Community Pitches in to Charm an Internal Medicine Physician During Recruitment


To be successful in the highly competitive world of physician recruitment, rural healthcare facilities have to go the extra mile to win top talent. When seeking to recruit an Internal Medicine physician who also appeared to be a perfect cultural fit, our client in Texas did just that by getting its community members involved.

The client, a 49-bed community hospital in a very rural community, had been working with another search firm but was having little success. Deciding to change gears, the hospital’s CEO agreed to a meeting with Jackson Physician Search Vice Presidents, Dane Altman and Brent Barnacle. The CEO expressed frustration with an ongoing search for an Internal Medicine physician. None of the presented candidates checked all the boxes. The CEO explained that he had rigid opinions about finding a candidate who had the right blend of skills and experience, and who would also be a cultural fit with the community.

Dane and Brent prescribed the digital physician recruitment strategies pioneered by Jackson Physician Search.

The Importance of Cultural Fit on Physician Retention

The CEO agreed to give the Internal Medicine Search to Jackson Physician Search. Search Consultant Dan Rixon got to work right away to learn as much as possible about the facility, the community, and what the hospital was specifically looking for in a candidate. While his goal was to cast a wide net for physician candidates, he only wanted to submit those who were likely to fit.

Working closely with the CEO and the staff, Dan gained an understanding of why cultural fit was such an essential component for the organization. This part of West Texas is very close-knit, family-oriented, and has strong community values, making it vital to find someone connected with these values.

Dan took it to heart when the CEO told him, “I don’t want to waste my time with candidates who are only going to stay short term.” Identifying physicians who share the same mission and values of your organization and community is the first step to long-term physician retention.

Knowing this, Dan focused on the family-oriented culture of the organization and leadership’s commitment to allow physicians to practice with greater autonomy. He crafted a physician job description to appeal to candidates with Texas ties and to highlight the robust compensation package. Dan’s strategy garnered a strong response, but it was still necessary to hone in on the specific qualities of each candidate to ensure he or she would be a great fit. While screening candidates, Dan wanted to be sure each one understood just how rural the location was in order to eliminate any candidates who wouldn’t be happy long-term in the role. He balanced this by explaining the benefits that would come with working for a strong, well-operated organization.

A Community Committed to Recruiting the Entire Family

Ultimately, Dan presented six candidates for consideration. From there, the CEO narrowed it to two. During the on-site interview, the hospital’s administration went all out to ensure the candidates gained an accurate measure of the community and all it offered. The CEO even likes to host candidates at his home for an informal dinner in order to get a better sense of the person, not just the doctor.

Physicians are invaluable to small towns, and this one sure knows how to make a doctor feel special. The community rallied together to make the chosen candidate and his family feel welcomed and engaged. Some of the women in the community generously spent an entire day showing the physician’s wife around town to be certain she felt at home.

If you can help a physician and his or her’s family to feel entrenched in the community, then you are on the right path to physician recruitment success. In our 2020 Physician Interview Experience Survey, 82% of physicians responded that the community tour had a positive influence on their decision to accept the position.

Because of the community’s commitment to recruiting the entire family, the Internal Medicine physician was able to imagine life in this Texas town. The community’s genuine nature and kindness made his experience feel like so much more than a job interview. Rather he felt that he found his forever personal and professional home. For rural healthcare organizations, this all-hands-on-deck approach can often make the difference in landing or losing a quality physician.

If you need a strategic recruitment partner to help you navigate physician recruitment and retention, Jackson Physician Search is ready to help every step of the way. Contact our experienced recruitment professionals today to learn more.

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Clinic’s Small Act of Kindness Won Over Internal Medicine Physician’s Family


As a physician recruiter, you know you’ve done something right when the physician’s wife sends you a handwritten thank-you note after the on-site physician interview.

Have the events of the past year and a half changed your perspective on your current physician job? Are you looking to move to be closer to your loved ones? If so, then you might find yourself in a similar situation as Dr. F, an Internal Medicine physician who had been working at the same facility in Northern California since he left his residency nearly 20 years ago. He was passionate about his profession, but he was looking to relocate. His kids were in school in Oregon and he and his wife wanted to be closer to them.

