Recruiter’s Creative Problem-Solving Helps Client Hire Gastroenterologist


As one of the harder specialties to recruit, it’s not unusual for Gastroenterology job openings to remain vacant for more than a year. With demand for cancer screenings increasing and only 500 GI fellows coming out of training each year, the problem is worsening. The latest projections show a shortage of 1,630 Gastroenterologists by the year 2025. One Jackson Physician Search client in a major Midwestern metro was already facing this reality. Patient demand had been trending upward for years, but despite their periodic attempts to add a Gastroenterologist, they had not been able to secure a promising candidate. 

Regional VP of Recruitment Tara Osseck had a long history of success with the client, and she remained confident that she would find the right candidate for the job. She consistently revisited the candidate sourcing strategy and discussed possible options with her client. They needed to hire a Gastroenterologist, but only if they found a truly well-suited candidate.

A Gastroenterologist Seeking a Change

Meanwhile, a Gastroenterologist working at a nearby hospital was desperate for a change. Like many physicians coming out of the pandemic, Dr. E felt disappointed by the way his employer had handled the shutdown, and leadership changes at the organization had caused him to lose hope that circumstances might improve. He no longer felt his values aligned, but Dr. E was trapped. The non-compete clause in his contract limited his ability to find another GI job in town, but due to his family’s roots in the community, relocation simply wasn’t an option. He began to apply for jobs outside of the non-compete radius, accepting the fact that he would face a long commute or even have to spend several nights a week in a different city, away from his family. 

It was in applying to one of these GI jobs that Dr. E connected with Katie Moeller, Director of Recruiting at JPS. When she learned more about his situation, she introduced him to Tara. The non-compete would likely be a problem, but she felt it was worth having a conversation. 

Recruiter Thinks Outside the Box (and the Non-Compete Radius) 

Tara was thrilled to have an interested, qualified candidate. She asked him questions to uncover why he was unhappy with his current employer and what specifically he was looking for in his next physician job. Dr. E explained his disappointment with the changes his current organization had experienced. He was production driven and motivated to work hard, but he wanted to be a part of a more collaborative group. Hearing all of this, Tara felt certain her client would be a good fit.

Of course, the non-compete was problematic, but Tara knew the client well and wondered if Dr. E could be based in one of its satellite offices that were outside the non-compete radius. She felt it was worth presenting the candidate to the client and seeing if they would be open to the idea. 

The client was receptive to Tara’s creative proposal and eager to meet Dr. E. They scheduled an interview within a week of Tara presenting him. Sure enough, Dr. E impressed everyone he met, and he was drawn to the unique culture of the organization. He knew the opportunity would provide the change he had been seeking.

Due to the complicated circumstances, it would take several months to iron out the logistics of the contract. Tara stayed involved throughout the process to streamline communication and keep negotiations moving. When the contract was finally signed, all parties were extremely grateful.  

Secrets of Physician Recruitment Success: Teamwork and Creativity

Dr. E was happy to find a job that aligned with his values right in his hometown, and Tara’s client was thrilled to fill the long-vacant position with an experienced Gastroenterologist with strong ties to the community. Tara attributes the initial success to the culture of teamwork at Jackson Physician Search. Her colleague Katie Moeller had Dr. E’s best interests in mind when she introduced him to Tara. 

From there, it was Tara’s in-depth knowledge of the client’s needs, methods, and locational geography that allowed her to think outside the box and find a way to work around Dr. E’s non-compete. Had Dr. E applied for the job directly, the non-compete would have caused them to turn him away without a second thought. However, because of her long-standing relationship with the client, Tara was aware of the satellite office and thought it was worth exploring the idea with the client. Ultimately, she was right! 

When all was said and done, Tara’s outside-the-box idea not only solved Dr. E’s non-compete problem, but it also solved her client’s long-standing physician vacancy problem.

“It was really satisfying to bring this search to a close,” Tara says. “Especially so, because I just know Dr. E is going to knock it out of the park and build a phenomenal practice with my client.”   

If you want to work with a physician recruiter partner that will bring creative recruitment solutions and well-suited candidates, the team at Jackson Physician Search would love to get to know you and find out how we can help. Contact a Search Consultant today to learn more.

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Strong Access to Physician Executive Candidates Drives Quick Placement for a Healthcare Tech Company


When a California-based healthcare technology company needed to hire a Vice President of Life Sciences, they were hoping to find an experienced physician executive to run the division. The company’s CEO knew Jackson Physician Search had strong access to physician executives and were experts in physician executive recruitment, so he brought the need directly to JPS President Tony Stadjuhar, whom he knew personally. Tony was intrigued by the company’s mission–to improve quality and lower costs by using technology to measure clinical practice–and he was confident his physician executive recruitment team could help them hire the leader they needed. 

A Unique Physician Executive Search

Because the position was with an industry business rather than a healthcare delivery organization, the assignment was unique for Jackson Physician Search. However, Regional VP of Recruiting Helen Falkner eagerly took on the challenge. She enjoyed getting to know the company’s leadership and digging into the corporate mission so she could fully understand the need. The new hire would be focused on scaling the business, so the ideal candidate would have not only clinical research experience but also a keen interest in business development and growth. Helen knew this combination of traits and experience was rare among physician executives, but she was confident that she could find the right person for the job.

