Longtime Client Hires Medical Director Thanks to Physician Recruiter’s Ability to See the Big Picture


They say when one door closes, another one opens, and this can be especially true in physician recruitment. It’s always disappointing when an ideal candidate declines an offer; however, we assure clients that we will undoubtedly present another excellent candidate soon. If this occurs on the candidate’s side, our recruiters encourage them to stay positive as they search for other opportunities, knowing the right one won’t pass them by. 

In these situations, it is helpful to have a strategic physician recruiter on your side who can look to their network and quickly source another candidate or present another job opportunity. Director of Recruitment for the Western Division Misha Fabick certainly matches this description, with her recent success in placing an Emergency Medicine physician in Idaho demonstrating the impact of her talent for seeing the big picture.

A Strong Candidate Without an Offer

When one of Misha’s clients in Colorado decided to hire internally for their Emergency Medicine role, Misha assured the candidate she’d been working with, Dr. L, that another opportunity would surface. Dr. L had been out of training for a short time and was practicing at a small community hospital in the DC area while her partner finished school. She and her partner hoped to move out West after graduation, so Misha filed away what she had learned about Dr. L and hoped another promising position would arise in her region.


An Employer Turns to Its Physician Recruitment Partner

A few weeks later, one of Misha’s longstanding clients in Idaho opened a search for an Emergency Medicine physician with an Assistant Medical Directorship attached. Misha was no stranger to rural recruitment. Knowing that 90% of physicians are open to a well-aligned rural opportunity, she was confident the candidate for the scenic location was within arms reach. 

Misha interviewed the stakeholders to learn the details of the position and gain a sense of who they envisioned in the role. In addition to Emergency Medicine experience, the right candidate would be comfortable with some administrative duties, primarily establishing and managing protocols for transporting patients to and from the critical access hospital. 

Connecting the Dots

Misha remembered Dr. L was once an EMT and managed transport while in training. Though she did not have administrative experience, her direct involvement with medical transport would give her the expertise needed for the role. Misha contacted her to tell her about the position and ask if she would consider an opportunity in rural Idaho.

Dr. L was excited to hear about the job and its location. It just so happened that she had grown up in Idaho and was familiar with the area, its natural beauty, and outdoor recreation. It would be the perfect setting for her active lifestyle. The opportunity details also intrigued her and sounded like a good fit, so she was eager to be presented for the job.

A Perfect Pairing

After hearing of the potential match, the group quickly called Dr. L and invited her for an interview. After years of working with Misha, they had fine-tuned the on-site physician interview experience, making a great impression on the candidate. Dr. L was equally remarkable; everyone agreed she would be an excellent fit for the role.

A number of elements play into the completion of any physician search. In this instance, the critical factors were Misha’s ability to vet a candidate thoroughly and then, when necessary, pivot her to a new opportunity. Instead of prematurely considering a search unsuccessful, she recognized a candidate who applied for one position might be an excellent fit for another, perhaps even in a different state. Dedicated physician recruitment partners like Misha can quickly make those connections and see opportunities for success by considering the bigger picture from the start.

Additionally, the client’s ability to act quickly and be flexible in their desire for administrative experience was essential to bringing the search to a successful conclusion. In the physician recruitment process, distinguishing between must-haves and nice-to-haves in a candidate profile can ultimately lead to hiring the best match overall. 

If your organization is searching for a physician, the recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search has both the national reach and regional expertise you need to find and connect with the most qualified candidates from all over the country. Reach out today to learn more.

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Hawaiian Critical Care Group Welcomes Dream Candidate to Dream Role in Under 100 Days


Healthcare organizations of all types, sizes, and locales often find a need for assistance recruiting physicians. Even those in the most beautiful places on earth may struggle to attract candidates if they don’t have the tools, resources, or time to do so. Such was the case for a private critical care group in Honolulu, Hawaii. Historically, it had some success recruiting local candidates but lacked the reach to draw from a national candidate pool. When it became apparent that it needed to look beyond Hawaii to find its next hire, the group turned to Jackson Physician Search. 

Divisional Vice President of Business Development Ben Stajduhar met with the group’s leadership to explain how the Jackson Physician Search 100% digital recruitment strategy would broadcast the job opportunity to relevant physicians all over the country. Our extensive resources allow us to widely spread the word about the job, but ultimately, it is our recruitment team’s industry knowledge and expertise that help us identify the best candidate for the group’s clinical and cultural needs.

While our team members are well-versed in finding physicians for remote locations, Honolulu presented some additional challenges. The high cost of living and limited housing availability would be obstacles to overcome with candidates, and the group’s hesitancy to cover the expense of costly on-site physician interviews would have to be discussed as well. Luckily, Ben knew he could count on our team of dedicated physician recruiters. He enlisted Senior Search Consultant Becky Casias to face the challenges and find the perfect candidate.

Setting Up for Physician Recruitment Success

Becky packed her bags and went to Hawaii to get a firsthand understanding of the community, organization, and role she was recruiting for. Because the group had primarily sourced candidates locally and had yet to partner with a physician recruitment firm, Becky detailed the recruitment process. She shared her extensive knowledge of industry trends and best practices and even helped create or update the necessary documents, forms, and contracts. 

