Overcoming Small Candidate Pools in Physician Recruitment: Doximity DocMail for the Win!


A true success story, a physician search for a Reproductive Endocrinologist earns Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter.”

Reproductive Endocrinology has a small candidate pool, marking the specialty as one of the most challenging to recruit. Physician searches can go on for months since it’s estimated that just 11 percent of doctors are actively looking for new physician jobs at any given time. For practices facing a physician vacancy in this specialty, the situation in which they find themselves can be a disheartening reality.

A growing practice with locations in Carmel and Fort Wayne, Indiana, was all too aware of the challenge that lay ahead when they contacted Jackson Physician Search for help. So, when Senior Search Consultant Emily Franty devised her candidate sourcing strategy, she knew listing the positions on multiple job boards wasn’t likely to be enough. Following the philosophy that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, she was determined to reach passive candidates. Despite having an entire arsenal of physician sourcing tools at her disposal, she knew having direct access to candidates via Doximity DocMails was likely to produce the best results.

Strategic Physician Sourcing Accelerates Recruitment

Within days of launching the search, she sent more than 150 DocMails to Reproductive Endocrinologists in cities surrounding the Indianapolis area. Experience had shown her that targeting neighboring states first was an efficient and effective strategy. In such a small specialty, physicians often know one another which can accelerate the recruitment process.

The week after Emily sent her initial round of DocMails, a physician in Cincinnati, Ohio, replied and expressed intrigue. The physician was transparent in that she wasn’t actively searching for a new opportunity but that her husband was from Carmel, making it an interesting prospect.

Recruiters Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

In physician recruitment, the first phone call between a recruiter and the physician is a make-or-break moment. Recruiters rarely have a second chance to make a great first impression and to pique enough interest that the doctor is willing to take time away from the practice for an interview.

After sharing a few details about the job opportunity, Emily asked a critical question, “If you could change anything at all about your current job, what would it be?” An experienced physician recruiter knows that location and compensation are usually the top two initial concerns, but other factors usually drive a job change.

The physician said she would change three aspects of her current job if given the chance. She wanted to work in a single clinic rather than traveling between multiple locations. She wanted access to a partnership track. And, she wanted to reduce the time she spent conducting surgeries.

Location and Compensation Isn’t Everything in Physician Recruitment

Getting to the heart of what a physician truly values and wants in the next job opportunity can save a great deal of time for both the recruiter and the provider. And even more importantly, it allows the recruiter to facilitate a strong fit that will stand the test of time between the physician and the practice.

Emily shared with the physician that this opportunity addressed each of her three concerns. No travel was required, the practice offered a two-year partnership track with an enviable buy-in, and she would never have to do another surgery again. The doctor said she’d consider the opportunity and be in touch.

In her weekly search update email to the practice, Emily included details about her conversation with the physician. Five minutes later, her phone rang. The client knew this physician and felt she’d be a perfect fit. They had met at a conference, and she was well-respected in the field. He was very interested and told Emily that if she could pull this off, he’d be thrilled!

Emily called the physician back, expressing the practice’s strong interest. Under strict confidentiality, the physician interviewed a few weeks later. Both sides knew it was an ideal fit. An offer was extended within days, and the physician excitedly accepted. From the initial DocMail to contract signing, less than 60 days passed, an extraordinary time-to-fill for Reproductive Endocrinology searches.

Then This Happened…

Heading into the Memorial Day weekend, Emily received an email from a physician practice in Cincinnati asking if she had time to talk that day. As it turns out, it was the former practice of the newly recruited physician. There was nothing coincidental about the outreach, however. The physician had such a great experience with Emily that she shared her contact info with her soon-to-be previous employer and suggested he reach out.

When they spoke later that day, he shared just how highly the physician spoke of Emily. And while he was disappointed to lose her, he also understood that physicians make professional moves for several reasons beyond his control. He was happy for her success and wished her well.

That said, his practice was now facing the very same vacancy and wanted to know how Jackson Physician Search’s recruitment process worked. Emily shared that she was successful with the specialty due to her access to Doximity. She explained that DocMails give her direct access to physician candidates, and that she can target them based on multiple criteria. After sharing that Jackson Physician Search is the only physician recruitment firm where every recruiter has a Doximity license, and involving her colleague, Executive Vice President Tim Sheley, the practice decided to engage us to find the newly recruited physician’s replacement.

Not every search in a tough specialty like Reproductive Endocrinology is filled so quickly, but when an experienced, passionate physician recruiter and industry-leading tools like Doximity meet, the result is nothing short of amazing. In fact, this very placement earned Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter.”

If you need help recruiting for a tough specialty, contact the physician recruitment experts at Jackson Physician Search today.

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