Helen crafted the job ad to include the required skills and experience and also highlight the most appealing aspects of the opportunity. Though she had some concerns about the compensation, she hoped the unique and exciting nature of the role would draw the attention of the right candidates. She began her search by leveraging the JPS network of physician job boards to distribute the ad and posted it to broader healthcare industry job boards as well. 

Beyond Physician Executives

While the client originally sought a physician with a background in clinical research, Helen knew the top priority for the new hire would be growing the business. The client was also open to hiring a non-physician candidate, a Ph.D. with medical research experience. With the depth of resources at JPS, Helen would be able to connect with both types of candidates. The client requested Helen bring them candidates as she screened them, rather than wait for a slate of four or five. This way, they could provide ongoing feedback to help her discern what they liked and disliked as well as accelerate the search. 

Helen found several candidates whom she presented to the client. She connected with one physician candidate after seeing his profile on Doximity, the largest online networking site for physicians. She reached out to another whom she had discovered in the JPS physician database. Her most promising candidate, however, was a Ph.D. who had seen the ad on one of the industry job boards. He had a background in medical research and extensive experience working with government health services both at home and abroad.

“Dr. D had spent years working to improve healthcare in Africa,” Helen explains. “The COVID pandemic made him realize how much work there was to be done right in the US, so he moved back to the States where he was working as Chief of Epidemiology for a major metro. He helped the city manage the COVID crisis but was ready for a new challenge.”

After talking at length with Dr. D, Helen was convinced his experience was exactly right for the position. She presented him to the client, and they called him the next day.  

The Right Leader, the Right Opportunity

The candidate impressed everyone he spoke to over the phone. The client’s leaders agreed that he would be an excellent fit for the role and moved quickly to secure him for the role. For Dr. D, the growth-oriented role with an innovative company was exactly what he had been looking for. Even his compensation expectations were in line with what the client was offering. 

“Once they began talking to Dr. D, the process moved quickly,” Helen says. “They extended an offer and Dr. D accepted. The entire search took less than three months!” 

Helen credits the client’s responsiveness and open communication with the quick success. The leaders’ accessibility and transparency allowed her to hone in on what was most important in the role. Once she brought them the right candidate, their ability to act quickly–scheduling interviews and extending the offer–helped to reduce the overall time-to-fill.

“Both the CEO and the founder were very hands-on,” she explains. “We spoke every other week and they provided specific feedback on what they liked or did not like about a candidate. This allowed me to better understand what they wanted, so when I spoke to Dr. D, I knew he was the one.”

Helen enjoyed the unique nature of this healthcare executive search, and in the end, she found immense satisfaction in placing an effective leader with an innovative company making a positive impact on healthcare. 

If your organization is seeking a strong healthcare leader, the physician executive recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search has both expertise and unparalleled access to physician executives to identify the right candidates for the role. Contact us today to learn more about physician executive recruitment.

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Physician Executive Recruiting: Longtime Client Hires the Medical Director They Need


Senior Director of Recruiting Sally Ann Patton is no stranger to the challenges of rural physician recruitment. Over the years, she has successfully recruited multiple physicians for a hospital client in rural West Virginia in a town about an hour from Pittsburgh. Leveraging a 100% digital recruitment strategy, she helped them identify strong physician candidates who would be willing to relocate and build their lives in the area.

In 2020, the hospital came to Sally Ann for assistance recruiting a Hematology-Oncology physician who could potentially fill the role of Medical Director. The current Medical Director would be stepping down in the upcoming year, and as part of their medical staff planning, they wanted to get started on the search for a replacement. 

Detailed Profiling for Physician Executive Search

Due to the existing relationship, Sally Ann was already well-versed on the client’s values and culture, but she wanted to make sure that she knew what they were looking for in an ideal physician executive candidate. To ensure alignment, she conducted several conversations with the board and other stakeholders. The ideal candidate would lead by example and serve as a liaison between physicians and administrators. He or she would be a natural teacher, as mentoring other physicians would be a big part of the job. Sally Ann emphasized these points as she crafted the physician job ad. Once this critical step was complete, the ad was posted to the JPS network of physician job boards.

The JPS Marketing Team also sent an email featuring the physician job ad to physicians in their vast database who matched the hospital’s criteria. Sally Ann ensured “Medical Director Opportunity” was included in the subject line, along with a reference to the nearest major city, Pittsburgh. She was confident that the right physician would see the ad and reach out for more information. 

A Successful Physician Seeking Work-Life Balance 

A Hematologist, Dr. B, was working in academia at a university in Ohio. Between the clinic and the classroom, her schedule was packed. The time she did spend at home with her young children was often spent writing or reviewing papers. She was regularly published in medical journals and was on track for a full professorship, but at what cost to her family? At what cost to her mental health?

It wasn’t only her young children that caused Dr. B’s concern. Her parents, who lived in Pittsburgh, visited often, but their ability to make multiple trips each year would diminish with age. And what would happen when they eventually needed her help? How could she care for them while living so far away? 

All of this was on Dr. B’s mind when she saw the email featuring the Medical Director job from Jackson Physician Search. The Medical Director opportunity appealed to Dr. B’s need for challenge and growth, and the location was ideal in proximity to her parents. 

