[Infographic Guide] Physician Trends – Social Media


We live in a connected world where the effort required to communicate with someone has fallen causing the frequency and volume of communication to rise significantly. To effectively reach physicians it’s import to understand how they network and what platforms they use to stay connected. Learn more about physician networking by reviewing the infographic below: Physician Trends – Social Media.


Physician Trends – Social Media

87% of physicians ages 26-55 are using social media

65% of traditional physicians ages 56-75 are using social media

Source: CDW Healthcare 2015 Healthcare Social Media Report


94% of all physicians use smartphones for professional reasons

31% of all physicians use social media for professional networking

Source: Maximizing Multi-Screen Engagement Among Clinicians Epocrates, Inc 2013; MedTech Media 2015


11% of physicians are actively seeking

76% of physicians are passively seeking

13% of physicians are not seeking

39% of physician candidates reported being contacted multiple times per week about job opportunities

Source: Doximity Physician Survey


36% of job seekers are active on LinkedIn

40% of job seekers are active on Twitter

83% of job seekers are active on Facebook

70% of job seekers are active on Doximity


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