Around the same time, one of our clients in Oregon came back to Search Consultant Misha Fabick. Just six months prior, Misha placed a primary care physician with this clinic in just 90 days, and they needed another. Could she work her magic once more and secure another great physician?

Promoting the Right Details with Digital Marketing

The pressure was on, but Misha trusted the 100% digital recruitment strategy pioneered by Jackson Physician Search. Once she crafted the physician job advertisement, it would be posted on 10+ national job boards and sent out in a targeted email campaign to relevant members of our vast opted-in physician database. For this reason, the details of the job advertisement would be especially important.

Fifty-five percent of doctors are contacted weekly about physician job opportunities and less than 10% of those recruiter communications are relevant. Because our goal is finding the perfect long-term fit for both physicians and clients, we avoid this industry trend of sending irrelevant physician job ads. This is one major reason why physicians like working with Jackson Physician Search. It is not unusual for candidates to come back to us when they are ready to find their next physician job.

The facility was beautiful, a new building set on a picturesque hill in rural Oregon. The team was a tight-knit group, enthusiastic about the work they were doing. The town was small, but most of the staff lived in neighboring towns. Just 15 minutes from the coast, there was plenty to offer in the surrounding areas. Misha was confident that with the right marketing strategy, she could attract candidates. It was just a matter of finding the best long-term fit for her client.

A Physician Interview Process Designed to Get to Know the Candidate

The “Coastal Oregon” headline of the physician job board advertisement caught Dr. F’s eye, and he reached out to Misha by email. After one phone conversation, she got a sense of his personality and knew he would be a good fit for the client.

How did she know? “He was just a really genuine person,” Misha explains, “And very considerate of others – including me! I think you can tell a lot about how a candidate will treat staff and even patients based on how I’m treated as the recruiter.”

Clinic Goes the Extra Mile to Make the Physician’s Wife Feel Welcome

Misha presented Dr. F to the client and they scheduled a call with him a few days later. As soon as his schedule allowed, he traveled to Oregon for two on-site interviews, one with Misha’s client and the other with a larger healthcare organization. Dr. F instantly clicked with Misha’s client. The whole team seemed to genuinely enjoy working there and they put Dr. F and his wife at ease. When his wife needed to participate in a video conference for work, leadership arranged a private room at the clinic where she could access wi-fi and attend the meeting without interruption. These details went a long way with Dr. F and his wife, and they left feeling like they had found their new home.

Dr. F called Misha from the airport to express his enthusiasm. When he compared his experience at the clinic with the intense, formal physician interview process at the larger organization, it was clear where he belonged. Misha confirmed the feeling had been mutual, and he hung up with her to immediately call the realtor who had shown him and his wife around. Because Misha did such a great job matching Dr. F’s personal and professional needs, he was so confident that this was the place for him. He put an offer in on a new home before receiving a formal employment offer.

Dr. F and His Wife are “Beyond Excited” to Continue Their Story in Oregon

What is Misha’s secret? Certainly, the digital marketing strategy was effective in making the initial connection, but from there, the physician’s relationship with the recruiter, and then, with the hiring organization was pivotal. Misha established a rapport with Dr. F, and the more she got to know him, the more sure she was that he was the right fit for her client and vice versa.

“This client always does an excellent job of really getting to know the candidate and helping the candidate get to know them,” says Misha. “It’s not a formal, buttoned-up process, and it really works to identify if someone is a good fit.”

It also helped that Misha had a great sense of what type of personality would fit best with the organization, and she would never recommend a candidate who she didn’t think would be a long-term match.

Misha was thrilled to hear her client was pleased, but it was the handwritten note from Dr. F’s wife that brought even more satisfaction. She writes: “We are beyond excited to begin this next chapter of our lives, and it could not have happened without you!”