Ready to Lead in Rural Medicine 

Dr. B reached out to Sally Ann, who immediately recognized that Dr. B. was more than qualified for the position. However, Sally Ann wondered if this highly lauded physician from the world of academia would seriously consider a position with a rural hospital. While the “Medical Director” title carried some prestige, there would be no publications or accolades for the physician in the role. The focus would be a balance of management responsibilities and clinical work. Would this be enough to satisfy a physician like Dr. B?     

Sally Ann conveyed the reality of the role to Dr. B. and asked her to consider if the Medical Director job, as described, could make her happy. Dr. B insisted that it could. She needed a better work-life balance and the location was ideal. Despite Sally Ann’s initial reservations, she began to think it just might be a perfect fit. She presented Dr. B to the facility, and they were eager to proceed.  

Making it Happen: Negotiating the Physician Executive Contract  

Due to scheduling challenges, it would be several months before Dr. B could visit the facility for an on-site interview and community tour. When she was at last able to visit, the hospital leadership and staff liked her right away and did their best to make her feel at home. Dr. B enjoyed her visit, and after spending a few days in the community, seeing several neighborhoods and schools, she began to picture a life there. 

Imagining herself in the Medical Director job was one thing, but signing a contract was another. Dr. B pushed back on the facility’s first offer, and Sally Ann and her contact at the facility went back and forth on several rounds of negotiations. In the meantime, the hospital was being acquired by a nearby university system. This complicated the contract’s progress, but Sally Ann wondered if the facility’s new ties to an academic institution would make the job even more appealing to Dr. B. 

As contract negotiations continued, the hospital’s current Medical Director officially resigned, making leadership at the facility even more motivated to come to an agreement. Dr. B’s motivation was intensifying as well. That fall, her mom suffered a health scare, shining a light on one of the primary reasons Dr. B wanted to relocate–to be available for her parents. 

Finding the “Why” for a Physician Executive Search

The story demonstrates the importance of understanding the reason the physician executive candidate is considering a job change. Despite increasing rates of turnover, physicians don’t take job changes lightly–especially at the physician executive level. Something specific drives the desire for change, and it is rarely compensation alone. In Dr. B’s case, the driving factor was a desire for a better quality of life and proximity to family. Knowing this was pivotal to Sally Ann’s decision to present Dr. B to the client. It also impacted how the client went about persuading Dr. B to take the job. They emphasized the low-stress environment and the flexibility she would have to spend time with both her children and her parents. 

Administrators should know and consider the physician’s “why” when planning the on-site interview and community tour. Afterward, they should think beyond compensation and tailor the offer to ensure the new job will satisfy the “why.” 

Dr. B’s reasons were clear from that first conversation with Sally Ann. However, she needed reminders along the way. “I just kept bringing her back to her why,” Sally Ann explains. “When the logistics seemed complicated or the contract still wasn’t right, I’d say, ‘Remember why you are doing this. For your kids. For your parents. For your peace of mind.’ She needed to focus on that to keep moving forward.” 

Finding Fulfillment as a Physician Executive in Rural Medicine

The process of placing a physician executive is more complex than traditional physician recruitment, with more potential complications in the contract negotiations. Sally Ann remained involved in the process, and when the contract was finally signed by all parties, she felt tremendous satisfaction. 

“It was an especially fulfilling placement for me,” she said. “The community desperately needs good physicians and strong leaders, and now, they are getting one of the best.”

“This placement reflects the mission we have at JPS,” Sally Ann continues, “We strive ‘to improve the lives of everyone we touch,’ and I really felt that with this placement. Not only will Dr. B’s life improve, but she will have a tremendous impact on the lives of everyone in that community.”

If your healthcare organization needs help identifying a physician executive who can make a lasting impact, the team at Jackson Physician Search is ready to help. Contact the Physician Executive Recruitment Team today.

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Pediatrician Takes a Chance on a Small Town and Finds a Practice to Call Home


A physician’s career journey doesn’t always start out on the expected path. This seems especially true for physicians who finished training during the height of the pandemic. Whether due to family needs, mental or physical health issues, or existential crises, some physicians took time off after training and delayed their job searches indefinitely. For Dr. M, it was personal health issues that forced her to take time off after completing her training in 2021. When she felt ready to work again, she took locum jobs while searching for a full-time pediatrician job. Currently residing in Ohio, she was open to relocating but hoped to stay in or near a major metro area. When she received a marketing email from Jackson Physician Search about a pediatrics job in North Carolina, she was intrigued at first but worried the location was too rural. She moved on from the job ad without applying.

An Ideal Employer 

JPS Senior Search Consultant Sydney Johnson was working on what would be her third placement with a North Carolina healthcare organization. Though the organization itself was big, she was working to find a pediatrician for a small, satellite office in the northeast corner of the state. The practice had a lot to offer a physician–high retention rates, minimal call, and an excellent mentorship program. More importantly, everyone from the nursing staff to the physicians to the practice administrator seemed genuinely happy to be there. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, and physicians enjoyed an excellent quality of life. Sydney knew from experience that if she could get a candidate on-site, the candidate would fall in love with the group. 

