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Jackson Physician Search and CommonWealth Purchasing Group Extend Partnership to Help FQHCs Overcome Physician Recruitment Challenges
ATLANTA, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- To help Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), community-based health centers and other facilities overcome recruitment challenges amid the nation's physician shortage, Jackson Physician Search, a firm specializing in the permanent recruitment of physicians, physician leaders and advanced practice providers throughout the U.S., and CommonWealth Purchasing Group (CPG), the leading group purchasing organization for community health centers, extended its partnership to provide recruitment solutions and consultative resources to CPG members. Jackson Physician Search is a trusted organization with a 40+ year track record of success in physician recruitment that continues to pioneer innovative recruitment methodologies coupled with personalized service. As patient demand increases for the affordable and accessible services that FQHCs and other community-based centers provide, there has been a growing need for an effective and efficient recruitment solution. Located in both urban and rural areas, community health centers have long struggled to recruit and retain primary care providers due to a rural maldistribution of talent, competitive compensation challenges and a host of other factors. "We recognize that community health centers often have limited financial resources, which makes attracting top physicians and other providers especially challenging," said Jackson Physician Search President Tony Stajduhar. "Our 100% digital sourcing strategy that we've perfected during ... Read More
Healthcare Business Today Features Tony Stajduhar Discussing Physician Disengagement
Few career paths are more noble – more revered – than that of a physician. But the stress of COVID-19, poor engagement, and rising burnout are causing some to wonder why they ever signed up for this. Doctors are in crisis, and a new survey shows that they are prepared to make career decisions that could negatively disrupt our healthcare system. We went into COVID-19 with a looming physician shortage, one that is even worse in rural areas where 20% of the U.S. population lives, but where only 11% of doctors practice. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) last projected the shortage to be up to 139,000 physicians by 2033, but it is anybody’s guess how much it will grow post-pandemic. Will we ever catch up? Short of major regulatory changes such as increasing residency slots, making medical school more affordable, and revamping licensing requirements, it will be tough at best. From October through November 2020, Jackson Physician Search surveyed practicing physicians and healthcare administrators to get insight on some of the industry’s toughest challenges: physician retention, engagement, and burnout. There is promising news. Many future doctors are in the works. The “Fauci effect” has spurred new interest in public health, and in medical school enrollment in particular. Read ... Read More
MGMA Poll Finds 72% of Practices Hiring Physicians: JPS President Tony Stajduhar Weighs In
The Medical Group Management Association’s most recent MGMA Stat poll asked healthcare leaders, “Is your org planning to hire for new physician positions in 2021?”
  • 72% said yes.
  • 28% said no.
The poll was conducted March 9, 2021, with 1,063 applicable responses. Among those who said “yes,” the most common physician specialties were:
  • Family medicine (31%)
  • OB/GYN (13%)
  • Orthopedics (11%)
  • Internal medicine (9%)
  • Pediatrics (8%).
Measuring the physician market The market for physicians in 2021 was already defined by projected shortages in the coming years, as well as a string of unexpected retirements in the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other reasons, as noted in the March 2 MGMA Stat poll. With more than one in four healthcare leaders reporting an unexpected physician retirement, the potential for hiring seems much higher in 2021 than in recent memory. In an average year, approximately 6% to 7% of the physician workforce changes jobs or location, according to Jackson Physician Search. Read the Entire Article on Need Help Recruiting Physicians, Physician Leaders, and Advanced Practice Providers?  Jackson Physician Search is an established industry leader in physician recruitment and pioneered the recruitment methodologies standard in the industry today. The firm specializes ... Read More
JPS President Tony Stajduhar Featured in MGMA Article: COVID's Toll on Physicians
The Medical Group Management Association’s most recent MGMA Stat poll asked healthcare leaders, “Have you had a doctor retire unexpectedly in the past year?”
  • 28% said yes.
  • 72% said no.
Among the healthcare leaders who reported an unexpected retirement:
  • Nearly half (45%) said it was related to the pandemic:
    • 4% said a doctor retired after a COVID-19 diagnosis.
    • 41% said the retirement was pandemic-related, such as burnout, health risks, loss of reimbursement.
  • 30% said the retirement was based on non-COVID-19 health reasons.
  • 26% said “other,” which included at least one physician who left to pursue alpaca farming.
Continue to to read the full article, and learn more about:
  • The gap between physician supply and demand.
  • The disconnect between administrators and physicians.
  • Better engagement and retention strategies.
