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Physician Retention and Engagement Survey Results

New Survey Sheds Light on Physician Retention, Physician Engagement, and Physician Burnout

The great challenge for healthcare administrators is to develop an effective physician retention program that not only reduces physician turnover, but also increases physician engagement, mitigates burnout, and contributes to a positive workplace culture.

The results of the Physician Retention Survey suggest that healthcare administrators are attempting to address these dimensions, but a large percentage of physicians have deemed their efforts as mostly ineffective or poorly communicated.

Additionally, COVID-19’s impact on front-line healthcare staff will unfold for years to come, but it appears to have already had an effect on physicians’ career plans.

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Topics Addressed in the Survey

Physician Retention

  • Do physicians acknowledge a physician retention program exists? How do they rate its effectiveness?
  • Are there formal orientation programs to help physicians transition into new positions?
  • How prevalent are physician recognition programs?

Physician Engagement

  • How engaged are physicians with their current employer?
  • Is two-way communication between physicians and administrators effective?
  • Do physicians have access to leadership training to advance their careers?

Physician Burnout

  • Are administrators pioneering programs to dial back physician burnout?
  • Will physicians stay with their current employer much longer?