A Passionate Recruiter and an Open-Minded Physician

However, finding candidates who would seriously consider the small, remote location was tough. Instead of waiting for physicians to apply for the job, she began calling a list of potential leads. As a pediatrician in an active job search, Dr. M was on that list, and she was happy to get Sydney’s call. Though she wasn’t looking for a job in North Carolina, the way Sydney talked about the practice intrigued her. 

“I just can’t say enough good things about this client and specifically, this practice,” Sydney says. “As a recruiter, they are wonderful to work with, and I know from talking to the physicians on staff that it is truly a great place to work. I think my enthusiasm for the group came through when I spoke to Dr. M because she agreed to let me present her for the job.”

Several weeks later, Dr. M flew to North Carolina for the on-site interview. As Sydney predicted, Dr. M was impressed with the collegial atmosphere and felt instantly at ease with everyone she met. While the town was not ideal for her, she couldn’t imagine that she’d find a better professional opportunity. If they could meet her compensation demands, she could make her home in the area.  

The group extended an offer to Dr. M, but the compensation was not where she wanted it to be. Sydney gathered the latest compensation data for pediatricians in the state and presented it to the client to demonstrate why they should increase the offer. Leadership was persuaded and their second offer met Dr. M’s expectations. She was happy to sign.

Physician Job Search Success

Dr. M’s story demonstrates the importance of keeping an open mind in your physician job search. One of the biggest job search mistakes physicians make is zeroing in on a single location and ignoring opportunities elsewhere. Expanding your physician job search opens up countless opportunities–one of which may just be a better fit than you imagined. Had Dr. M ruled out the North Carolina town due to its size, she would have missed out on an incredible opportunity. Fortunately, she trusted her physician recruiter, kept an open mind, and ultimately found her ideal physician job.   

Are you searching for a new physician job? Applying with the insight and expertise of a physician recruiter can make all the difference to your job search. Reach out to a Jackson Physician Search Recruiter today to learn how we can help, or search physician jobs online now.

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Hospital Trusts Recruiter to Evaluate J-1 Physician Candidates and Hires Ideal Neurologist


When a large health system in Minnesota sought to grow its neuro-hospitalist program, leadership knew hiring a neurologist wouldn’t be easy. Neurology is one of the hardest specialties to recruit, so the hospital’s leadership wanted to bring in a physician recruitment partner. As a preferred vendor of the Minnesota Hospital Association, Jackson Physician Search was the obvious choice. 

Preparing for a Challenging Neurology Search

JPS Director of Recruiting Katie Moeller was eager to get to know the hospital’s needs and define the best strategy for what was sure to be a tough neurology search. The significant gap between the number of open neurology jobs nationwide and the number of available candidates presented only one part of the problem. The challenge also stemmed from the fact that 50% of neurologists in the United States are internationally trained graduates, so neurology candidates coming out of fellowship often need a J-1 visa waiver.  Katie presented all of this information to her client along with her prediction that many of their applicants would likely need a J-1 waiver. She wanted to make sure the client would be open to hiring one of these candidates.

The client was not completely certain they could obtain the waiver. Under the Conrad 30 program, each state has just 30 waivers available annually, and eligible organizations are typically granted one, at most, per year. Despite this uncertainty, the client agreed to have Katie evaluate J-1 candidates, and if she brought them a truly great candidate, they would take on the additional paperwork and legal fees to pursue a waiver. 

An Influx of J-1 Physician Candidates

Katie was right in her predictions–many of the responses to the neurology job ad were from candidates requiring a J-1 waiver. Katie, of course, scheduled calls with all candidates to review their clinical experience, evaluate their communication skills, and perhaps most importantly, gain a sense of how excited they were about the physician job description and the location. Katie wanted to ensure any candidate she presented was both eager to do the job and committed to building a life in the area. It was important to Katie that any J-1 candidate she presented wouldn’t be likely to leave after fulfilling the terms of the waiver.   

Katie held bi-weekly meetings with the client to review search activity and update them on potential applicants. They, too, were receiving many direct applications from J-1 candidates but didn’t have time to fully evaluate each one. They trusted Katie to weed through the applicants she was getting and bring them the best.

Presenting the Top Neurology Candidates

Ultimately, Katie presented her top candidates and ranked them based on their clinical strength, communication skills, and genuine interest in both the job and the location. Leadership invited her top two candidates to interview. 

Katie’s number one choice, Dr. C, was finishing her fellowship in Michigan, so she was familiar with the upper Midwest and wasn’t discouraged by the cold weather. Dr. C was happy to find an opportunity in a metro area in the region, and the 7-on/7-off schedule was ideal for her–as was the job’s mix of stroke coverage and general inpatient neurology. She was excited to learn more at the on-site physician interview.

Everyone she met at the organization fell in love with her. Her enthusiasm for the job and genuine interest in the area suggested she would be a good long-term fit. The client was ready to extend an offer to Dr. C and begin the process of applying for a J-1 visa waiver for her.

Secrets of Successful Neurologist Recruitment

Katie attributes the successful neurology search to the client’s willingness to trust her to evaluate the J-1 candidates and her own diligence in exhausting every lead. 

“An opportunity for J-1 candidates in a metro area is rare, so this job received a relatively high number of applications–far more than the client had time to review, ” Katie explains. “If I had sent over every applicant, the process would have dragged on indefinitely. But they trusted me to weed through dozens of candidates, and when they met Dr. C, they were thrilled.”