Read the Entire Article on Need Help Recruiting Physicians, Physician Leaders, and Advanced Practice Providers?  Jackson Physician Search is an established industry leader in physician recruitment and pioneered the recruitment methodologies standard in the industry today. The firm specializes in the permanent recruitment of physicians, physician leaders and advanced practice providers for hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and medical groups across the United States ... Read More
Medscape Reports New Survey Shows COVID Tied to Big Turnover of Docs
A Year of COVID Tied to Big Turnover Among Employed Docs: Survey Expect more turnover among employed physicians, says Jackson Physician Search, a leading recruitment firm. And the turmoil in the field is at least partly due to the extra burden the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on clinicians, according to new survey data. Based on survey responses from 400 practicing physicians and 86 administrators of healthcare organizations, a Jackson report finds that 54% of employed doctors are ready to make major career decisions. Of those physicians, 50% said they're planning to switch employers; 21% are opting for early retirement, and 15% intend to quit medicine. The rest have other plans. Thirty percent of the administrators said they'd already lost physicians during the pandemic. Coupling that with the physician responses to other questions, the Jackson report commented, "It appears a mass exit of talent is yet to come." (cont. on Read the Entire Article on Need Help Recruiting Physicians, Physician Leaders, and Advanced Practice Providers?  Jackson Physician Search is an established industry leader in physician recruitment and pioneered the recruitment methodologies standard in the industry today. The firm specializes in the permanent recruitment of physicians, physician leaders and advanced practice providers ... Read More
MGMA and Jackson Physician Search Partner
Englewood, Colo. and Atlanta (March 8, 2021) – Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and Jackson Physician Search, a firm specializing in the permanent recruitment of physicians, physician leaders and advanced practice providers throughout the U.S., today announced an extended executive partnership to provide physicians and medical practices with consultative resources and recruitment solutions to operate more efficiently and optimize the level of care to patients. As a trusted organization of more than 40 years, Jackson Physician Search implements proven recruitment methodologies coupled with personalized service. Despite challenges brought on by COVID-19, the firm has continued to be successful in helping MGMA members fill key provider and leadership positions. The demand for physicians continues to outpace supply, which has exacerbated staffing shortages in medical practices for years. Physician vacancies have been particularly troublesome during the pandemic, as physicians are already facing increasing levels of stress, disengagement and burnout. Asking physicians and their teams to pick up further slack to help ensure high-quality levels of patient care and satisfaction could put medical practices at risk of losing their physicians to early retirement or another employer in the long run. This is why accelerating the recruitment cycle has become imperative. “When we transitioned ... Read More
Jackson Physician Search White Paper on Physician Retention Featured in Fierce Healthcare Article
COVID-19 is exacerbating physician retention and burnout. Here are some tips to address it. A surprisingly large percentage are considering leaving the practice of medicine entirely, planning to retire early, or leaving to work for another employer, based on a survey of 485 physicians and administrators by Jackson Physician Search. COVID-19’s impact on front-line healthcare staff will unfold for years to come, but it appears to have already had an effect on physicians’ career plans, according to a new survey. A surprisingly large percentage are considering leaving the practice of medicine entirely, planning to retire early, or leaving to work for another employer, based on a survey of 485 physicians and administrators by Jackson Physician Search. The financial realities of physician turnover are staggering. Recruitment costs can add up to $250,000 or more per physician, including sourcing, relocation, and sign-on bonus, according to the survey. Plus, lost revenue can easily exceed $1 million during a specialist vacancy. (cont. on Read the Entire Article on Need Help Recruiting Physicians, Physician Leaders, and Advanced Practice Providers?  Jackson Physician Search is an established industry leader in physician recruitment and pioneered the recruitment methodologies standard in the industry today. The firm specializes in the permanent recruitment ... Read More
New Study from Jackson Physician Search Reveals 69% of Physicians Disengaged; 54% Say COVID Driving Change in Job Plans
ATLANTA, Feb. 25, 2021 – The impact of COVID-19 on frontline healthcare staff will likely be felt for years, but one group that may be in crisis are physicians, nearly 70% of whom now say they are actively disengaged from their employers. This is among several key findings from a new survey conducted by Jackson Physician Search, a national physician recruitment firm. The same study found that 54% of physicians surveyed said COVID-19 has changed their employment plans. Of those, 50% are considering leaving for a new healthcare employer, 21% said they may hang up their white coat for early retirement, and 15% are thinking about leaving the practice of medicine entirely. These results suggest that the practice of how the healthcare industry engages and retains physicians needs an intervention. “Prioritizing physician engagement and retention is critical to the well-being of physicians, their patients and the healthcare organizations they serve,” said Jackson Physician Search President Tony Stajduhar. “The burnout physicians feel today is only exacerbated by long-standing doctor shortages and the perception by physicians that healthcare facilities rarely have a plan in place to retain them.” In the survey, conducted during Q4 2020, 83% of physicians said their employers have ... Read More
Healthcare Innovations Highlights Insights from a New Jackson Physician Search Survey
Is Healthcare on the Verge of a Physician Turnover Epidemic? A new survey gathered insights from physicians and healthcare administrators on a variety of employment-related issues. The impact of COVID-19 on front-line healthcare staff will likely be felt for years, and the findings from a recent survey of physicians bring up a key question: is the healthcare industry on the verge of a physician turnover epidemic? The survey, conducted by Jackson Physician Search, a national physician recruitment firm, included responses from 400 physicians across a range of specialties, and from 86 healthcare administrators from throughout the U.S. The study revealed several insightful findings, including:
  • Nearly 70 percent said they are actively disengaged from their employers. Interestingly, when administrators were asked the same question, they said only 35 percent of their physicians felt this way.
  • 54 percent of physicians surveyed said COVID-19 has changed their employment plans.
(cont. on Read the Entire Article on Need Help Recruiting Physicians, Physician Leaders, and Advanced Practice Providers?  Jackson Physician Search is an established industry leader in physician recruitment and pioneered the recruitment methodologies standard in the industry today. The firm specializes in the permanent recruitment of physicians, physician leaders and ... Read More
Tony Stajduhar Published in MGMA Connection - Tight Physician Market in a Post-COVID-19 World Calls for Competitive Compensation
The year 2020 has been a remarkably challenging period for the healthcare industry, with intense pressure on physicians during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors have learned to cope with new safety protocols, while much of the industry has absorbed the financial impact of reduced elective procedures and patient volumes. And those providers on the frontlines of acute care have worked tirelessly helping patients in need, risking their health in the process. In an average year, approximately 6% to 7% of the physician workforce changes jobs or location, meaning approximately 50,000 physicians will accept new positions in 2020 alone.1 Even in today’s softer recruitment environment in which more doctors are temporarily available, hiring remains a sizeable investment — up to $250,000 for a single candidate when you factor marketing, sign-on bonus, relocation stipend and other expenses.2 Interview costs alone can total approximately $30,000 per candidate.3 It’s also a time-consuming ordeal, requiring 7.3 months on average to fill a family medicine role and 7.9 months for a surgical specialist such as a cardiologist, according to Jackson Physician Search’s Recruitment ROI Calculator. Respectively, those vacancies can lead to $503,000 and $1,607,000 in lost revenue for a medical group. Demographic trends are contributing to a growing doctor ... Read More
AAPPR Physician Recruitment Search Success Survey
Sponsored by Jackson Physician Search, the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR) surveyed in-house physician recruiters just prior to the pandemic taking hold in the U.S. to learn about the factors that may have impacted recruitment success. With time-to-fill increasing an average of 10 days over the past five years, this timely report offers insight on how culture, compensation, and location may influence your organization's ability to recruit. A few key findings include:
  • 10% said their organizations are "world-class" in terms of overall efficiency at filling searches.
  • 72.3% agreed their C-Suite enhances the recruitment process.
  • 35% rated planning for workforce succession as somewhat below average or poor.
