Managers urged to broaden ‘recruitment parameters’ amid rheumatology shortage


“My recommendation for practices who don’t want to just buy a rheumatologist — don’t want to just have any warm body filling the position — but have someone they want for the job who they can retain…”

“Sell the big picture. Have a competitive base salary. That first year is going to be the most important — just make it as attractive as possible. Also, remember that an incentive to one candidate might be different to another candidate. If there is one candidate who needs an extra week of vacation, or if someone needs extra CME, or student loans that need to be paid, make sure you are thinking outside the box to outthink your competitors.”

“I travel about 50 to 120 days out of the year. I’ve been everywhere, from small rural places to big places, and you have no idea what I have heard from administrations, from hospitals, private practices and medical groups. But this is what I am telling everyone — open up your recruitment parameters.”

“If there is a physician who can communicate and practice medicine well, and has a family who fits in with the community, you better take an extra look at that physician,” he added. “I understand concerns about communication, but if there is a physician who is willing to make a move, especially to a rural area, and move their family, and their communication skills are good, and you believe the family will fit in with the community, you hire that physician. It shouldn’t be a question.”

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