Hiring a candidate in need of a J-1 visa waiver may seem like a hassle, but if you choose to ignore this large group of candidates, you could miss out on your best (or only) option. If your organization has a tough-to-fill physician job opening, reach out to Jackson Physician Search today to learn how we can ease the process.  

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100-Day Urology Search Earns Recruiter the Highest Praise–a Referral


A multi-specialty group in a West Florida metro was tired of paying high upfront recruitment fees with limited results. The Recruitment Director was seeking to change physician recruitment partners, so when a new team member introduced her to his former colleague, Angela Desin, Director of Recruiting at Jackson Physician Search, the timing couldn’t have been better. The Director was eager to hear how JPS could help, and she immediately liked the sound of the 100% digital recruitment strategy–and what that meant in terms of minimal upfront costs. She welcomed JPS as the organization’s new permanent physician recruitment partner. 

Quick Physician Recruitment Results

Angela was eager to get to know the organization’s culture and learn more about its needs. She knew the coastal location would be a draw, so she focused on that when crafting the physician job ad. She carefully screened candidates to find the best fit, only presenting those she knew would embrace the organization’s culture and succeed in the job long term. Her efforts were successful. In less than six months she had placed five Hospitalists and two Interventional Cardiologists. The client was thrilled. 

A Potentially Challenging Physician Search

When the need for a urologist arose, Angela knew it could potentially be a tough search. In the current market, the demand for urologists far outnumbers the supply, but Angela didn’t let that deter her. She once again got to work crafting an eye-catching job description. She broadcasted it through the Jackson Physician Search network of physician job boards and reached out to relevant candidates on Doximity. When Angela received a lead from a partner job board, she reached out to Dr. L immediately to learn more. He was currently working in Iowa and looking to make a change. While Florida was not an area he was actively pursuing, he was open to it and the opportunity interested him. After speaking with him at length, Angela was confident he was the best fit for the job.

“The group really needed someone who wanted to do general urology,” Angela says. “Most of the candidates I spoke to who were coming out of training were more interested in pursuing a subspecialization and working with robotics–which wasn’t what this client had to offer. Dr. L was unique in that his interests fully aligned with the client’s needs.”

Dr. L’s on-site physician interview went well. He was impressed by his would-be colleagues at the group, and the Florida weather would be a welcome change. His family liked the area, and they were eager to make the move if the offer was right–and Angela ensured that it was. She shared with the group exactly what Dr. L wanted, and they quickly made an offer to meet his requests. 

A Sense of Urgency in the Recruitment Process

Dr. L signed the contract fewer than 100 days after the start of the search, beating all expectations for the length of a urology search. Angela attributes the success to the joint effort to keep the process moving forward at all times. She was diligently pursuing every lead as soon as it came in, and as soon as she had news about a candidate, the client was quick to take the next step.

“I think one of the reasons we work well together is that we both act quickly,” Angela explains. “This client really understands how important the timing is, so I can count on them to react with a sense of urgency.” 

The client appreciates Angela’s timeliness as well. After six quick placements–and more searches underway– they were happy to introduce her to a “sister” group in Texas that has now engaged Jackson Physician Search as a physician recruitment partner as well. Angela was honored to earn the referral and continues to be grateful for the blossoming partnership.

If your organization needs a physician recruitment partner who will work quickly to find physicians who fit your organization and will stay for the long term, the team at Jackson Physician Search is ready to assist as an extension of your team. Contact us today.   

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Recruiter’s Site Visit Crucial to Placing Diagnostic Radiologist

When a new client expressed hesitancy to move forward with the recruiter site visit, Regional VP Chris Kratochvil assured her the visit was a critical step in the JPS process. When hiring a Diagnostic Radiologist just four months later, she knew Chris had been right.

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Physician Recruiter Makes Two Placements in One Day in Rural Texas


It was 2019 when Jackson Physician Search first began working with an independent regional hospital in rural East Texas. Several years and multiple placements later, Senior Vice President Dane Altman introduced himself to the organization’s new CEO at a conference. It had been a little while since they had engaged Jackson Physician Search, so Dane took the opportunity to share the details of their past success as partners. The new CEO was eager to re-engage. He introduced Dane to the COO and the partnership was officially renewed, with Search Consultant Dan Rixon leading the physician recruitment efforts. 

A Truly Unique Organization

After visiting the small town and familiarizing himself with the organization–one of the last independent regional medical centers in the state–Dan could effectively market the physician job openings to the right audience. 

“The town is remote, but the organization is really special,” Dan says. “I focused on that in the job ad and never tried to disguise the fact that it’s a small, rural town. I think when you advertise honestly, you get the right applicants.” 

Dan’s approach was clearly working. He soon placed two general surgeons and one pediatrician. He was working on finding a second pediatrician when he received another request to find an anesthesiologist. Dan crafted the physician job ad and distributed it via the Jackson Physician Search job board network. The JPS marketing team also emailed it to relevant physicians in the JPS database. 