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Well-crafted Physician Job Ad Generates Five Times the Typical Response Rate


Some physician specialties are a little easier to recruit than others, but Gastroenterology (GI) just isn’t one of them. With physician retirements on the rise and only 500 GI Fellows completing training each year, these can be some of the most challenging searches a hospital or medical group will face.

Such was the case for a 200-bed hospital in Southwestern Illinois that had been facing a vacant Gastroenterology position for well over two years. The hospital’s administrators had partnered with another physician search firm but weren’t having any success finding the right candidate. They decided to turn to Jackson Physician Search for help.

Fortunately, Senior Search Consultant Katie Moeller doesn’t shy away from challenging searches and immediately jumped into action.

The Importance of the Physician Job Ad

This particular job opportunity was very unique, which may have played a part in the lengthy vacancy. The hospital’s strategy was to set up an inpatient-only, GI/Hospitalist model, while maintaining relationships with a couple of private practice GIs in the area that were essential to providing continuity of care.

As is often the case, Katie consulted with the hospital’s leadership team to ensure the hospital could develop an attractive GI/Hospitalist position without infringing on the private practice Gastroenterologists. She presented the hospital’s administrators with local market data, including what a competitive compensation package entailed and advice on how to structure scheduling and contracts.

Katie also explained that building work/life balance into such a unique role where candidate supply was especially slim would best position the organization to attract strong candidates. The hospital agreed to provide a 7-days on/7-days off work schedule.

Because physicians receive hundreds of job opportunities every year, the job ad is the first – and possibly only – chance a recruiter has to get their attention. Katie invested extra time up front to craft a compelling job ad and digital recruitment strategy that would effectively and efficiently drive candidate acquisition. She developed a targeted email strategy and posted the job ad on more than 10 job boards. She highlighted the generous work/life balance, the hospital’s premier status, as well as the unique opportunity a motivated physician would have to build a GI/Hospitalist program from the ground up.

Despite the challenging nature of filling Gastroenterology searches, Katie’s marketing strategy resulted in an enviable response rate – five times the normal rate, in fact. This gave the hospital a bevy of highly qualified candidates from which to choose.

A Bright Future for the Group and Their Newest Gastroenterologist

Due to the effects of COVID-19 and lessons learned, the hospital was committed to utilizing a virtual interview process to get interested candidates in front of the leadership team as quickly as possible. Katie stayed fully engaged to ensure that the candidate interview process was proceeding with a sense of urgency.

As it became clear that one of the candidates would be an ideal fit for the opportunity, the hospital was very open to listening to his ideas about the department’s future. Knowing that participatory decision making was important to strong physician engagement, the hospital’s leadership team didn’t shy away from the candidate’s vision of expanding the types of procedures that could be offered, even though it would require an investment in new equipment. By collaborating with the physician, the leadership team had confidence in his ability to grow the program beyond their original vision.

Katie then played a key role in lining up professionals in the community to ensure the physician would enjoy a successful community tour. This included a real estate tour, school system information, recreational activities, and other amenities that would be important to the physician’s happiness outside the hospital. Katie even stayed engaged throughout the contract negotiations to ensure both sides felt heard and that an amenable agreement was reached.

Keys to Physician Recruitment Success

  • Based on the success of six previous searches with Katie and the Jackson Physician Search team, the client drew on that trust throughout this engagement.
  • By writing a comprehensive and compelling physician job ad that highlighted the most desirable aspects of the position, Katie attracted a strong candidate pool.
  • The client and Katie worked together to keep the ideal candidate fully engaged during the interview and contract negotiation process, which can often be lengthy with large organizations.

If your hospital or health system needs a trusted, experienced search partner, the Jackson Physician Search team can be just the difference you need. From hard-to-fill specialties to providing support for your in-house recruitment team, contact us today to learn how we can help.

