Selling Your In-Person Physician Brand


In our previous entry in this series of articles about the importance of branding, we covered all of the tools and techniques that physicians can use to create and promote a personal brand online.  It is important to recognize now that you have meticulously crafted your brand, and promoted it online, you should “walk the walk” and pay close attention to your in-person physician brand. Every interaction you have with someone serves to either support and build upon the brand that you have created, or it detracts from how you want to be perceived.


When you have put in the time and effort to determine the main themes of your brand through honest self-reflection and self-awareness, the end result will have an authenticity about it.  Your brand should reflect who you are and not someone you think others are expecting you to be.  Being authentic should be a natural component of your brand allowing you to be yourself during social and professional interactions.  If you find yourself playing a role that you have created online, then perhaps you are in the wrong profession and should consider work in Tinsel Town.

Conferences, Volunteering, and Social Events

Every person you meet is an opportunity.  When you are attending events you are typically surrounded by people who have similar interests and any one of them could be an important connection for your career or personal endeavors. These face-to-face settings are an important opportunity to enhance your brand and share things that you are passionate about with others who are like-minded.  The interactions and connections you cultivate can lead to many positive benefits.  From being introduced to someone who is aware of a perfect career opening to meeting a board president who could use someone with your skills on the board of a local non-profit. Never take these social interactions for granted.

Job Searches

In today’s healthcare industry, culture and fit are increasingly important parts of the hiring process.  Hiring the wrong job candidate has major financial ramifications for hospital systems which is one of the reasons personal branding is so important to begin with.  Hiring managers want to know the type of person they are considering before they even extend an interview.  Before you ever sit in front of an interviewer, they have already done their due diligence on your online presence.  You, in turn, should have attempted to learn as much as possible about their culture. Examine their social media presence, read any of their published blog content, even reach out to your network and find out if anyone knows a current or former employee who can help you gain an understanding of their culture. Determining whether you are aligned with the culture and values of their system gives you an edge in framing how to highlight your own differentiators and values in-person.

For more information about selling your brand online, check out this article about crafting a digital physician brand and stay tuned to the Jackson Physician Search Blog for relevant content about the healthcare industry and how it is impacting the physician workforce.


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