Two for One Physician Candidates 

The ad attracted several applicants, but none felt just right until Dr. I responded to the ad. Dr. I was finishing up his fellowship in Chicago and hoping to find an anesthesiology job in Texas so that he could be near family. Dan had first connected with Dr. I regarding a different Texas opportunity, but when he expressed an interest in the East Texas job, Dan knew it was potentially a great match. Dan also knew that Dr. I had a fiance, Dr. A, who was finishing her residency in Indiana. After years of living apart, the couple was looking forward to living and working in the same location. She would be seeking a pediatrician job in the area, and luckily, Dan had just the opportunity. 

Dr. I was a little concerned when he learned the size of the group. He worried with only three anesthesiologists, he would be on call all the time and work-life balance would be a problem.

“I just encouraged him to talk to the group,” says Dan. “I knew, based on my own interactions with the other physicians, that the atmosphere was supportive and low-stress. If he would give them a chance, I was certain it could be a great fit.”

Dan arranged for Dr. I to speak to the lead physician at the group, and just as Dan suspected, Dr. I’s fears were instantly put to rest. All parties were eager to set up on-site interviews, so the process moved quickly from there. The couple flew to Texas to meet with their respective groups. They stayed at a lake house belonging to one of the lead physicians and had lively dinners with several physicians at the organization. They fell in love with both the town and the organization.  The feelings were mutual. Contracts were signed just a few weeks later. 

Keys to Successful Physician Recruitment

Rural physician recruitment certainly has its challenges, but this client has found extraordinary success with Jackson Physician Search. In fact, Dan is currently working on several more searches for the organization. Dan attributes the ongoing success of the physician recruitment partnership, at least in part, to his honest approach with the physician job ads and the extended reach the ads achieve through the JPS physician job board network and opt-in physician database. 

Dan also credits the organization for its commitment to doing what it takes to make the job attractive. When Dan pointed to research showing other physician jobs came with more PTO, the organization was quick to increase their offering from six weeks to eight weeks. Additionally, when Dr. A required specific terms to ensure her employment adhered to the terms of her student loan forgiveness, they worked with her to find a solution.   

“The organization is so easy to work with,” says Dan. “And that comes through to the physicians too. Once they visit the site and get to know the people, it’s almost certain they will want to move forward.”

If your organization needs a partner to help you with any part of the physician recruitment process, the Jackson Physician Search team has the knowledge and experience to help. Contact us today

4 Ways to Meet Rising Physician Compensation Expectations

As the market for physician talent tightens, healthcare organizations are increasingly offering recruitment bonuses as a way of sweetening their offers. Here’s what you need to know to stay competitive…

Physician Recruiter’s Site Visit Crucial to Placing Diagnostic Radiologist in Less Than 4 Months

When a new client was skeptical of the need for a recruiter’s site visit, Regional VP Chris Kratchovil assured her the visit would be critical to a swift, successful placement. Less than four months later, the client couldn’t agree more…

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Recruiter’s Site Visit Crucial to Placing Diagnostic Radiologist in Less Than 4 Months


When Chris Kratochvil, Regional Vice President of Jackson Physician Search, first reached out to the administrator at a radiology group to offer physician recruitment assistance, he was told the services were not required. The group, located in a small Minnesota metro, hired one or two radiologists annually and had always been successful in filling the roles without assistance.  

Chris congratulated the administrator on her success and asked if they could keep in touch. Fast forward to 2021, and the group — like so many others — was struggling to hire a physician. When Chris reconnected with the administrator, it was clear the situation had changed, and yet, she was skeptical that a recruitment firm could make a difference. Chris learned that the group was affiliated with a hospital that had been working with JPS for years, and he encouraged the administrator to talk to someone there for a reference. Chris knew the long-time client would speak highly of JPS.   

A Reluctant Start to the Recruitment Partnership

Sure enough, the administrator spoke to her contact and was encouraged to move forward with JPS. She let Chris know they were ready, but she pushed back on some of the standard start-up processes. Specifically, she didn’t think it was necessary to pay for the physician recruiter, Tonya Hamlin, to visit the location for a “profile visit.” Chris assured her the costs would be minimal and the value the visit would bring would be immeasurable. The administrator reluctantly agreed. 

Director of Recruiting Tonya Hamlin knew the client was skeptical, so she wanted to demonstrate her value right away. In that first meeting, she shared the research she had done on the competitive market for MSK radiologists. The demand was much greater than the supply, so a competitive compensation package was imperative. Tonya’s research in this area was extensive, and both the administrator and lead physician could see that she was invested in their success and would be a valuable partner in their search. 

The All-Important Recruiter Site Visit

After seeing the facility firsthand and getting to interact with the stakeholders, Tonya could attest to the appeal of the group and its location. The facility itself was modern, and the diverse group of physicians ensured a healthy blend of traditional ideas and progressive thought. As Tonya crafted the physician job ad, she highlighted the longevity and stability of the group. Without private equity investment, physicians had more autonomy and the earning potential was significant. She was confident that the ad would catch the attention of any MSK radiologist in the market, and once he or she inquired, Tonya could speak authentically to the appeal of the job, the group, and the location.  

When Dr. S received a JPS email featuring the job, he reached out for more information right away. Currently practicing in Iowa, Dr. S was early in his career but felt he was surrounded by late career physicians who were resistant to change. He felt isolated in his current job and was actively seeking a better fit. Tonya shared with him what she knew about the group — from seeing it firsthand. The physicians comprised a range of ages and backgrounds, the facility was new and beautiful, and the direction of the group was steered by the physicians. Dr. S was intrigued.   