Once Becky and the organization were on the same page and had a clear vision, Becky began setting the search up for success. She crafted a job posting highlighting the most attractive features and distributed it throughout the extensive Jackson Physician Search job board network. She also launched a targeted email campaign to relevant physicians in the database.

A “Dream” Physician Job

Through a physician job board posting, Dr. K saw the critical care opportunity, and she was immediately intrigued. Married with a young child, Dr. K had grown tired of the city life’s hustle and bustle and was looking for a more remote community where she and her young family could build a life. Honolulu seemed like just the right place. 

Becky was thrilled to hear about Dr. K’s interest in the community and was even more excited to learn how well she aligned with the position. Dr. K had worked as a hospitalist in the ICU for two years following residency, where she found her true passion for critical care. She had internal medicine training, critical care training, a fellowship in infectious disease, and experience with transplant surgeries. When Dr. K expressed that the position was her “dream job,” Becky and the client felt she was the one.

A Make or Break On-site Visit

While the cost to fly Dr. K out for an onsite visit was daunting to the healthcare organization at first, Becky ultimately explained how necessary of a step it is in physician recruitment, especially when dealing with unique or remote locations. The candidate’s on-site physician interview would be a crucial part of the recruitment process.

The group decided to place full trust in Becky and went all out to immerse Dr. K and her family in the life they could potentially have in Honolulu. The client gave Dr. K a facility tour, introducing her to potential colleagues. They also intentionally placed her and her family in a local hotel that provided an authentic experience rather than a tourist’s. The group invited the whole family to dinner, gathering activity recommendations and researching 23 neighborhoods nearby to help with house hunting, a common obstacle for those relocating to the area.

Secrets of Physician Recruitment Success

The combination of Becky’s expert physician recruitment knowledge and the critical care group’s willingness to accept feedback both contributed to this search successfully concluding in fewer than 100 days. This search demonstrates how partnering with a dedicated, national physician recruitment firm can open up doors that lead you to candidates who are looking for you just as much as you are looking for them. 

If you need assistance reaching a broader candidate pool, Jackson Physician Search has the resources and expertise to identify the best candidates for your position. Reach out today to learn more.

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National Network, Local Know-How: Transforming Rural Physician Recruitment in Washington


When choosing a physician recruitment partner, it’s beneficial for a healthcare organization to select a firm with expertise in its specific region that has the resources and reputation to attract candidates from all over the country. As Senior Business Development Manager of the Jackson Physician Search Western Region, Eli Jiles regularly stresses the importance of these two factors with potential clients. Director of Recruitment for the Western Division Misha Fabick’s recent work with a rural critical access hospital in Washington demonstrates the impact of these criteria. It celebrates the culture of teamwork that makes Jackson Physician Search consistently successful with organizations nationwide.    

Eli first connected with the CEO of this Washington hospital in July of 2022. The organization had several needs, including a general surgeon and a physician assistant. The CEO was impressed by Jackson Physician Search’s track record of success with rural placements, and he appreciated that a dedicated recruiter would visit the town and get to know the hospital’s culture, as finding a good, long-term fit was imperative. He was also pleased with the terms in our transparent fee structure for opening multiple searches with us and opted to begin a physician recruitment partnership. 

A Beautiful–and Remote–Location

When Misha was assigned the search, she and Eli visited the client together. Located in a beautiful lake community in central Washington, the town was a popular destination for vacationers during the summer months. The town had approximately four thousand residents, but with surging in the summer, that figure more than doubled. The picturesque community would undoubtedly be attractive to candidates, but because it was located more than three hours from Seattle and Spokane, would they want to stay long-term? Determining this would be a priority for Misha as she evaluated applicants.


A Quick Recruit: General Surgeon Hired in 90 Days

The average time-to-fill for physicians varies by specialty and circumstances. Due to the remote location, Misha and Eli had prepared the client for a longer timeline. So, it was a pleasant surprise when Misha quickly received an inquiry from a general surgeon familiar with the area. His wife was from Washington, and they wanted to relocate to be closer to family. He had seen Misha’s job ad and wanted to learn more.

After thoroughly vetting him by phone, Misha was confident he would be a good fit for the organization. Not only did he meet all of the client’s criteria, but he also spoke Spanish–a qualification they were hoping to find. She presented him to the client, who invited him to interview on-site as soon as possible. Once they arrived, the couple fell in love with the town. The candidate’s wife was also a physician and felt it was the perfect place to set up her own private practice, solidifying they were both ready to build a life in the community. Less than a month later, he had signed a contract–just 90 days after opening the search.

Teamwork: The Ultimate Sourcing Tool

Misha persevered with the physician assistant search, responding to applicants, proactively combing databases, and calling leads; however, a referral from a colleague on the East Coast piqued Misha’s interest the most. The candidate was completing her PA training in Florida. Misha’s colleague had noted that she and her husband wanted a significant change, with the primary requirement being that they wanted to continue to live near a body of water. 

Misha reached out to see if the candidate might be interested. After all, the move from Florida to Washington is about as big of a geographical change as you can make in the lower 48! Sure enough, the candidate was intrigued and excited to be presented for the job. 