Go to the AAPPR website to download the full Physician Recruitment Search Success Survey. About Jackson Physician Search Jackson Physician Search is an established industry leader in physician recruitment and pioneered the recruitment methodologies standard in the industry today. The firm specializes in the permanent recruitment of physicians, physician leaders and advanced practice providers for hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and medical groups across the United States. Headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga., the company is recognized for its track record of results built on client trust and transparency of processes ... Read More
Jackson Physician Search Earns Great Place to Work
Based on associate feedback on the Trust Index™ survey, Jackson Physician Search has earned the distinction as a Great Place to Work®- Certified Company for July 2020 - July 2021. A review of the ratings can be found on the firm's Certified Company Profile. Jackson Physician Search continues to be recognized as a superior workplace. The physician recruitment firm recently was included for the fifth consecutive year on Modern Healthcare's Best Places to Work in Healthcare List. “It's an honor to work with this extraordinary team, whose dedication to excellence has propelled us to become the fastest growing and most respected permanent physician search firm in the industry," said Tony Stajduhar, president, Jackson Physician Search. "As everyone continues to navigate the pandemic, we have leaned on our recruitment expertise to continue to serve our healthcare partners and physician candidates in the manner in which they have come to trust. And, we have done so with an extra dose of much-appreciated empathy." According to the Trust Index™ Survey, 98 percent of Jackson Physician Search associates say it is a great place to work. Here are some additional findings:
  • 100 percent report being proud to tell others they work here.
  • 100 ... Read More
Jackson Physician Search Named to Modern Healthcare Best Place to Work 2020
ATLANTA (July 22, 2020) –  Jackson Physician Search today announced that it has been named to Modern Healthcare’s 2020 Best Places to Work in Healthcare. A supplement that features the ranked list of all winners will be published by Modern Healthcare as part of its October 12 issue. Until then, companies that are part of this year’s awards program are listed in alphabetical order at "It has been an especially trying year for the world, and healthcare in particular, as COVID-19 ravages our communities and workplaces," said Aurora Aguilar, Modern Healthcare's editor. "But the organizations recognized on this year's list rose to the top and continued to be a source of strength for their teammates. They have seen their colleagues fall ill to the virus and struggled with the economic impact of the pandemic. The loyalty and trust between employers and their workers are being put to the test now more than ever. We congratulate the Best Places to Work in Healthcare for continuing to serve their workforce and communities during such an unprecedented time." “We’re honored that Jackson Physician Search has been included in Modern Healthcare's Best Places to Work in Healthcare list for the 5th consecutive year. With ... Read More
2020 AAPPR Physician Recruitment Workplace Satisfaction Report
Sponsored by Jackson Physician Search, the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR) conducted a survey about in-house physician recruitment workplace satisfaction. In-house recruiters face the tough challenge of recruiting physicians where there are often more roles than candidates available. In this survey, you'll find how their job satisfaction and plans to remain in their current position may be influenced by the physician shortage, overall workload, leadership concerns, and more. Key findings include:
  • Finding candidates was the #1 most challenging aspect of a recruiter's job, with leadership cited as #2.
  • 75% reported a high degree of stress and heavy workload.
  • 41% plan on leaving their current organization within three years.
Go to the AAPPR website to download the full Physician Recruitment Workplace Satisfaction Report ... Read More
Tony Stajduhar Featured in HealtheCareers Article - Recruiting in the Age of Coronavirus
President of Jackson Physician Search, Tony Stajduhar, was recently interviewed for an article published by Below is an excerpt from that article. At Jackson Physician Search in Alpharetta, Georgia, President Tony Stajduhar is all in for the greater good. "We're in a cool position to be a part of something greater in healthcare right now, to be able to do so many things to help so many people in different ways," he says. "We've always been a company that puts others first, and we are living those values. It's refreshing." Click here to read the full article on ... Read More
Combat the Turnover Trap
Medical group and hospital administrators face constant demands to maintain high-quality patient care while also meeting and exceeding revenue targets, and a major player in both pressure points is physician staffing. The nation’s aging population, legislative efforts to increase the number of insured individuals and a physician population in which 30% are at or near retirement age mean administrators must grapple with a growing shortage of doctors and an ultra-competitive recruitment market.1 The ongoing physician shortage has repercussions for the time to fill physician positions, particularly in certain medical specialties. In a 2019 Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR, formerly ASPR) annual survey, 40% of vacancies had gone unfilled by year-end 2018,2 and a 2018 report from the Society of Hospital Medicine (SoHM) showed 66.4% of hospitalist positions were unfilled at adult-care medicine groups.3 Read the full article on Combating the Turnover Trap on ... Read More
Four members of our physician recruitment team based out of Dallas, Texas were interviewed for an article published by Texas Hospitals Magazine. Brent, Tara, Carly, and Dan provided insight into how culture affects recruitment and retention. Read an excerpt from the article below. Finding the Right Culture Fit Written by Rachel Cross Recruitment strategies focus on the link between physician burnout and culture fit. A recent LinkedIn study shows some powerful results for corporate America: 70% of U.S. professionals would not work at a leading company if it meant they had to tolerate a bad workplace culture, and 65% of them would prefer lower salaries over dealing with a negative workplace environment. Hospitals are no different. Physician burnout rates are higher than ever before, and according to the Medscape National Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2018, it is not because they are unhappy with their compensation. Compensation was only fifth on the list of burnout contributors, while factors that can be attributed to an organization’s culture — spending too many hours at work or feeling a lack of respect from one’s employer and/or colleagues — were ranked considerably higher. Read the entire Finding the Right Culture Fit article on the ... Read More