Winning Over the Candidate

The client had assured Tonya from the beginning, that once she provided a qualified candidate, the group would know how to win him or her over during the interview and offer stages. Tonya presented Dr. S to the client in early March, and they were quick to schedule a call. When that went well, they invited Dr. S for an on-site physician interview as soon as his schedule would allow, which was early April. Their ability to act quickly was critical as Dr. S was interviewing with other groups as well. 

The administrator was true to her word — the process was seamless. Dr. S was impressed by the beautiful, modern facility and the collegiality among the diverse group of physicians. The client was prepared to make an offer to Dr. S, but he was upfront about the fact that he would not make a decision until he had fulfilled his interview commitments with other employers and thought through his options.  

Ultimately, Dr. S accepted the offer from Tonya’s client. The culture of the group was exactly what he wanted, and with some encouragement from Tonya, the group was able to offer him not just the compensation he sought but the flexibility too. The group would allow him to practice remotely in a limited capacity. 

Secrets to Physician Recruitment Success

The search kicked off in December of 2021 and Dr. S accepted the offer in April for a time-to-fill of less than 4 months. Of course, the search didn’t fully get underway until after Tonya’s profile visit in January, when she was able to fully understand how to position the job with candidates. 

“I knew from my visit that the group had the diversity and progressive leadership that Dr. S was looking for,” Tonya explains. “That’s not something I could have spoken to without seeing it for myself.”   

The client also recognized, after the fact, how critical Tonya’s visit was to their success. 

“Initially, I didn’t understand the need for the profile visit,” she says, “But in hindsight, I can see how important it was to the success of the search.” 

Tonya also credits the success to the client’s ability to move quickly, seamless interview process, and willingness to meet the candidate’s needs.

“The client knew what to do to win the right candidate, but they didn’t have the marketing reach that we have at JPS,” Tonya explains. “After my profile visit, I was able to help them position the job to reach the right candidate, and once we found him, the client was able to move quickly and be flexible in terms of the offer.”

If your organization is seeking a partner to extend your reach and strengthen the effectiveness of your physician recruitment process, the team at Jackson Physician Search is ready to help. Contact us today.

How to Establish a Successful Physician Recruitment Partnership

When establishing a partnership with a physician recruitment firm, it’s critical that you, first, choose a firm with market expertise, a clearly defined strategy and process, and a commitment to transparency…

Physician Recruiter Uses Insider Knowledge and Doximity to Fill Hospital Psychiatry Job in Under 90 Days

When an East Coast hospital asked Director of Recruiting Angela Desin to help them find a psychiatrist, she sought to learn everything she could about the job, the organization, and the surrounding community. She soon learned a nearby hospital was closing and it was exactly the lead she had been hoping for…

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Exploring All Options: Recruiter Helps Physician With Second Thoughts Find a Better Fit


The physician job search can be intense — especially for the most in-demand specialties. Employers roll out the red carpet for candidates and bend over backward to entice them into taking the job. And while, of course, it feels good to be wanted — especially when that desire is expressed as dollar signs — the full-court press can make it difficult for physicians to step back and objectively evaluate if the opportunity is right for them. Sometimes, they find themselves accepting an offer even when their instincts are telling them to slow down. 

This may or may not have been the case for Dr. W, an orthopedic surgeon practicing in the upper Midwest, when he verbally accepted an offer from a large, regional employer. However, as his start date neared and some administration changes were announced, he began to question if he was making the right decision. He knew it was time to move on from his current employer — he wanted a job with more growth opportunities — yet something told him this might not be the best decision.

Help Wanted: Orthopedic Surgeon for Program Growth

Meanwhile, JPS Senior Search Consultant Consultant Dan Morton was asked by an existing client to start a search for an orthopedic surgeon. The Wisconsin hospital had two orthopedic surgeons on staff, but the referral base was increasing and demand was growing consistently. The client was confident they would eventually need a third surgeon, but the urgency was relatively low. Dan decided to gauge the market with a few small, regional campaigns. He crafted the physician job ad and sent email and text campaigns to physicians in the database who already lived in the upper Midwest.

Shortly after the campaigns went out, Dr. W saw the ad and reached out to Dan. Fully transparent about his situation, Dr. W explained that while he had verbally accepted an offer from another organization, he was having second thoughts. He wasn’t sure he would apply for the job, but he wanted to learn more. He knew of the group and had met the surgeons, so he was curious about the opportunity.  

Dan was thrilled to have a potentially interested candidate so quickly, but he knew he needed to tread lightly. He was careful not to pressure Dr. W and aimed to serve as a true consultant. 

“He was clearly questioning his current offer,” Dan says. “The only way for him to feel certain would be to explore other options, so I encouraged him to have a conversation with my client.”  

Discreetly Exploring Other Options 

Dr. W did not want to burn any bridges, but he allowed Dan to speak to the client on his behalf and share the details of his current offer. This transparency ensured that if the client was interested in moving forward with Dr. W, they would be able to make a competitive offer. 

Dan scheduled an interview with the Director of the clinic, who instantly clicked with Dr. W. Arranging meetings with the two surgeons proved more difficult, but eventually, they met with Dr. W individually and then attended a dinner for the three of them. Dr. W was able to get a better sense of the workplace culture and see how their personalities would mix. 