Misha’s only hesitation was the fact that the physician assistant did not speak Spanish; however, she was so sure of the cultural fit that she presented her to the client anyway. They agreed to talk to the candidate and immediately felt it, too. They quickly invited her to interview on-site. 

The candidate and her husband loved the community, and the organization instantly knew she was a great fit. Fewer than 30 days later, she was signing a contract into her new position. 

National Reach, Regional Expertise

While Misha continues to work on physician searches for the practice, they are delighted with her results thus far. Her familiarity with the Western region and her time spent visiting the community gave her an unparalleled understanding of the culture. The fact that she is part of a national firm with connections to candidates all over the country has also worked in the hospital’s favor, demonstrating why partnering with a firm with national reach and regional expertise is essential. 

If your healthcare organization is hiring a physician, the team at Jackson Physician Search is eager to help. Our time-tested digital recruitment strategy, executed by a recruiter with regional expertise and national reach, is set to deliver results. Contact us today to begin a dedicated physician recruitment partnership.

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Physician Recruiter Tackles Back-to-Back Nephrology Searches in Utah


The latest projections from the Association of American Medical Colleges suggest that by 2034, the United States will experience a shortage of between 37,800 and 124,000 physicians. However, healthcare organizations are already experiencing the impact of the physician shortage, with some specialties feeling it more than others. Nephrology, for example, is seeing a notable decline in trainees. In fact, the American Society of Nephrology reports that the number of applicants for nephrology residencies has steadily declined over the past decade, which is one of many factors contributing to the difficulty of hiring nephrologists.

When one Salt Lake City private practice needed a nephrologist, the leadership team came directly to Jackson Physician Search. We had successfully worked with the group in other locations, so they knew they could count on us for transparency and results. Director of Recruiting Misha Fabick took charge of the search and was clear with the client about the challenging road ahead. It was not unusual for a nephrology search to take a year or more, as there simply aren’t enough nephrologists coming out of training to fill every open position. The client understood and agreed to be patient while also promising to act quickly whenever Misha presented a candidate. They were committed to the partnership.

Learning the Culture of the Organization

Misha had lengthy discussions with stakeholders to understand better the group’s culture and preferences for the role. The practice had several physicians who had started their careers with the group, and the more tenured physicians enjoyed mentoring and shaping new talent. Misha noted that a recent graduate would likely be the best fit. She would use this insight to inform her search strategy.

Misha crafted a physician job ad highlighting the many benefits of the opportunity and distributed it via Jackson Physician Search’s vast physician job board network, including niche nephrology job boards. The marketing team also sent an email campaign to nephrologists in the database. Misha knew the ad would attract some applicants but refused to sit back and wait. She leveraged the many sourcing tools available to her and went looking for the right candidate.

Exceeding Expectations

Misha prepared for a lengthy search, so it was a pleasant surprise when she connected with Dr. L, a transplant nephrologist seeking an opportunity in Utah. While the group wasn’t specifically looking for someone with transplant experience, Misha took a chance and presented him to the group. Sure enough, they were thrilled to have a potential candidate with this background. Dr. L spoke with the Director of Operations by phone, and the client quickly arranged to have him come to Salt Lake City for an on-site physician interview. Shortly after, he signed a contract into his new role in fewer than 100 days after the start of the search.

The client was thrilled. They were so satisfied that they asked Misha to find a second nephrologist. She continued screening applicants and combing databases for the right candidate, but no one seemed to be the best fit. She worried her quick success with Dr. L had set unrealistic expectations, but she persevered, keeping the client updated and shifting strategies when necessary.

A Personal and Professional Match 

Eventually, Misha connected with Dr. F, a nephrology resident completing her training in Seattle. When Misha and Dr. F spoke on the phone, it was instantly clear she would be a great match. Not only did Dr. F’s professional qualifications and goals align with the client’s, but the location was also ideal. Dr. F was an avid snowboarder and hiker, so she wanted to remain out west. She also had a good friend living in Salt Lake City and was excited to reconnect.

The client was impressed by Dr. F when they spoke on the phone and soon extended an invitation for an on-site interview. Though the group offered to pay for her accommodations, Dr. F opted to stay with her friend. These arrangements worked out well, as the friend knew exactly how to showcase her city for Dr. F. The pair had a wonderful time exploring, and Dr. F felt right at home in Salt Lake. When the interview went well, she felt she had also found her professional home. The group made her an offer, and she happily accepted.

Secrets of Recruitment Success

Misha’s work with this client demonstrates the, at times, unpredictable nature of a physician search. Sometimes, the stars align, and the perfect candidate comes along quickly. Other times, a recruiter does everything in their power, but it takes time for that just-right candidate to surface. Misha diligently leveraged the Jackson Physician Search digital recruitment strategy and trusted the process would deliver. She was correct; it brought double the success–once right away and again a few months later. The client was happy to have two nephrologists joining the team and will undoubtedly look to Misha again with future needs.

Does your organization have a challenging position to fill? The recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search has the skills and expertise to accelerate your efforts. Reach out today to begin a dedicated partnership.   