Tony Stajduhar, president of Jackson Physician Search Featured in New England Journal of Medicine CareerCenter
Our president recently contributed an article to the New England Journal of Medicine CareerCenter. The NEJM CareerCenter features career resources articles from healthcare experts. Tony's article explains the high costs of hiring the wrong physician. The High Costs of Hiring the Wrong Physician By Tony Stajduhar, president of Jackson Physician Search Making a bad hire in any profession negatively impacts finances and employees, but it’s especially painful in a medical environment where continuity of patient care, cost control, medical staff morale, and productivity are paramount concerns. All told, the cost of hiring a physician who doesn’t fit and then leaves can easily exceed $1 million when you consider the expense of recruiting, onboarding, and yet another vacancy and hiring situation. Read the entire article on the NEJM CareerCenter. ... Read More
JPS Featured in the NWRPCA's Monthly Newsletter the Northwest Pulse
We recently wrote an article for the Northwest Regional Primary Care Association about how community health centers can overcome primary care physician recruitment challenges. Below is an excerpt from the article. Considering that more than 70% of our nation’s Community Health Centers (CHCs) report having at least one physician vacancy, already underserved populations may soon be facing a crisis. As you well know, CHCs provide much more than just primary care services – they have become integral to providing comprehensive care services for millions of residents in America’s smaller communities and rural towns. Today’s ongoing primary care physician shortage is threatening this care, requiring CHC administrators to find more creative ways of attracting and retaining physicians. In years past, CHCs were able to offer physicians quality of life benefits that were exclusive to community health systems, such as no call, no weekends, and student loan reimbursements. But today, these same benefits are being touted by larger systems and metropolitan hospitals. Now, CHCs have to compete with larger systems that can offer higher salaries and larger sign-on bonuses. With a shrinking candidate pool and diminishing quality of life differentiators, the key for CHC administrators is to ensure that every physician hire ... Read More
MGMA and Jackson Physician Search Partner
Englewood, Colo. and Atlanta (Jan. 27, 2020) – Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and Jackson Physician Search, a firm specializing in the permanent recruitment of physicians, physician leaders and advanced practice providers throughout the U.S., today announced a new executive partnership designed to help medical practices operate more efficiently, while providing optimal levels of care. As an executive partner of MGMA, Jackson Physician Search will have the opportunity to work with MGMA members by helping them fill key provider and leadership positions within their medical practices and health systems. As a trusted organization of more than 40 years, Jackson Physician Search implements proven recruitment methodologies and an aggressive, digital sourcing model coupled with personalized service – all of which enable medical practices to operate efficiently and provide quality care. This partnership will serve as a valuable asset to MGMA members, providing them with a dedicated firm whose innovative approach to recruiting has propelled it to become the fastest growing, permanent physician search firm in the industry. Staffing shortages in medical practices often create precarious situations in which physicians and their teams are forced into picking up slack to help ensure high-quality levels of patient care. Over time, this can lead ... Read More
Physician Recruitment Technology Utilization Study
Sponsored by Jackson Physician Search, the Association for Advancing Physician and Provider Recruitment (AAPPR) examined the ways in which in-house teams use technology for applicant tracking, time management, communication, and general staff productivity. The study revealed investments in technology to support physician recruitment lags behind other technology investments by hospitals and health systems. Additional findings from the Physician Recruitment Technology Utilization Study include:
  • 44% of organizations made a significant technology investment (defined as greater than 10k) over the last twelve months to assist with daily recruitment processes.
  • 17.5% reported their organization had never invested in technology of this kind.
  • 36.8% said they use an Excel spreadsheet to track and manage search and candidate activity.
Go to the AAPPR website to download the full Physician Recruitment Technology Utilization Study. ... Read More
Jackson Physician Search featured in Top 10 HealthLeaders Clinical Care Stories 2019
Survey data collected by Jackson Physician Search was featured in an article that made the Top 10 HealthLeaders Clinical Care Stories of 2019. Below is an excerpt from that article. 4 STRATEGIES TO ADDRESS CLINICAL STAFF SHORTAGES AT RURAL HOSPITALS BY CHRISTOPHER CHENEY  |   SEPTEMBER 18, 2019 RECRUITING PHYSICIANS AT RURAL HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS A survey report published by Alpharetta, Georgia–based Jackson Physician Search also includes a gloomy view of the rural physician workforce. "From 2013 to 2015, the overall supply of physicians in the United States grew by 16,000 but the number of rural physicians declined by 1,400. These facts compound the problem that while 20 percent of the U.S. population is rural, only 12 percent of the primary care physicians work in a rural area," the survey report says. The survey report, which is based on data collected from more than 150 physicians and 105 rural health system administrators, says four factors were found to be particularly effective in the recruitment of doctors in rural areas. 1. Autonomy: The survey found 43% of physician respondents consider autonomy as a significant goal in their careers. The physician survey respondents say they value practicing medicine without undue influence from executives. "Healthcare professionals—both nurses and physicians—want to ... Read More
How to Prepare for Physician Retirements
Our white paper, The Realities of Physician Retirement: A Survey of Physicians and Healthcare Administrators was recently featured in a HealthLeaders article written by Chris Cheney titled "How to Prepare for Physician Retirements". There are several considerations for both physicians and administrators, including notice periods and how to initiate retirement discussions. KEY TAKEAWAYS
  • By next year, about one-third of physicians will be over 65 and nearing retirement.
  • In a recent survey, lifestyle was identified as the most important factor in retirement decisions for physicians, with lifestyle cited by 44% of physicians.
  • The survey found physicians and administrators have widely variant expectations on the ideal notice period for announcing plans to retire.