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Cue the Fireworks: Metro Health System Celebrates End of Onerous Physician Search


With a specialty pool of fewer than 5,000 actively practicing physicians, a large health system located in a major metro in the Southeast had spent 18 months trying to recruit a radiation oncologist. The system’s highly-skilled, internal recruitment department was attracting candidates to the physician job posting, but none had the right mix of experience. With a heavy load of physician searches that demanded their attention, partnering again with Jackson Physician Search was a smart move.

Vice President of Recruiting Helen Falkner had successfully filled other tough physician recruitment assignments for this system and was confident she could help. In her role, not only does she specialize in candidate acquisition, she also builds a collaborative partnership rooted in trust and a sense of urgency with the in-house physician recruitment team.

“Considering that only 10% of physicians are actively searching for a new opportunity, specialties with small candidate pools make for an extremely demanding search,” says Helen. “My goal is to take some of the pressure off by using every tool in our arsenal to source both active and passive candidates who fit the parameters of the role.”

In-house Physician Recruiters Juggle Multiple Responsibilites

According to the Physician Recruitment Search Success Survey by AAPPR and sponsored by Jackson Physician Search, in-house recruiters manage an average of 32 searches at any given time. In addition to physician recruitment, their days are spent fielding general inquiries from active physician candidates, scheduling calls and interviews, planning itineraries, and serving as host when physician candidates come for their on-site interviews.

“Their responsibilities are so much broader than ours,” Helen says. “They don’t have enough hours in their day to spend cold calling for a single vacancy when they have 30-plus searches that they’re working on. That’s where we come in.”

Helen knew right away that filling the role would require a more proactive approach to candidate acquisition. Working with the in-house recruiter, she learned more about the specific experience needed, and together they generated a list of practices and groups that were most likely to have someone with that experience. From there, Helen leveraged her seat on Doximity, the largest online social network for physicians, to conduct an advanced search. She sent personalized DocMail messages to the physicians who matched the criteria.

Helen’s message hit Dr. G at exactly the right moment. While he was happy with his job in Philadelphia, the location of this opportunity was appealing. He and his wife both had family in the Southeast, and he would be willing to relocate if the role was right. He responded right away to express interest.

Sparks Flew – Less Than 90 Days from Search Initiation to Signed Contract

Helen presented Dr. G to the in-house recruiter in May and a call was immediately scheduled. As the phone and virtual interview process moved forward, Helen stayed in close touch with the physician candidate to maintain his interest in the opportunity until an on-site interview could be scheduled.

Large health systems often have an intensive on-site interview process, and this client was no different. Helen knew they would provide a well-organized visit and do whatever they could to win over Dr. G. Their efforts were successful. Dr. G was excited about the opportunity and hoped to receive an offer.

Just a few weeks later and with some help from Helen, the system successfully negotiated a contract that Dr. G was thrilled to accept. In less than 90 days from the time Helen was asked to lead the search, the system had a signed contract in hand.

Something to Celebrate – 8 Successful Placements and Counting…

Dr. G’s placement exemplifies how health systems can best leverage a strong physician recruitment firm as this marks our 8th placement with the system. The organization needed a very specific physician, and a passive recruitment strategy wasn’t producing an adequate pipeline of candidates.

“What we do is different. The physicians that we are recruiting are not the ones who are already reaching out or applying to jobs. In fact, most are not considering a job change at all. We are truly head-hunting physicians who fit the culture, and in many cases, persuading them to consider the job.”

One of Helen’s sparkling tools is her access to Doximity. As an important part of our digital recruitment strategy that includes all jobs posted on 10+ national job boards, an extensive social media presence, and targeted email campaigns to our large, opted-in physician database, Jackson Physician Search is the only physician recruitment firm where every recruiter is Doximity-certified and holds a license.

It is this level of access and experience that Jackson Physician Search brings to physician recruitment. If you’re seeking to ignite your physician recruitment efforts, Jackson Physician Search is ready to help. Contact a recruiter today.

Physician recruiter on the phone with her client

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Critical Access Hospital Launches Emergency Medicine Department with Help from Physician Recruiter


Have you ever visited a town that didn’t have a single stoplight? Now, imagine living in this town and knowing that there are just two physicians to care for all of its residents.