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Consultative Physician Recruiting Results in 3 Placements for Connecticut Hospital


When an academic hospital in Connecticut first came to Jackson Physician Search about a potential physician recruiting partnership, they were actively trying to hire a specialized physician assistant and an OB/GYN. The team at Jackson Physician Search quickly assessed the market and presented crucial data about similar jobs in the tri-state area. Leadership appreciated the research and was eager to hear what Senior Search Consultant Nathan Collier would recommend to help compete with these other organizations and hire the best candidates. This consultative, researched-based approach to physician recruiting appealed to the client and would ultimately lead to the ongoing success of the partnership. 

Phase 1: Gathering Information

Nathan learned all the details about the positions and immersed himself in the organization’s culture in order to fully understand who they needed to hire. The hospital sought a surgical PA with the potential to lead a team of other surgical PAs. This would be a new role and the hospital’s first step toward building a team of physician assistants to support the surgical department.

Nathan started to think creatively and strategically about finding the ideal candidate for this significant role. As he began to mentally piece together a candidate profile, he knew the opportunity to build a team and mentor others would be extremely attractive to someone interested in advancing their career. Nathan decided a surgical physician assistant equipt with leadership experience but not officially in a leadership role would be the perfect fit.

Phase 2: Honing In On the Target

Nathan got to work leveraging his resources and began exploring potential candidates in the Jackson Physician Search database. To find physician assistants that matched the profile he had in mind, Nathan filtered the data to show candidates based on graduation dates that would put them in the career stage he was targeting.

Nathan began reaching out to the candidates within his set parameters by calling each one — often leaving voicemails. He was thrilled when a Surgical PA living on the west coast called him back to express his interest in the position and to learn more. The candidate had 20+ years of surgical experience at a California hospital, but his years of hard work had yet to translate into an official opportunity to lead – which he was eager to do. 

Nathan suspected he had the perfect candidate in his hands. Once he introduced the Surgical PA to the client, they flew him and his family out for an interview and facility tour. The whole family had a chance to explore the community and were pleased with their potential new home. An offer was quickly extended, the candidate flew out one more time to sign the contract, and Nathan’s search came to a close in fewer than 100 days.

Phase 3: Building Out the Team

Nathan sensed the Surgical PA would be easy to work with and was pleased to learn his instincts were right. The pair worked closely to find another surgical PA for the new team.  With the newly onboarded Surgical PA’s extensive experience and willingness to mentor, it made sense to bring on a new or recent graduate who would benefit from his leadership. Nathan focused his efforts on recent grads, ultimately connecting with a Physician Assistant from the area who was eager to learn from a more experienced surgical PA. Once the Physician Assistant met the Surgical PA and the rest of the hospital, it was obviously a strong match, leading to another quick, successful search in fewer than 90 days.

Revisiting the Search for an OB/GYN

While the PA searches progressed quickly, the search for an OB/GYN continued. The client insisted they wanted someone local – or at least familiar with the area – which narrowed the candidate pool considerably. Once again, Nathan considered the other OB/GYN openings in competition and noticed that while there were many open OB/GYN jobs, the number of listings for OB hospitalists was much smaller. 

Nathan knew it was a growing trend among OB/GYNs to pursue OB hospitalist positions. The 12-hour shifts and no call allowed for a better work-life balance, something increasingly prioritized by OB/GYNs at all stages of their careers. With this insight, Nathan concluded that the relatively few OB hospitalist opportunities in the area meant demand for those jobs would be high. Nathan advised the client to open the search parameters and consider OB hospitalists. He felt confident this would increase the number of applicants.

Sure enough, within a few weeks, Dr. D saw the job ad online and reached out. She was from Connecticut and looking for a job in the area with a better work-life balance. She also liked that the academic setting would allow her to mentor residents, so the OB hospitalist position was exactly what she had been seeking. The client quickly invited her to interview, and both parties knew it was the right fit.

More Than a Physician Recruiter

When the client turned to Jackson Physician Search for recruitment assistance, they knew they would gain access to tools and resources to advance their most challenging searches. However, the consultative nature of the partnership brought the most value to the relationship. Nathan’s industry experience and knowledge of the current market allowed him to make recommendations that were truly game-changers in the recruitment process. Nathan proved to be an extension of the recruitment team, and an authentic subject matter expert and consultant, resulting in an active partnership to this day.

If you have a tough-to-fill physician job, our recruitment team has the industry experience and market expertise to make recommendations that dramatically improve results. Reach out today to learn more about a dedicated physician recruitment partnership.

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Opening the Door: Dedicated Physician Recruiter Transforms Orthopedic Surgeon Search


After months of searching for an orthopedic surgeon to join their group, the administrator at a Delaware orthopedic practice was understandably dissatisfied that the position was still open. As Senior Business Development Manager at Jackson Physician Search, Zach Underhill often hears from administrators and practice managers who have reached this level of frustration with the recruitment process. In this particular case, the potential client had been able to source candidates, but each on-site visit ended with the promising candidate deciding the relatively remote, coastal location just wasn’t for them. Zach sympathized with their struggle but was confident the expert recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search would be able to help. After hearing the details of its tried-and-true approach, the administrator was eager to begin a partnership.