Healthcare organizations should create a positive culture and effective processes for physician retirements, according to a recent survey report published by Alpharetta, Georgia-based Jackson Physician Search. Click to read the entire HealthLeaders article.  ... Read More
Survey Reveals Costly Disconnect Between Physicians and Hospitals About Retirement
MGMA19 | The Annual Conference New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Booth 1427   ATLANTA and NEW ORLEANS ― (Oct. 14, 2019) — While physicians often feel it’s their responsibility to initiate a conversation about retirement plans with hospitals, many of them think much less notice is necessary than hospital administrators would find ideal. In a new survey from Jackson Physician Search, a firm specializing in the permanent recruitment of physicians and advanced practice providers to hospitals and other healthcare providers, many physicians felt that less than six months of notice was reasonable, despite hospital administrators preferring a one to three year notice period. This week, during the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Annual Conference in New Orleans, Jackson Physician Search President Tony Stajduhar will share key findings from the company’s newly released study, “The Realities of Physician Retirement: A Survey of Physicians and Healthcare Administrators.” “Given that a hospital can easily lose $150,000 per month if a specialist leaves and a search for a medical or surgical specialist can take anywhere from five to 10 months, the stakes are high with this disconnect between physicians and administrators about notices of retirement,” said Stajduhar. “The findings in our study ... Read More
Michael Byman Presenting
“My recommendation for practices who don’t want to just buy a rheumatologist — don’t want to just have any warm body filling the position — but have someone they want for the job who they can retain..." “Sell the big picture. Have a competitive base salary. That first year is going to be the most important — just make it as attractive as possible. Also, remember that an incentive to one candidate might be different to another candidate. If there is one candidate who needs an extra week of vacation, or if someone needs extra CME, or student loans that need to be paid, make sure you are thinking outside the box to outthink your competitors.” “I travel about 50 to 120 days out of the year. I’ve been everywhere, from small rural places to big places, and you have no idea what I have heard from administrations, from hospitals, private practices and medical groups. But this is what I am telling everyone — open up your recruitment parameters.” “If there is a physician who can communicate and practice medicine well, and has a family who fits in with the community, you better take an extra look at that physician,” ... Read More
Best Places to Work Gala 2019
ATLANTA (Oct. 1, 2019) –  Jackson Physician Search, a firm specializing in the permanent recruitment of physicians and advanced practice providers to hospitals and other healthcare providers, is pleased to announce that it has been named one of healthcare’s Best Places to Work by Modern Healthcare for a fourth consecutive year. “It is an honor to once again be recognized by Modern Healthcare and our associates as one of the best places to work in this field,” said Tony Stajduhar, president, Jackson Physician Search. “We have exemplary associates, and we strive to provide them the best tools, training, environment and culture so they are happy at work. They are the foundation of our success.” Inclusion on the 2019 list of Best Places to Work is based on both employer and employee surveys. Employers complete a survey detailing company policies, practices, benefits, and demographics. Employees then anonymously respond to a survey analyzing several areas of employee satisfaction, including leadership and planning, culture and communications, role satisfaction, work environment, training, pay and benefits, and overall satisfaction. “Just as we are committed to finding fulfilling positions for physicians that produce long-term relationships with our client partners, it’s important that we build this for ... Read More
New JPS Survey Shows Rural Hospitals Rank Compensation Two Times More Important Than Culture for Physician Recruitment
Atlanta (July 25, 2019) – The challenge of recruiting and retaining physicians to work in rural communities has reached a new level of urgency for health systems. While hospital administrators often think compensation is the top factor influencing a physician’s decision to practice in a rural setting, a new survey conducted by Jackson Physician Search, a firm specializing in the permanent recruitment of physicians and advanced practice providers to hospitals and other healthcare providers, shows otherwise. The research, which involved surveying both rural doctors and health system administrators, indicated that rural hospital administrators over-emphasize compensation and under-emphasize community culture during the physician recruitment process. Only 28 percent of physicians rank compensation as the top factor when considering a rural practice, while 40 percent of hospital administrators rank it No.1 in importance. “Compensation will always be a driving factor in recruitment and retention, but this survey confirms how a variety of less easily quantified factors play as important a role in rural physicians’ practice location decisions,” said Tony Stajduhar, president, Jackson Physician Search. “It’s vital for hospital administrators to understand that physicians place heavy emphasis on other aspects such as community and workplace culture when considering accepting a position in ... Read More
Mental Health Access
Atlanta, Ga. (May 21, 2019) – May 2019 marks the 70th year of Mental Health Month, observed at a time when the field of mental health has been especially hard hit by the country’s physician shortage. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), 55.3 million Americans live in a federally designated primary care shortage area, while a remarkable 89.3 million live in an area with a shortage of mental health professionals. This shortage of psychiatrists and licensed professional counselors stems from a variety of factors, according to Jackson Physician Search, a firm specializing in the permanent recruitment of physicians and advanced practice providers to hospitals and other healthcare providers. “The shortage of mental health practitioners starts with very low numbers graduating in the field and is compounded by lower pay and insurance reimbursement in this specialty,” said Tony Stajduhar, President, Jackson Physician Search. “Our experience shows the ratio of open jobs to open candidates is skewed compared with fields like cardiology and surgery. Mental health needs are growing in both rural and suburban settings, and medical facilities are seeking both physicians and physician ‘extenders’ like nurse practitioners and physician assistants who can practice as both generalist and mental-health specialist.” ... Read More
How a Physician Assistant Career Compares to a Job as a Doctor
College students who are interested in health care and who excel in science often see one path open to them: medical school. However, becoming a licensed and board-certified physician typically requires four years at either an M.D. or a D.O. program, plus three to five years in a residency focused on a medical specialty like psychiatry or surgery. Aspiring doctors who want to sub-specialize in a very specific area of medicine, such as addiction psychiatry or pediatric surgery, may elect to pursue a fellowship in that field, which means that their medical training will last about a decade. Read the Article ... Read More
Physician Recruitment ROI Calculator Teaser
Do you know where your candidates are coming from and how much they cost you to find?If your answer to either of those questions is negative, then you'll want to check out the Jackson Physician Search ROI Calculator when it launches later this quarter. In today’s competitive environment, it is critical for healthcare facility administrators to understand how much return they are getting for each recruitment dollar spent. And even more importantly, how much the return could be if placements were made faster.Using the JPS ROI Calculator, you can look at your recruiting dollars in new ways by learning how much it costs when your time-to-fill averages are lagging.  The ROI Calculator also illustrates, in real dollars, how much revenue is lost with each physician vacancy.  Check out the ROI Calculator when it launches, and give Jackson Physician Search a call to learn how we can help improve your ROI.  The True Cost of Physician VacanciesThis article is the first in a series of content that reflects upon the findings in a recent white paper published by Tony Stajduhar, President, of Jackson Physician Search What You Should Know About Physician Recruitment ROIWhen it comes to Physician Recruitment ROI, there are ... Read More
Jackson Physician Search Named a Modern Healthcare Best Places to Work in 2018
May 15, 2018 -  Alpharetta, GA – For the third consecutive year, Jackson Physician Search is one of the Best Places to Work in HealthcareTM for 2018, according to Modern Healthcare. The annual program recognizes outstanding employers across the industry. “As a physician search firm, there is extra significance in being recognized again as a great place to work,” said Tony Stajduhar, president. “Clients and candidates look to us as the experts in identifying cultural fit. It’s the single biggest factor in successful recruitment and retention.” “In building our team and our blueprint for cultural fit, we embrace the core values of the Jackson Healthcare companies: Others First (Put others before self), Wisdom (Do the wise thing) and Growth (Keep getting better),” Stajduhar added. Jackson Physician Search first made the list in 2016 as one of the top 15 Best Places to Work. In 2017, they advanced into the top 10, ranking as ninth with the additional distinction as fourth Best Place to Work for Millennials, in the supplier category. Modern Healthcare released the 2018 alphabetical list on May 14, and will publish the rankings in September at the Best Places to Work in Healthcare Awards Dinner. Jackson Physician Search ... Read More
Match Day Impacts Healthcare
Atlanta -- Social media was flooded with #MatchDay2018 tweets, videos, and memes when the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP) informed medical students and graduates if they will train at their top-choice program, based on best fit, interview experience, and location. As you can see, Match Day is a big moment in a medical student's life. Now let's look at the top 5 ways Match Day impacts healthcare:
  1. America is Training More – But Still Not Enough – Doctors
The record number of available first-year positions is tempered by this harsh reality: we need to train more physicians as demand continues to outstrip supply, due to the aging population and accelerating retirement of “baby boom” doctors.