This is the case for a 10-bed Critical Access Hospital in rural Wyoming serving a community of approximately 8,000 people. For decades, the hospital employed two Family Medicine physicians for a ranching and farming community spread out over miles and miles of countryside.

When both of the hospital’s physicians announced their upcoming departures, one retiring and the other relocating, the facility’s administration began to re-examine the care model and felt it was time to have at least one Emergency Medicine physician on staff.

Having placed one of the physicians, Jackson Physician Search Director of Business Development Ben Stajduhar was aware of the challenges in recruiting physicians to an extremely rural community. Finding one physician would be a difficult task, but needing two would require the right combination of skill, diligence, and a bit of luck. He enlisted the help of Search Consultant Misha Fabick, who happens to excel at rural physician recruitment.

Experienced Physician Recruiter is Integral in Understanding the Intricacies of the New Program

Without experience in hiring an Emergency Medicine physician, the administrators leaned on Misha to help them understand everything from scheduling to competitive compensation packages, and to develop a strong physician job description. Emergency Medicine physicians have different skillsets than a Family Medicine provider, and it was vital to find one who had experience with inpatient processes, admissions, and administrative aspects.

The facility needed someone with significant experience who could be the face of the hospital and new emergency services program. Misha provided the administrators with current, accurate information on salaries, scheduling options, and other factors that would make this an attractive opportunity for the right candidate. This is a prime example of how valuable an experienced, trusted physician recruiter can be for healthcare organizations.

Positioning the Opportunity

Since the vacancies occurred at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recruitment and interview process faced some challenges. One unusual aspect was the sheer number of Emergency Medicine candidates that responded to the physician job description. Many physicians were trying to relocate out of big cities that were struggling with COVID outbreaks.

This created a scenario where the physicians needed to be educated on the highly remote nature of the position. At the beginning of the search, the facility accommodated a few interviews, but the rural community caused some candidates to pause. However, the discussions were fruitful in that they allowed the administrators to listen to the candidates and learn more about ways to improve the position and make it more attractive.

Misha played an integral role in helping the client through this process and attuning them to the constructive information coming out of the interview process. At the same time, she was conditioning the candidates toward a clearer understanding of the nature of this opportunity. She helped candidates focus on the outstanding quality of life aspects of the community, and all of the outdoor activities available during downtime from the hospital.

Finding Physicians that will Fit, Succeed, and Stay

Strong candidates emerged for consideration at around the same point in the recruitment process for both the Emergency Medicine vacancy and the Family Medicine position. Dr. K, a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician was very intrigued by the opportunity to play a role in building a program from the ground up.

The administrators wanted to have their final candidates participate in a “working” interview. This was designed to ensure that they were a solid cultural fit. While some candidates were hesitant, Dr. K was very receptive to the idea of a working interview, as it would provide an authentic “day-in-the-life” experience.

On the Family Medicine side, another strong candidate emerged. Misha played an active role throughout this process and acted as a bridge between the candidate, Dr. F, and the administrative team. She helped them formulate a strong compensation package and other contractual factors that ultimately sealed the deal on a very successful search and hire.

“We are thrilled to have placed both of the physicians in this rural town. Dr. K and Dr. F will have a massive impact on the community and I am honored to have been a matchmaker between these physicians and the hospital.”  

– Misha Fabick, Search Consultant

Jackson Physician Search’s expert recruitment team has the skills, knowledge, and resources to help any facility attract and retain top physicians. If your healthcare organization is adding a new service line or seeking physicians who will fit, succeed, and stay, contact us today.

Forecasting Placements: Recruiting a Physician to Weather the Cold

Imagine a town where the winter temperatures are often below freezing. The living room window looks out to a dark tundra with multiple feet of snow. Could you see yourself living here…


Rural Healthcare Facing Mounting Challenges

Rural healthcare organizations are facing ever-mounting financial, recruitment and patient care challenges in the “new normal.” Fortunately, the next wave of financial help is on the way. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced…

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Forecasting Placements: Recruiting a Physician to Weather the Cold


Imagine a town where the winter temperatures are often below freezing. The living room window looks out to a dark tundra with multiple feet of snow. Could you see yourself living here? Now, imagine recruiting a physician to this same location. How would you go about it?