The administrator’s takeaway from their recruitment experience so far was that they needed to hire a candidate who was already familiar with the area – either currently living in Delaware or had lived in Delaware previously. These were the parameters given to Senior Search Consultant Nathan Collier, the Jackson Physician Search recruiter assigned to the group. Nathan explained that this requirement would significantly limit the candidate pool, but they were insistent. Nathan began executing the 100% digital search strategy pioneered by Jackson Physician Search and prepared himself for a challenge. 


The Importance of Location

For physicians, practice location is often the driving factor in their job searches; however, it’s less common for a hiring organization to restrict search parameters based on candidate location. Of course, it’s common for them to prioritize candidates with ties to a given area, but to exclude all candidates without them – especially when the site in question has one of the smallest populations in the country – is to limit one’s options severely. Nathan stressed this to the client each time they discussed the search bounds. Though he knew he could eventually find someone from Delaware, the timeline for that search would be significantly longer than a search for candidates willing to relocate.

The client resisted Nathan’s advice to expand the search, but as Nathan screened applicants, he noted those who checked every other box and presented several to the client anyway.   

“It’s a risk, presenting candidates who don’t exactly match,” explains Nathan, “But I felt it was important for them to see the caliber of candidates potentially available if they would look beyond the state borders.” 

A Candidate Too Good to Ignore

Although the administrator continued to dismiss any candidate who wasn’t from Delaware, when Nathan connected with Dr. C, a fellow finishing his training in Toronto, he knew they needed to meet him. Dr. C was explicitly looking for orthopedic surgery jobs in states that recognized physicians who had passed the medical boards in Canada, and Delaware is among those states. Dr. C also knew (as noted in Nathan’s job ad) that Delaware is a “tax-free state,” so the location was doubly attractive for him. 

Nathan urged the administrator to call Dr. C. Not only did his training align, but he seemed to be an excellent cultural fit. Most importantly, he was genuinely eager to move to Delaware and start building a life. Nathan knew qualified candidates who wound up uninterested in relocating had let the group down in the past, but he believed Dr. C was genuinely enthusiastic about the opportunity and Delaware. 

Nathan’s instincts were right. The interview and site visit went beautifully. The partners instantly felt a connection, and Dr. C was thrilled by what he learned about the group and the track to partnership. Equally important, after visiting, he could easily imagine building a life there in Delaware. Dr. C signed a contract a few weeks later, closing the search after just five months.

Secrets of Physician Recruitment Success

Nathan’s guidance and the group’s eventual willingness to look beyond state borders played a powerful role in the success of this search; however, a broader detail to note is Nathan’s skillful screening of candidates as a dedicated physician recruitment partner. Prior to Jackson Physician Search, the orthopedic group relied on contingent firms versus working hand in hand with a search consultant who individually examined each candidate before presenting them. As a result, they interviewed multiple candidates who were ultimately not a good fit.

In contrast, Nathan became an extension of the healthcare organization. He asked candidates concrete questions to evaluate their clinical and cultural qualifications and to gauge their seriousness about the location. Before suggesting Dr. C to the group, Nathan thoroughly learned about his circumstances and needs, ensuring that he was qualified and that Delaware was an excellent option for him. 

It’s important to note that the client continued to accept submissions from contingent firms while working with Nathan, yet Nathan brought the only top contenders. Nathan’s respectful persistence and careful analysis of applicants meant he did not sacrifice the client’s valuable time or present more rejection from candidates who were not serious about the job. Instead, the group quickly hired a candidate who would fit, succeed, and stay.

If your organization is struggling to find the right physician, the recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search has the digital tools to cast a wide net and the expertise to screen applicants, presenting only those candidates who are certain to be a good fit. Reach out today to begin a dedicated physician recruitment partnership.

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Diligence and Doximity: Physician Recruiter Helps Rural Kansas Hospital Hire Ideal FM-OB


Often situated in remote locations with fewer amenities, rural healthcare organizations are all too familiar with the challenge of recruiting and retaining physicians to care for their communities. As Regional Vice President of Business Development, it is Gary Seaberg’s responsibility to identify organizations such as these that may benefit from Jackson Physician Search’s services. With 85% of the state classified as rural, he knew Kansas was potentially an area in great need of support. This thought led Gary to contact rural Kansas healthcare organizations last August, inquiring about partnering with a physician recruitment firm with a track record of rural success.

One member of the healthcare facilities Gary reached out to was the CEO of a small Kansas hospital, sharing Jackson Physician Search’s track record of success and emphasizing the focus on fit and culture. The CEO quickly responded to learn more, sharing that the organization was losing a beloved FM-OB and had yet to find a replacement. She was ideally searching for a physician early in their career, looking to grow with the facility and ready to build a life in the community.

Gary explained the Jackson Physician Search 100% digital physician recruitment strategy and expressed his confidence that the team could help. It was a highly specific need for a remote, rural location, but Gary knew if anyone could do it, it was Search Consultant Sonya Cathey. 