  1. The Rising Supply of Primary Care Physicians Lags Demand
The shortage of Primary Care Physicians (PCPs), the quarterbacks of value-based care, is one of the top three worries of hospital CEOs. They are desperately needed in rural, remote and low-income communities, where they need not only better compensation, but strong support for themselves and their families.
  1. Medicine is a Becoming a Family Affair
More physicians are pursuing medical careers as couples. The downside? Twice the burden of educational debt ... Read More
Newest Physician Salary Calculator Customizes Results, Saves Time
A physician compensation resource center, featuring an interactive salary calculator, is the newest resource offered by Jackson Physician Search to help doctors save time as they evaluate how to reach their earning potential. No registration or subscription is required to view instant results. The mobile-friendly, interactive calculator compiles data from five industry sources, plus propriety recruitment data, to enable physicians in 24 specialties to evaluate multiple variables that influence their potential compensation package. According to Tony Stajduhar, president of Jackson Physician Search, this new resource is an efficient tool physicians can use to evaluate practice opportunities. “Let’s face it: time and money both matter to physicians. So when it comes to exploring a new job, our resource center can save them time as they consider how multiple variables influence their potential compensation package,” he said. “Even with data in-hand, we also recommend that physicians talk with industry insiders, experts and advisors to understand what is realistic in a given situation,” Stajduhar added. “Experienced physician recruiters can decode some of the reasons for variances and help a physician negotiate a fair, market-driven package,” Stajduhar noted. Using the new salary calculator, customizable fields encompass the components that are typically included in a ... Read More
Jackson Physician Search
Oct. 4, 2017 - Alpharetta, GA -- Jackson Physician Search advanced to the top ten Best Places to Work in Healthcare, as revealed at Modern Healthcare’s annual awards dinner, held September 28th in Las Vegas. This year’s ranking as 9th among suppliers represents the second consecutive year of recognition for the firm, which also again ranked as 4th Best Place to Work for Millennials in the supplier category. Modern Healthcare’s program, now in its 10th year, recognizes outstanding employers across the industry. “Empowering our employees to provide clients and candidates with an exceptional experience is central to our culture,” stated Tony Stajduhar, President. “Recognition as a Best Place to work results from providing our team with the right training, tools and environment to deliver great results and enjoy working here.” “Being a top-ranked workplace for millennials also signals that we understand the critical success factors for building the workforce of the future,” Stajduhar noted. “We translate that awareness to helping our hospitals, health systems and medical groups successfully hire the new physicians they need to serve their communities.” Jackson Physician Search was certified this year as a great workplace today by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®. Jackson ... Read More
Jackson Physician Search Presents on Physician Recruitment Topics and Trends
Workforce challenges are one of the primary barriers to building a healthier America. Jackson Physician Search has placed a top priority on sharing industry insight and recruitment best practices to help healthcare organizations efficiently and effectively hire the physicians and advanced practitioners needed to ensure access to care. Upcoming Physician Recruitment Presentations and Webinars This Fall, the firm’s executives will deliver presentations from coast to coast: Missouri Hospital Association Three Smart Moves for Physician Recruitment Success Tara Osseck, Director of Recruiting Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017 Noon – 1:00 pm CDT ­Interactive Webinar In a competitive physician recruitment environment, how do some organizations consistently outperform all others? Learn the secrets on how to hire more efficiently and at a more affordable cost by recruiting efficiently, recruiting for fit and recruiting continuously. Montana Hospital Association 2017 Fall Convention Leveraging Social Media for Provider Recruiting Becky Casias, Senior Search Consultant Friday, Sept. 22, 2017 10:30 am – Noon CDT Billings, MT Embracing social and digital media as a core strategy in recruiting physicians and other providers has become central to recruitment success. This includes hands-on experience and practical techniques to effectively engage “passive candidates” and achieve recruitment objectives through “Social S.E.A.R.C.H.” Medical Group ... Read More
IMG Assistance Program Offers Hope for Many IMGs Seeking to Re-enter the Health Workforce
Edwin Bogonko, MD, MBA, lead hospitalist at St. Francis, recently co-authored an article in "Metro Doctors" referencing the important role that internationally trained physicians play in Minnesota's healthcare landscape. "Minnesota is now the first state in the nation to implement a comprehensive program to integrate immigrant and refugee physicians into the physician workforce, taking an innovative step to realize the potential of these uniquely qualified professionals to address the state's health care needs." Read the Article >> ... Read More
combating physician burnout
We understand that physician burnout is a huge issue… So much so that 96% of leaders say it is a problem.  This is another reason why creating an engaging and healthy facility culture is so important - When physicians are engaged and fulfilled within an organization, they tend to stay longer.  Read here how Standford Medicine is taking special efforts to address physician burnout and improve the wellness of their teams.   ... Read More
Modern Healthcare Again Selects Jackson Physician Search as one of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare
For the second consecutive year, Jackson Physician Search has been named as one of Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in Healthcare. In sharing news of the repeating the award in 2017, Tony Stajduhar, President of Jackson Physician Search, said, “The consistent recognition we receive as a great place to work is a win not only for our employees, but for our customers. These rankings validate our strategy of empowering our employees to provide clients and candidates with the best possible services and customer experience.”  Read More ... Read More
Jackson Physician Search earns recognition as great place to work.