This was the case for our client in rural North Dakota. The health system was struggling to retain physicians due to its location. Not far from the Canadian border, it wasn’t unusual to see temps of 30-40 below freezing. The administration tried to make up for it with an extremely competitive compensation package. However, while a salary in the 95th percentile might be a reason to take the job, it was not proving to be enough to make physicians stay. The program leaders wanted to do a better job of identifying candidates for whom the location wouldn’t be an obstacle to overcome. They wanted to hire a Psychiatrist who was committed to building a life in the region and would stay long term.

The challenge then became positioning the search and targeting a candidate willing to relocate to the remote city. Regional Vice President of Recruiting Tara Osseck was more than up for the task. Confident in our 100% digital recruitment strategy including a targeted email campaign, distribution on several national job boards, and physician-networking sites like Doximity, she knew she could find strong candidates. What she didn’t know was how a completely virtual interview process – conducted during the COVID-19 lockdown – would impact the physician hiring process.

A Psychiatrist Seeking a Big Change

Constant demands of a big-city, inpatient Psychiatry job had left Dr. J burned out and unhappy. She had no work-life balance and the pandemic had shown her, as it did so many, that life was too short to be miserable. By mid-April, she was actively seeking change and that’s when she replied to an email from Tara about this position.

Tara knew from her first conversation with Dr. J that she was qualified for the position, but would the location be a problem? The freezing temps and the smaller population would be a big change for Dr. J, but a change was exactly what she professed to want. Tara presented her to the client.

Site-unseen: 60 Days to Hire a Psychiatrist in 100% Virtual Recruiting Process

The leaders at the facility moved quickly, setting up a phone call followed by a virtual interview and then a series of virtual visits so she could tour the facility. They were impressed with Dr. J and submitted an offer in a matter of weeks.

Dr. J was thrilled with all she learned about the program and the responsibilities of the Psychiatry job. She liked that she would be a part of a multi-disciplinary team of Psychiatrists, clinical social workers, and other advanced practice providers. While it wasn’t an academic setting, there would be plenty of opportunities to mentor and grow her leadership skills. It was everything she was looking for in terms of the outpatient setting, a more flexible schedule, minimal to no call, and a better work-life balance. She even saw the remote location as a positive. It would be a total change of pace from her busy lifestyle.

For all of these reasons, she confidently accepted the offer without ever having visited the facility. She knew she wanted a change and felt ready to embrace all that the new job had to offer.

“Exactly as Advertised”

After 7 months on the job (and more than halfway through her first upper Midwestern winter), Dr. J emailed Tara to let her know how happy she was in her new position. “Everything here has been exactly as advertised,” her email read.

Tara was thrilled, but not surprised, to hear the news. “It’s one of the biggest compliments I can hear about a partner client,” Tara explains. “As the recruiter, we can make a job sound rosy on the front end, but ultimately, it’s up to the client to deliver – and they’ve been able to do that now with multiple physicians that we’ve brought to the group.” Dr. J’s experience is another shining example of their commitment to transparency and following through on promises.

Dr. J’s story also exemplifies the extraordinary effectiveness of a national search led by Jackson Physician Search. Our 100% digital recruitment strategy identifies strong candidates in every specialty who are willing to relocate to your location – no matter how cold!

Unique Advantages for Rural Healthcare Facilities

The pandemic caused many to re-evaluate their priorities. Some physicians now desire to be closer to family or a position with a better work-life balance. In our Physician Retention Survey, 54% of physician respondents noted that COVID-19 had changed their employment plans, and of those, 50% planned to leave their current position for another healthcare employer.

Rural healthcare facilities have a unique advantage in this mindset shift. Promote the work-life balance aspect and you can likely scoop up top talent.