The chemistry was apparent to all three. The two existing surgeons knew right away that Dr. W would fit in seamlessly, and Dr. W finally felt the excitement that was lacking with the other opportunity. With this group, he would be integral to the program’s expansion, and while both options came with higher physician compensation, he knew this type of growth was what he had been seeking all along. 

Embracing the Right Fit

The client extended an offer the next day, and Dr. W was eager to accept. While he was sorry to disappoint the other employer, he knew he was choosing the best option and was grateful to Dan for encouraging him to explore an alternative. Dan’s client was, of course, thrilled to find a surgeon who fit so well with the existing team.

The physician job search can be a stressful process, however, a good physician recruiter can help you be aware of red flags and stay focused on your priorities. If you are embarking on a physician job search, reach out to the team at Jackson Physician Search today to learn how we can support your efforts. Get started by browsing the physician job board or downloading the Physician Job Search Playbook

Physician Recruiter Finds Creative Solution for Gastroenterologist’s Job Search Troubles

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Physician Recruiter Uses Insider Knowledge and Doximity to Fill a Hospital Psychiatry Job in Under 90 Days


When an East Coast hospital needed to hire a psychiatrist, the in-house recruitment team knew exactly which physician recruitment partner they wanted. They were familiar with the stellar reputation of Jackson Physician Search and were eager to enlist the help of JPS Director of Recruiting Angela Desin.

Angela prepared the client for the difficult reality of the task at hand. According to AAPPR, more than half (58.6%) of organizations hiring physicians were looking for someone in the field of psychiatry, and just 42% of those roles were filled in the same calendar year. Psychiatry is consistently one of the toughest specialties to recruit, with a national average time-to-fill of 255 days (8.4 months). Psychiatrists in the job market have no shortage of opportunities available to them, but Angela knew the organization was willing to do whatever they could to find the right fit.

Angela learned everything she could about the 7-on/7-off psychiatry job. The hospital needed someone in-house who could be called upon to evaluate admitted patients as needed. While the market was competitive for hiring psychiatrists, she knew the 7-on/7-off schedule would be attractive. The hospital also had a great reputation as an employer, so she felt confident that if she leveraged the JPS 100% digital recruitment strategy and applied some creativity, she would find the right psychiatrist for the job.

Digital Physician Recruitment Tactics

Angela used every digital recruitment tactic in her toolbelt. She crafted a thoughtful psychiatry job ad that highlighted the flexible schedule, competitive compensation, and attractive location. The hospital was part of an academic system, so there would be plenty of opportunities for learning as well as mentoring others. She noted all of this in the physician job ad and then leveraged the JPS network of physician job boards to distribute it.  The JPS marketing team also sent the psychiatry job ad to its vast JPS database of psychiatrists.

While the digital physician recruitment tactics were generating some leads, Angela knew she needed to think outside the box for more options. She soon came across some information that would give her just the chance she needed.

Connecting the Dots: Community News and a Social Network for the Win

When a neighboring hospital announced it would be closing its doors in the coming year, Angela sensed an opportunity. She knew the hospital employed psychiatrists – who would presumably soon be out of jobs – but how could she connect with them? The answer was right in front of her in the form of Doximity, the largest online networking service for medical professionals. Jackson Physician Search is currently the only physician recruitment firm to provide all of its recruiters a Doximity license–a decision that has paid off time and time again. This case would be no different.

Angela used her Doximity access to look up the psychiatrists employed at the neighboring hospital and reach out to them directly. She presented the opportunity and immediately made a connection. Dr. A was qualified, interested, and eager to learn more.

“Everything moved quickly, once I connected with Dr. A,” says Angela. “I presented him to the client right away, they interviewed him within 10 days and made an offer the next week – the entire search took just under 90 days.”

Physician Recruitment Success Found in the Details

Physician recruitment success is often found in attention to the details – a well-crafted physician job ad, a broad physician job board network, an effective email marketing program, and a thoughtfully planned physician interview and site visit. In this case, Angela’s attention to those details outside the normal scope of physician recruitment tactics made all the difference. She paid attention to what was happening in the community and found a creative solution to leverage what she learned.

Also contributing to the success, the client was able to act quickly and make an attractive offer to Dr. A. When he expressed a desire to earn more than the 7-on/7-off schedule would allow, they incorporated an additional call schedule that would justify a higher salary.

“I have developed a great relationship with this client,” says Angela. “They truly see me as an extension of the team, and I feel invested in their success.”

If your organization is facing a difficult physician search, it’s essential that every detail is addressed thoughtfully. The Physician Recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search has the knowledge and experience to successfully manage those details and find creative ways to further the search. Contact us today.

How to Establish a Successful Physician Recruitment Partnership

When establishing a partnership with a physician recruitment firm, it’s critical that you, first, choose a firm with market expertise, a clearly defined strategy and process, and a commitment to transparency…

Physician Recruiter Helps Long-Time Texas Client Find Pediatrician to Launch Mental Health Initiative

When a Texas healthcare system decided to build a pediatric clinic with a mental health focus, they asked their trusted partner, JPS Director of Physician Recruiting, Tonya Hamlin, to find a pediatrician to lead the effort…

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