Alpharetta, Georgia — 03-30-2017 — Jackson Physician Search was certified as a great workplace today by the independent analysts at Great Place to Work®. Jackson Physician Search earned this credential based on extensive ratings provided by its employees in anonymous surveys. A summary of these ratings and reviews can be found at The physician recruiting firm has previously been recognized as a Best Place to Work in Healthcare by Modern Healthcare, including its 4th place rank for having the most engaged and most satisfied group of Millennials. Additionally, Jackson Physician Search’s parent company, Jackson Healthcare, has been named Atlanta’s Best Place to Work for three consecutive years by Atlanta Business Chronicle. “People are the greatest differentiator for us. We are building a culture where very talented and relationship-oriented people want to work,” stated Tony Stajduhar, President. “In turn, that makes us a firm with whom clients and candidates want to work.” “Our growth in physician recruitment results from motivating and empowering our team to deliver great results and an exceptional experience,” Stajduhar noted. "We applaud Jackson Physician Search for seeking certification and releasing its employees' feedback," said Kim Peters, Executive Vice President of Great Place to Work's Certification Program ... Read More
Changing How Doctors Get Paid
Modern Healthcare - Hospitals and physician groups across the country are beefing up merit pay for quality and patient satisfaction in their physician compensation plans. But Geisinger Health System is doing something radically different.  The 12-hospital system based in Danville, Pa., did away with physician bonuses altogether this summer and put all of its 1,600 employed doctors on a straight salary.  Geisinger also made the decision to pay each physician at or above the national average whether in primary care or a specialty. “We don't have below-average doctors so we don't pay anyone below average,” Geisinger CEO Dr. David Feinberg said... Read More>> ... Read More
5 Challenges Facing Physicians and How Doximity Can Help
Doximity- Each year, Medical Economics publishes a list of the Top 10 Challenges Facing Physicians for the year and how to overcome them. Topping their list for 2017 are MACRA, prior authorizations, and negotiating with payers. Staying motivated to practice medicine came in at number four. That’s a challenge we write about frequently in the physician recruitment realm. At the end of last year, Doximity wrote about a few of the major headaches physicians encounter and how being on Doximity can help alleviate those. Here’s a quick overview that you can suggest to any physicians you might work with experiencing such problems: CHALLENGE #1: Calling patients. Doctors need to call patients, but they don’t want to give out their personal number, and if they use *67 to call patients from a blocked number, they don’t pick up. SOLUTION: The new, free app called Doximity Dialer allows doctors to call patients from their cell phone without using *67. Patients see a physician’s office line in their Caller ID...Read More>> ... Read More
dealing with problem patients
Physicians Practice- While practices are optimistic about every patient that walks through their door for the first time, it's not realistic to assume every single interaction will work out. Quite simply, some patients bring a bad attitude to the practice and end up abusing physicians and staff, either verbally, physically, or financially. Other patients are just not on the same wavelength as their physician, when it comes to treatment plans and adherence. In these cases, an outright dismissal of a patient might be the best course of action. If you are hemming and hawing over this decision, it's understandable. Most physicians think the best of patients and want to help people. In some cases, issues can be resolved...Read More>> ... Read More
health care consultant
Hospitals & Health Networks- Health care consulting to hospitals and health systems, post-acute and ambulatory providers, medical groups and other provider organizations is big business. The $42 billion U.S. market for management consulting is growing at a 7 percent annual clip with health care consulting leading the way with growth of 9.5 percent in 2015...Read More>> ... Read More
Becker's Hospital Review- More than 359,000 clinicians will participate in four of CMS' alternative payment models in 2017, the agency said Wednesday. CMS said the numbers demonstrate providers' commitment to a healthcare system that pays for the quality of care delivered to patients. Under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act, APMs that require providers to bear more than nominal risk will qualify as "advanced." Clinicians participating in advanced APMs can earn a lump sum bonus of up to 5 percent on Medicare payments...Read More>> ... Read More
AHA strategic priorities
Becker's Hospital Review - The American Hospital Association released its strategic plan for 2017 to 2020, which the organization says will position it to be a national advocate for and provide guidance to members who are seeking to "redefine the 'H'" — be it hospital, health system or health organization...Read More>> ... Read More
60 Of The Most Powerful People In Healthcare In 2016
Becker's Hospital Review- Power can be measured by size, expertise, revenue, political authority or social influence. Becker's Healthcare believes the following 60 men and women possess and exhibit power in all of the aforementioned ways, if not more. From the pediatrician who sounded the alarm on the water crisis in Flint to the journalist who exposed one of healthcare's most volatile startups, each of 2016's most powerful people exercised their unique expertise, authority and position to bring about change. Powerful individuals are presented in alphabetical order...Read More>> ... Read More
This Mother And Son Are Attending The Same Medical School At The Same Time
Becker's Hospital Review - It's not uncommon to have your parent as your teacher. Having your parent as your classmate, however, is a tad more rare — but not for this mother-son duo, Tulsa World reports. Terresa Miller, a 46-year-old mother of three, always dreamed of attending medical school. She married her husband Mark, a pastor at Sand Springs, Okla.-based Broadway Baptist Church, when she was a junior in college. The couple started their family shortly thereafter and Ms. Miller didn't want to attend medical school while raising children. Instead, she taught high school science for 16 years...Read More>> ... Read More
Why 2016 Was A Good Year For Humanity: 38 Gains In Health and Well-being
Becker's Hospital Review- "'If it bleeds, it leads' isn't a phrase coined by some cut-throat tabloid editor. It's a potent truth that lies at the heart of the modern day media machine. It's time for some balance." This quote from Angus Hervey, PhD, political economist, science communicator and editor of Future Crunch, couldn't be truer. News headlines and the general media are saturated with heartbreaking stories of death, disease, war and crime. When reflecting on the past year in news, it's easy to think 2016 was a disaster. But this mindset overlooks the many beautiful and inspiring things that have happened in the past year...Read More>> ... Read More
Physician Sells Rocks To Fundraise $100k
Becker's Hospital Review- When David Margolis, MD, learned Nordstrom sold out of $85 leather-wrapped rocks this year, he was inspired to start a fundraising campaign called "Rocks for a Reason." Dr. Margolis pledged to send every person who donated $85 to Milwaukee-based Children's Hospital of Wisconsin — where he serves as director of the bone marrow transplant program — a rock in the mail...Read More>> ... Read More
spotlight company culture
Health eCareers- Find top talent on Health eCareers! It was Merriam-Webster’s “Word of the Year” in 2014, as the world began to recognize that “culture” wasn’t just used to describe museum benefits and the opera. Since then, the word has been on the tip of human resources professionals’ tongues with increasing frequency. That’s because as management and employees both know, a company defines its culture and the culture defines the company — and its success or failure. A positive culture generally means employees “like working there.” It’s that simple. And if people like working there, you're more likely to attract — and retain — the kind of high-quality healthcare professionals every organization covets. The Best Places to Work in Healthcare In our industry, Modern Healthcare's Best Places to Work list showcases some of the best workplace cultures in healthcare. Didn't make this year's list? That's okay! There are plenty of ways to make your company culture shine — and here to help are experts from three companies that ranked at the top of this year's list: CompHealth (#6), Weatherby Healthcare (#10) and Jackson Physician Search (#14). TRY SOME OF THESE TACTICS TO CREATE AN AWARD-WINNING COMPANY CULTURE THAT ATTRACTS AND RETAINS TOP HEALTHCARE TALENT! 1. Put People ... Read More
American Hospital Association CEO Rick Pollack: The Future of Healthcare
Modern Healthcare- Over the past decade, the top leadership of the nation's hospitals formulated their business plans on the twin premises that more people would have comprehensive health insurance and that the reimbursement system was moving inexorably toward value-based payment. Modern Healthcare reporter Steven Ross Johnson recently asked American Hospital Association CEO Rick Pollack what impact the election will have on those basic assumptions. The following is an edited transcript. Read More>> ... Read More
Is the Hippocratic Oath Still Relevant?
