Finders Keepers Physician Recruitment and Retention Practices That Work


We take a hard look at how technology, company culture, and team roles can influence physician recruitment and retention practices. We discuss how technology can help with recruitment, what physician turnover can do to your bottom line, when retention should be a priority, and much more. You’re invited to download the entire 49 slide presentation by clicking the download button. If you would like to discuss how we can help you with recruitment and retention, feel free to contact us.


Finders Keepers: Physician Recruitment and Retention Practices That Work

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify fit as the critical success factor for high-performance recruitment
  2. Describe systematic approach to onboarding that results in long-term retention
  3. Understand team roles and responsibilities to create a seamless continuum from recruitment through retention

Pieces in the Recruitment Puzzle

  • Place
  • Pay
  • Practice
  • Culture

Focus on Fit in Sourcing Process

Use Segmenting Technology >> Laser-Target Candidate Research >> Customize Outreach to Identify “Best Fit” Candidates

Beware… You Must Be Relevant

  • 16% of Physicians are contacted once per week
  • 39% have multiple contacts per week
  • 55% get weekly job opportunities
  • less than 10% of recruiter communications are relevant

Culture and Engagement

Who sells the vision?
Who shows the culture?

Physician Turnover: Early Years Are Most Critical

Annual physician turnover is at an all-time high: 6.8% average
Highest turnover rate by years of service is 12.4% at 2 to 3 years

Key Takeaways: Find and Keep Top Providers

Adopt modern recruiting technologies and techniques enhance targeting, and leverage social networking

Identify candidate with communities ties – or create them

Tailor recruitment champions and interview team to match candidates and their spouses

Establish onboarding best practices, including designated lead, full-year program with mentorship

Benchmark key performance indicators, set goal metrics and seek feedback for continuous improvement

 Critical Success Factors: Recruitment and Retention

Involve key players from the entire team

Personalize the process for your organization, the physician, and their family

Manage expectations: keep promises and deliver no surprises

Remember to survey and adjust the process for continuous improvement

Your current physicians are your greatest recruitment and retention resources


Click the button below to download the entire 49 slide Finders Keepers: Physician Recruitment and Retention Practices That Work presentation.

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