A Charming Community With a Tall Order

Sonya visited the small Kansas town to immerse herself in the culture of the hospital and better understand the location. She was pleased to find a charming, tight-knit community that called to mind the settings of classic TV series like The Andy Griffith Show. Everyone in town knew each other, and kids were out riding bikes until sunset. It was an ideal town for the right candidate. 

Sonya spent the day at the hospital, where the CEO made her visit a top priority. Meeting with the key players and spending time with medical staff gave Sonya a clear understanding of what the position had to offer, as well as the very specific candidate requirements. Once she fully grasped the community, hospital, and search expectations, Sonya launched a digital marketing campaign highlighting the benefits of both the job and its location. 

A Revelation About Residents

As Sonya was brainstorming creative methods to tap into the ideal candidate pool, she remembered that Kansas incentivized physicians who train there to stay and practice after residency. She wasted no time reaching out to every residency program director in the state with details about the position to be shared with residents. However, she quickly realized third-year residents were no longer searching for a job, as most family medicine residents in Kansas were accepting job offers in their second year. Though the client ideally wanted a physician who could start sooner, Sonya persuaded the CEO to talk to 2024 graduates. 

Using her unique access to Doximity, the largest online networking site for physicians and residents, Sonya specifically targeted second-year family medicine residents in Kansas and sent each one a direct message through DocMail, Doximity’s trusted communication platform with an industry-leading click-through rate. When second-year resident, Dr. W, received the DocMail, she immediately called Sonya to express her interest, as she recognized the opportunity from her residency program director, who Sonya had previously contacted. 

Dr. W shared with Sonya her passion for geriatrics, obstetrics, and the continuity of care she could offer patients as a full-spectrum Family Medicine physician. Additionally, she shared she had grown up only 30 minutes away from the Kansas hospital and was familiar with its excellent reputation. Better yet, Dr. W was soon to be married, and the couple hoped to settle near or in her hometown–so the location was ideal.

Winning Over Dr. W 

Just five months into the search, Sonya was thrilled to present Dr. W to the CEO, who quickly arranged an interview. Everyone at the hospital agreed that Dr. W was a perfect fit. The only remaining challenge was that a healthcare organization in Dr. W’s hometown was also actively recruiting her. 

Sonya and the hospital CEO put their heads together to strategize how to win her over. Sonya was confident this position was a mutually good fit, so she emphasized how the job and town aligned with the resident’s wants and needs. The CEO invited Dr. W back for a second visit, this time with her fiance. It was then that Dr. W knew it was the right opportunity and the perfect place to start building their life together.

Secrets of Successful Physician Recruitment

Sonya was able to recruit the perfect FM-OB physician to this rural Kansas hospital thanks to her diligence, proactiveness, and access to Doximity, which Jackson Physician Search provides each recruiter a license to. Once Sonya laid the groundwork with the residency programs, Doximity was the gateway she needed to connect with Dr. W. In fact, her skillful use of Doximity to find the perfect candidate earned Sonya Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter” award. Doximity was certainly the key to identifying and connecting with the candidate, but it was Sonya’s diligence that kept Dr. W engaged and eventually made the search successful, matching an ideal candidate with a job where she would fit, succeed, and stay. 

If you have a tough-to-fill position, the team at Jackson Physician Search has the strategy, tools, and expertise to get results. Reach out today to learn more.  

No Challenge Too Big, No Location Too Remote: Recruiter Finds FM-OB for FQHC on Alaskan Island

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A Pattern of Success: 30-Day Placements Earn Physician Recruiter a Client Referral

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Physician Recruiter’s Recommendations Result in 90-Day Medical Director Placement


In any physician search, defining the role requirements involves debating which skills, attributes, and experience are genuinely must-haves versus nice-to-haves. Finding the right balance between the two is crucial for attracting a sufficient amount of qualified applicants. An experienced physician recruiter often knows even before posting the job if the parameters are too tight, that is, if too many “nice-to-haves” are listed as “must-haves.” However, the client may experience limited responses from candidates before they are open to making changes. Once everyone is on the same page, even just a few strategic adjustments can dramatically improve the flow of candidates for a physician job opportunity. 

A recent Medical Director search for a Michigan mental health clinic documents how this process often unfolds. When Search Consultant Cameron Hutt was assigned to the search, the clinic had been recruiting for about a month and had yet to gain traction, so the urgency to fill the position was mounting. Cameron’s strategic recommendations, coupled with the client’s willingness to adapt, caused a dramatic turnaround, and the clinic signed a new Medical Director fewer than 60 days after Cameron took over and a total of 90 days from the start of the search.

Leaning on the Recruiter’s Expertise

When Cameron first met with the clinic’s leadership, they stressed the growing urgency to fill the position. Leveraging her experience and expertise, Cameron voiced her concerns about some parameters hindering the job’s appeal. The current description involved a hybrid schedule, with onsite presence required once a week. Cameron knew it would attract more candidates if it were fully remote. She also pointed out that the compensation range was fairly broad, and it was potentially unclear what candidates should expect to earn. 

Cameron suggested they make the position fully remote to expand the candidate pool and set a narrower compensation range near the top of what was already listed. Initially, the clinic hesitated but ultimately decided to trust Cameron completely.