Medscape- Nearly all doctors recite the original Hippocratic Oath or an alternative version of it in medical school. Yet it remains controversial, prompting questions about whether it should be retired. Defenders assert that it has as much relevance today as ever, because it remains a public declaration of the social contract between the profession of medicine, its individual members, and society as a whole. Critics wonder whether the oath is a "necessary protection or an elaborate hoax." This is because the notion that a physician has independent power to behave morally and ethically in the treatment of patients is complex, given the role of the health insurance industry, hospital employers, and the pharmaceutical industry, not to mention the still-pervasive fee-for-service environment. The oath, written 2400 years ago in and for a simpler time, appears silent on these issues. Thus, the question becomes: is the Hippocratic Oath still relevant? Read More>> ... Read More
Dr. Charles Sorenson: Misperceptions on Healthcare
Dr. Sorenson’s message was clear: we can choose to see the turbulent nature of the healthcare environment, as bleak or as an “unparalleled opportunity to make healthcare better for the people we serve and to make it better for the people who choose this noble profession.” With that opportunity comes an even greater sense of urgency and commitment to helping physicians find the place where they can best serve. Becker's Hospital Review- Much of the discourse on the current state of U.S. healthcare centers on the rapid pace of change, an uncertain future and serious financial challenges for patients and providers alike. With the recent presidential election of Donald Trump and the likelihood that the ACA will be fundamentally changed or repealed, the future of U.S. healthcare is less certain than ever. But despite the turbulent nature of the healthcare environment, clinicians and leaders must not throw up their hands in the face of these challenges, many of which have become defining characteristics of the industry. In fact, many people hold misperceptions about these commonly bemoaned issues, according to Charles Sorenson, MD, president emeritus of Salt Lake City-based Intermountain Healthcare. Read More>> ... Read More
Restoring Empathy and Joy to Medical Practice
Physicians Money Digest- For those members of the medical profession who worry about the advance and impact of physician burnout nationwide, it might help to know that you have a real champion in your corner—Bridget Duffy, MD. Duffy is the chief medical officer for Vocera, a publicly-traded, healthcare communications company that “empowers teams through intelligent, real-time communication solutions in healthcare and other mission-critical mobile environments.” Read More>> ... Read More
Marketing a Medical Practice Using Facebook
Physicians Practice Blog- Four years ago, I left my fee-for-service, insurance-based practice and started a cash-only, direct primary care practice (charging my patients a $30 to $65 monthly membership fee). My financial survival depends on my ability to attract and keep patients, which means that marketing has suddenly gotten much more important for my practice. Like most businesses, my best advertisement is word-of-mouth recommendations from happy patients. Beyond that, I've found that my most effective marketing tool, by far, is Facebook...Read More>> ... Read More
3 Things Physicians Should Know about Social Media
Physicians Practice Blog- Like many Americans, physicians have discovered the value of social media. Whether they seek to market their practices, educate consumers about health concerns, or engage with patients online, many physicians see the potential in an economic way to reach large audiences quickly via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and other sites. Over 70 percent of family physicians and oncologists use social media more than once a month, according to one survey. Another benefit, clearly, is these sites allow physicians to keep up with news and trends relating to health, medicine and patient care. Physicians, and all healthcare professionals, should understand the risks of using social media improperly, as these risks could easily outweigh the benefits. Using social media inappropriately could lead to a liability suit that could damage a physician’s reputation or could cause the release of confidential patient information. The release of patient information would violate HIPAA, which requires physicians and all healthcare entities to safeguard what it calls protected health information (PHI). The law defines PHI as any individually identifiable health information that medical practice or any associate of the practice maintains or transmits in any form. Such a broad definition makes physicians, anyone working for ... Read More
physician candidates
Doximity Blog- You know these three words well: recruiting is selling. The product you’re selling is your healthcare facility. Physician candidates are your sales leads. And since you’re selling a position at your facility, it’s imperative to know everything possible about it. But that goes well beyond patient volume – you also need to sell the community. Selling the community doesn’t equate to job posts filled with prose about scenic beaches and waterways, either. When you truly sell the community, you create a sense of belonging. Sure, that might include a beach, but that’s one small part. In real estate, sales are about location, location, location and in many ways, physician recruitment is no different. Somewhere in your pipeline is a physician who’s looking for a community just like yours. Urban, rural, every community has a unique strength. If your opportunity is in a rural town where the only stoplight in town is on Main Street, sell that one stoplight and sell Main Street. Something as simple as sidewalks and parks can translate to a more livable environment because sidewalks and parks encourage people to get outside and interact – and that fosters a sense of community and belonging. To ... Read More