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Getting Ahead of Physician Turnover in Medical Practices Survey Results

Jackson Physician Search and MGMA Teamed Up to Survey Physicians and Administrators on Recruitment, Engagement, Retention, and Physician Succession Planning

The physician workforce is still feeling the intense strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting many to consider changes to their careers. Some are opting to seek positions with new employers, while others are making plans to retire early or leave medicine altogether. With the physician shortage already creating a dire situation for healthcare organizations struggling to recruit the providers they need, the Great Resignation found in healthcare and across all industries threatens facilities that are still on the road to recovery.

This survey, commissioned by Jackson Physician Search in partnership with Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), sought to uncover what efforts exist within medical practices to influence better physician recruitment, engagement, retention, and succession planning, and how the clinical and administrative sides perceive these efforts.

The subsequent white paper provides the full survey results and clear takeaways about how administrators can work with physicians to build stronger and more transparent working relationships. By keeping physicians engaged and communicative of their professional plans, healthcare leaders will be more successful in implementing effective succession plans that lead to recruiting the right physicians at the right time.

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Topics Addressed in the Survey

Physician Engagement and Retention

  • Current level of physician burnout and its causes
  • Current level of physician engagement
  • Current level of physician satisfaction with employers and what drives it
  • What physicians value most in regard to physician retention

Succession Planning

  • Prevalence of formal, written physician succession plans within medical practices
  • Elements of a physician succession plan and what matters most to physicians
  • Steps to create an actionable physician succession plan

Physician Recruitment

  • Effectiveness of current physician recruitment strategy
  • Areas in which organizations excel and/or struggle in physician recruitment