If your organization needs help finding physicians that will fit, succeed, and stay with your rural facility, the expert recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search is ready to help. Contact us today.

Track Record of Trust Leads to 90-day Family Medicine Placement with Rural Critical Access Hospital

Rural physician recruitment is no easy task. When you factor in marketing and interview expenses, sign-on bonus, and relocation stipend, it can cost up to $250K to hire one physician. So, when a small critical access hospital in rural South Carolina learned that one of its Family Medicine physicians was leaving…

Recruit Physician to Rural Communities

Successfully Recruit Physicians to Rural Communities

It’s challenging to successfully recruit physicians and even harder for rural communities. Let’s look at the current state of physician recruitment, address some of the challenges rural communities face, and dive into how you can improve your recruitment process…

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Track Record of Trust Leads to 90-day Family Medicine Placement with Rural Critical Access Hospital


Rural physician recruitment is no easy task. When you factor in marketing and interview expenses, sign-on bonus, and relocation stipend, it can cost up to $250K to hire one physician. So, when a small critical access hospital in rural South Carolina learned that one of its Family Medicine physicians was leaving, its CEO called Gary Holden, Regional Vice President of Jackson Physician Search. Several years ago, Jackson Physician Search placed a Family Medicine physician with this very hospital. Even back then, the CEO was impressed with our 100% digital sourcing strategy and fast time-to-fill and he trusted that he could count on Gary and the Jackson Physician Search team again.

Crafting an Agile and Strategic Digital Recruiting Footprint

Wasting no time, Gary quickly transitioned the search to Senior Search Consultant Emily Franty. She met with the CEO, and they immediately hit it off, establishing a solid foundation of trust and a collaborative spirit. Emily presented critical data about recent searches in rural South Carolina and Georgia, including the length of the recruitment and the costs to find suitable candidates.

Together, Emily and the CEO tweaked the job description to highlight the most desirable aspects of the position, and then she went to work utilizing the many tools Jackson Physician Search has available to cast the widest net. The physician job description was sent via a targeted email to our large database of physicians, posted on several physician job boards, and published on the largest community of healthcare professionals in the country, Doximity.

Having gone through the process with us before, the CEO felt confident and relied on Emily, as you would a consultant, to maximize the job’s exposure.

Physicians Want Autonomy and Rural Hospitals Have a Unique Opportunity to Provide It

Family Medicine physician, Dr. J, was working in a large health system near Augusta, Georgia but had grown frustrated at the levels of bureaucracy that were ultimately impacting his ability to practice medicine. He had 15-20 years of experience, saw Emily’s job post, and was intrigued by the possibility of practicing in a smaller setting with more autonomy, focusing on the quality of care provided. When Emily spoke with Dr. J, he mentioned that his fondest memories were from when he previously worked at a small critical access hospital.

Again, Emily took on more of a consultant role and began to coach Dr. J on his messaging. She helped him focus on this opportunity which included practicing in a more autonomous setting where the quality of care held as much importance as the total number of patients and referrals.

Preparing the Physician Contract Ahead of the On-site Interview Helped Solidify Dr. J

Due to the restrictions in place from the pandemic, when it came time to interview candidates, the CEO and the rest of his interview team had to remain supremely flexible in accommodating the candidates’ schedules. Dr. J’s experience stood out, and the CEO was motivated to offer him the position. Knowing how competitive the market is for physicians, Emily suggested that the team prepare the physician contract before Dr. J’s on-site interview. By being proactive with the agreement, the CEO and Dr. J were able to work out the details in person, further allowing them to establish a working relationship from the start.

The two even met at a local coffee shop to go through the contract together. This small gesture had an incredible impact on Dr. J and showed him not only how much he meant to the hospital, but it demonstrated the level of direct access that he would have to the leadership team.

