demanding a more effective and efficient recruitment strategy, whether recruitment happens in-house or in tandem with a recruitment partner like Jackson Physician Search. While the revenue that providers bring to a hospital pales in comparison, staffing costs are estimated at 60% or more of a healthcare organization’s financial expenditures, making this a critical priority. Review the presentation below for tips and strategies you can implement in your physician recruitment and retention plan.

From this Presentation, You Will Learn:

  1. How the pandemic has changed the face of physician and provider recruitment.
  2. The motivations and personal needs of providers who are considering new roles, as well as how to align your cultural strengths with their expectations.
  3. Best-practice methodologies to effectively attract physician candidates who are a clinical fit and who are interested in the role, and how to retain them long-term.

Please feel free to reach out to Kyle Knox at with any questions.


If you need a strategic recruitment partner to help you navigate physician recruiting during the pandemic and beyond, Jackson Physician Search is ready to help every step of the way.  Contact our experienced recruitment professionals today to learn more about how we can make a difference.

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