Physician Recruiter Places the Perfect ENT in Just 76 Days, Earning Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter”


According to Silverline, 82% of patients report that their most important factor when choosing healthcare is quality customer service. From limited service offerings to long wait times, several aspects can play a huge role in a practice’s ability to grow and provide quality care to its community.

In an effort to find a solution for these issues plaguing the healthcare industry, one private ENT physician group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin set out to redefine the patient experience by offering a “one-stop-shop” treatment model for people dealing specifically with breathing and sleeping issues, such as sleep apnea and snoring.

The group received incredible feedback from its patients and quickly discovered that the demand for an ENT practice that could provide same-day treatments was significant. From there, the founders set out to expand their footprint and began making plans to open more practice locations in large metro areas nearby within the next 18 months.

To make their aggressive growth goals a reality, they needed dynamic, high-caliber Otolaryngologists with an entrepreneurial spirit to provide a focused scope of practice within the specialty. However, physician recruitment was a major internal challenge, with hiring providers being the bottleneck of their growth trajectory.

The founders knew they needed the help of a trusted physician recruitment firm with a track record of success to help them meet their lofty goals – that firm is Jackson Physician Search.

The Building Blocks of Successful Physician Recruiting

The group soon began working with Vice President of Recruiting Tara Osseck to tackle its hiring needs. Due to their distinctive practice model and extremely specific scope of practice, they needed a physician recruiter who could effectively communicate what made this opportunity different from other ENT positions and identify candidates who would be a good fit.

As a seasoned physician recruiter with more than 14 years of experience, Tara was no stranger to unique hiring needs. However, this challenge was uncharted territory, even for her. Once she identified the client’s requirements, she got to work creating a physician job description that positioned the organization as a perfect fit for a candidate looking for a change offering flexible scheduling and the ability to specialize.

Using a full-transparency approach to curb potential turnover and discourage the wrong candidate from applying, Tara made sure to clearly state the unique characteristics of the position, the group’s culture, and the practice model. However, she was not content with simply sitting around and waiting for the right person to come her way.

Finding the Perfect Candidate for a Unique Opportunity

Tara made use of every resource at her disposal to source candidates that could be the perfect fit for her client’s open positions. With Jackson Physician Search’s 100% digital strategy, she identified physicians using Doximity, the largest networking site for medical professionals. Jackson Physician Search is the only firm where every recruiter has a Doximity license. The tool features an online database with the ability to target potential candidates based on specific search criteria, such as location and specialty. By making her parameters as granular as possible, she was able to find physicians like Dr. H.

Dr. H was a practicing ENT working in an academic setting in Minnesota. Although she was not currently on the hunt for a new job, Doximity’s laser-focused candidate filters, coupled with best-practice suggestions for candidate outreach, allowed Tara to engage with her to consider the opportunity.

Dr. H’s clinical background focused on 50% general ENT and 50% sleep and snoring – which happened to be exactly the kind of experience Tara’s client was looking for. And as fate would have it, the unique lifestyle offerings and practice model of the ENT group were exactly the qualities Dr. H had been looking for in a job but had not been able to find – until now.

Forging a Long-lasting Partnership

Just 76 days after sourcing Dr. H, the group was able to sign her to a position that perfectly met her personal and professional needs. Not only was Dr. H pleased, but her new organization was also ecstatic. Tara had found the perfect ENT physician to help expand the group’s organizational footprint and improve patient access to care, all in alignment with its strategic plan.

Doximity was – and continues to be – the perfect sourcing tool for Tara to identify candidates that would be the ideal fit for any organization. Through fine-tuning her candidate searches based on years of experience, clinical interests, geographic ties, and more, she has been able to source several candidates currently in the mix with this client.

On the heels of Dr. H’s placement, Tara’s client was so impressed with the caliber of Otolaryngologists she has been presenting, that Jackson Physician Search is now the group’s trusted physician recruitment partner across multiple state clinic sites.

If your organization is recruiting physicians to meet your unique needs, the recruiters at Jackson Physician Search are ready to build a relationship with you. Contact us today.

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