Creating Growth and ROI through Recruitment, Retention, and Revenue


Sustainable growth requires recruitment and retention strategies, programs and tools that work. When leadership and recruiting teams make recruiting a priority, the return on investment is measurable!

Recruitment. Retention. Revenue.

Critical Success Factors for Growth and ROI

What Best Practices Drive Return on Your Investment in Recruiting Physicians

Investing in best practices makes “dollars and sense,” when $1 million in annual revenue per physician is at stake.

  1. Define accountabilities for leadership and recruitment teams that impact time to fill and retention.
  2. Identify key performance indicators for measuring the efficiency of your recruiting efforts.
  3. Determine the benchmark data points for building your ROI model.

What is the Key to ROI

Efficient Recruitment & Recruiting for Retention

Faster fill with physicians who fit!

Be Fast and Strategic

  • Streamline the Process
  • Shorten the Search
  • Control your Expenses

Accelerating a search by 30 days equals $80,000 in revenue.

Rise Above the Noise

1 in 4 practicing physicians receive between 24-40 potential job opportunities a month.

  • 95% prefer job info via email
  • 94% use smartphones
  • 88% use personal and professional referrals
  • 46% attentive to job board alerts
  • 16% read direct mail

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