A Stream of Applicants

Once her proposals were approved, Cameron got to work crafting compelling job ads highlighting the position’s remote nature and the now competitive compensation. After making these adjustments, the position went from needing more responses to receiving a stream of qualified candidates for Cameron to evaluate. 

As Cameron was sorting through the flood of interested physicians, there was one candidate who was impossible to overlook. Although he wasn’t actively searching for an immediate change, Dr. D was passively browsing job opportunities when he came across Cameron’s job ad for the Medical Director role. He picked up the phone to call Cameron to share his interest, and she was certainly glad he did.

An Ideal Candidate

Dr. D was everything that the clinic was looking for. He was currently the Medical Director of another organization in the Michigan area but was becoming increasingly unfulfilled at that specific clinic. He was hoping to move to a different organization nearby where he could continue as a Medical Director with the opportunity to be more hands-on and impactful. Luckily, the new ratio of administrative to clinical time Cameron had advocated for would allow Dr. D to do exactly that at the mental health clinic.

Cameron presented Dr. D to the clinic’s CEO, and the process moved quickly from there. The CEO knew from the first conversation that Dr. D was the one. Since he was already local, they conducted the on-site physician interview right away, and everyone came to the same conclusion: Dr. D was the ideal candidate for the Medical Director job.

Secrets of Physician Recruitment Success

Cameron’s recommendations were the key to attracting candidates, but the clinic’s ability to trust her expertise and make the necessary adjustments was just as significant. Once they set the right parameters, the Jackson Physician Search digital recruitment process ensured the most qualified candidates saw the job ad, which compelled them to reach out. From there, Cameron leaned on her expertise to identify the best candidate to meet her client’s needs. And, of course, the clinic did an excellent job of showcasing how it could meet the needs of Dr. D. Though he wasn’t in an active job search, he couldn’t deny that the opportunity was just what he needed. He was happy to sign the contract into his new practice, and Cameron was proud to close out the search just two months after taking over — a total of 90 days from the start of the search.

If your organization has an urgent need, our team of expert recruiters is ready to make recommendations and offer resources to accelerate your physician search. Reach out today to partner with a dedicated physician recruitment firm.

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“It’s a Small World”: 45-Day CRNA Search Reunites Candidate with Army Squad Member


Every physician or provider search has its obstacles, but it is the especially strenuous searches that often result in organizations contacting Jackson Physician Search for assistance. After all, we have a track record of success with even the toughest searches, and we don’t shy away from a challenge. One client, the COO of a hospital in Southwestern Wisconsin, recently came to us for help with several searches–one of which was for a CRNA, currently among the most difficult positions to fill. 

When Search Consultant Cori Centerino was assigned to the client, she was prepared to do whatever was needed, though she knew, especially with the CRNA search, that it could take some time. She certainly didn’t expect the CRNA search to be the first to close–let alone in 45 days! This “small world” placement involved reuniting a CRNA candidate with a former squad member, who was now the lead CRNA for our client. This recruitment journey is remarkable in its own right, and the fact that it happened so quickly demonstrates what is possible when digital recruitment tools are leveraged by recruiters willing to put in the work.

A Market-Driven Recommendation

Cori visited the client in December to meet the stakeholders and gain a better understanding of the organization’s culture. She arrived during a snowstorm, but as a native of the Midwest, Cori wasn’t troubled at all. However, the extreme weather reminded her that the candidates most likely to thrive in the location would be from the region or at least have spent a few winters there; therefore, she would focus her sourcing efforts on candidates already working in the area.

Cori was impressed by the facility and enjoyed meeting with leadership and other physicians. The opportunity had a lot to offer, but Cori was concerned the compensation was below the mark. Rates for CRNAs had risen so rapidly that the gold-standard industry compensation reports weren’t really keeping up with the market. She pulled some real-time data to show leadership the median compensation for a CRNA. Unable to deny the information, they agreed to increase the offered compensation and knew they might need to provide additional sweeteners to close a deal.  

A Surprising Connection 

Cori diligently followed the Jackson Physician Search digital recruitment strategy–distributing the job ad through all relevant channels and proactively searching databases as well. The technology did its job in getting the ad in front of an interested Midwestern candidate, but after submitting an initial inquiry, the CRNA candidate fell silent. Cori was relentlessly persistent, however, and when they eventually talked on the phone, she was able to reengage him by sharing more details about the position.

The candidate was currently working in Iowa but looking to move back to southern Wisconsin, where he and his wife were from. Circumstances had prevented him from visiting for several years, but he knew the time was right to move back. He liked what Cori told him about the job and was eager to connect with someone at the organization. When Cori provided the information of the department’s lead CRNA who would be calling him, the candidate was blown away. He recognized the name as someone he had served with in the army years ago, the very same squad member who had encouraged him to pursue a career as a CRNA. Both Cori and the candidate were awed by the feeling of kismet at that moment.

“He’s the reason I became a CRNA,” he shared, and Cori knew then that he was the CRNA they’d been searching for.   

A Winning Recruitment Formula

Cori presented the candidate right away, and the process moved quickly from there. The head of anesthesia was thrilled to reconnect with him and felt certain he would be a great fit for the organization. Because the drive was only a few hours, they were able to schedule an in-person interview right away, and sure enough, he impressed everyone he met. He signed a contract less than 30 days after Cori first presented him–just 45 days from the start of the search.

The client couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. When Cori placed an excellent FMOB candidate just a few weeks later, it was clear her success wasn’t luck. The combination of a time-tested digital recruitment strategy, a dedicated recruiter, and a responsive client proved to be the winning formula for recruitment success.  

The True Drivers of Success 

While Jackson Physician Search pioneered the transition to digital physician recruitment, and our clients value our expertise in this area, we always stress the importance of the people driving our successful searches. Technology is a vehicle for getting candidates’ interest, but our dedicated recruiters put in the work to evaluate, compel, connect, and then foster the process to completion. The digital tools are critical, of course, but they are only as good as the people using them, and in this respect, we are proud to have a team that maximizes their aptitude and resources.  

If your organization has a tough position to fill, the team at Jackson Physician Search has both the strategy and the skills you need to connect with the right candidates and hire the best people. Reach out today to learn more.

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No Challenge Too Big, No Location Too Remote: Recruiter Finds FM-OB for FQHC on Alaskan Island


People tend to have strong opinions about where they want to live and work, and when it comes to a cold, remote location like Alaska–the answer is often a hard “no.” The isolation, freezing temps, and dark winters aren’t for everyone, and yet, Jackson Physician Search has been successfully placing physicians with clients across Alaska for several years.

As Senior Manager of Business Development, Eli Jiles keeps a close eye on job openings in his region–including Alaska. Occasionally, if he thinks the Jackson Physician Search team can help, Eli will reach out to the job poster and introduce himself. This is exactly how he first connected with the HR Director at a remote Alaskan FQHC. Eli had seen her job posting online for six months or more when he decided to send an email offering to chat about the recruitment process and how Jackson Physician Search could potentially be of aid.

Once they got on a call, Eli learned more about the position and began understanding the specifics of her struggle to find a candidate. The primary obstacle was that the organization was located on a small island off the coast of Alaska–a place inaccessible from the mainland for the coldest months of the year.

While Eli acknowledged that this would be the most remote location to which Jackson Physician Search had ever recruited, he believed in our time-tested, 100% digital recruitment strategy and the hardworking recruiters who would execute it. He explained our unique approach to the FQHC’s leadership, and they agreed to take Jackson Physician Search on as a partner in the search. 


Managing Recruitment Expectations

A surgical FM-OB willing to relocate to an Alaskan island would no doubt be tough to find, but Eli knew Search Consultant Camille Carter would leave no stone unturned. Camille officially opened the search in September and began working closely with the HR Director, CEO, and Medical Director to understand the need entirely. They had already been searching for about a year, so the urgency was mounting.

To expand the candidate pool as much as possible, Camille suggested the consideration of 2024 grads; however, the manager insisted they needed someone sooner. Camille kept the idea in the back of her head but focused her search on practicing physicians and those completing training in 2023. She cast a wide net with the physician job ad and used the headline to invite physicians to enjoy beautiful Alaska. This piqued many’s curiosity, but qualified candidates willing to seriously entertain a permanent move were few and far between.

Expanding the Candidate Pool

Camille relentlessly pursued every candidate who expressed interest but decided to also urge the HR Director to revisit considering residents completing training in 2024. Eventually, she agreed, and soon after, Camille connected with Dr. A, a 2024 grad completing her training in Texas. Dr. A had grown up in a small Texas town, and while she liked rural, small-town living, she and her husband knew they wanted to start fresh outside of the state. They had an open mind regarding location, and Dr. A found the FM-OB job off Alaska’s coast appealing.

Camille knew from her conversations with Dr. A that she was an excellent cultural fit, which was important considering this unique location. Though, as a 2024 graduate, her timeline was not exactly ideal. In addition, Dr. A had not obtained the surgical training initially requested by the CEO. Still, Camille presented her to the client and urged them to talk to her.

Clients are often conservative with who and how many candidates they invite to attend on-site interviews, as plane tickets and hotel accommodations are costly. The expenses involved with bringing a candidate and spouse to Alaska are especially high, so the client held three different virtual interviews with Dr. A before inviting her and her husband on-site. When they were finally able to visit, the couple fell in love with the location and Dr. A connected with everyone she met at the clinic. The client knew instantly that they had found the right physician–just nine months from the start of the search.

Secrets of Physician Recruitment Success

The challenges involved in this search were significant– the extremely remote location, the narrow parameters, the urgency of the timeline, and of course, the client’s understandable hesitancy to invite potential candidates on-site. Despite all of this, Camille diligently followed every lead, providing consistent communication to the client about each candidate and sharing her recommendations for moving the search forward. Eventually, the client heard those recommendations, and it was soon after that Camille presented Dr. A. While she did not meet all of their initial criteria, Dr. A is most certainly a physician who will fit, succeed, and stay with the group.  

If you have a tough-to-fill position, the team at Jackson Physician Search is eager to share our expertise and execute our proven digital recruitment strategyContact us today to begin a dedicated physician recruitment partnership.

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