From Search Initiation to Signed Contract in Just 90 Days

A rural Family Medicine vacancy typically takes from 7 months to one year to fill. Here are a few keys of Gary and Emily’s success in placing one in a fraction of the time:

  • The client trusted Gary, Emily, and Jackson Physician Search and had a track record of success using our 100% digital sourcing strategy
  • Preparing the physician contract before the on-site interview allowed the hospital to move quickly and secure Dr. J
  • A small act of kindness like walking through the physician contract together at a coffee shop proved to the candidate how much the hospital valued him and gave him a glimpse of how working for the CEO would be a true partnership

The Jackson Physician Search team is comprised of healthcare industry professionals who have the skills, experience, and relationships to be your trusted physician search partner. Our recruitment professionals have access to industry-best technology to streamline your recruitment process and find quality candidates under even the most difficult circumstances.  Contact our recruitment team today and learn how we can make a difference for you.

From Skeptic to Raving Fan: Rural Hospital Fills Two-year Vacancy in 11 Weeks

Six months is the average amount of time it takes to fill a Family Medicine vacancy, and for a rural hospital with limited resources, the search often takes even longer. Meanwhile, other physicians are picking up the slack to care for patients, risking an increase in burnout…

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Minnesota Hospital Goes the Extra Mile to Win Over a Physician Candidate


A competitive compensation package is critical to finding success in physician recruitment but offering top dollar on its own is rarely enough to win over today’s top physicians. Rural hospitals, especially, find that determination, creativity, and a willingness to go the extra mile throughout the recruitment process is key to attracting physicians to their communities.

This was certainly the case for a 25-bed hospital in central Minnesota that needed to recruit a Family Medicine physician. Over the course of previous recruitment engagements, Senior Search Consultant Katie Moeller had built a strong relationship with the hospital’s Director of Recruiting. They shared the belief that successful physician recruitment requires a strong partnership and a proactive approach that is best accomplished with a robust, long-term staffing forecast. It was an easy decision for the hospital to return to Jackson Physician Search and trust Katie with this new search.

Casting a Wide Net for Qualified Candidates

Katie began by immediately casting a wide net to capture the interest of several candidates, including soon-to-be-graduating residents. Using multiple job boards and a targeted email campaign strategy, Katie highlighted Minnesota’s many benefits, including its family friendly culture, enviable outdoor lifestyle, superior public education system, and leading healthcare network. She also focused on the hospital’s commitment to providing physician autonomy – a feature nearly all physicians highly value.

The Promise of Physician Autonomy is Hard to Turn Down

It wasn’t long before a physician stood out to Katie. Dr. L had strong Minnesota and Wisconsin ties, but explained that she wasn’t really considering practicing in the region. She was born in the area, but her familiarity with the community was limited as her family had relocated shortly upon her birth. After Katie shared that the hospital valued quality over quantity, which would allow her to provide the highest level of quality care without as much emphasis on patient volume, Dr. L agreed to Katie’s request to present her for consideration. Despite not having any family in the area, nor having been back for a visit in years, Katie encouraged her to keep an open mind. As it turns out, it was a perfect match, and the hospital didn’t want to risk losing the candidate to another opportunity. Katie worked to arrange an interview as soon as possible.

Catering to the Needs of the Physician and the Family

One way a hospital can demonstrate its commitment to a candidate is through a customized on-site interview and community tour. With only one chance to make a great first impression, the hospital ensured every detail in the itinerary would address the specific needs of Dr. L and her spouse.

Leading up to the interview, Dr. L had expressed to Katie that she was passionate about addiction health and treatment. With this insight, the hospital had prepared ways in which it could support her ongoing efforts. Additionally, Katie shared that Dr. L’s husband had his heart set on finding a home on a significant piece of land. In an effort to recruit the whole family, the hospital immediately connected him with a vetted real estate agent.

With an interview itinerary in hand and an excited husband ready to preview selected properties, Dr. L could already see just how much the hospital cared about her professional and personal wellbeing.

Dr. L Meets the Doctor Who Made a Very Special Delivery

At the social gathering where Dr. L and her husband had the opportunity to meet her potential colleagues, the hospital found the most unique way to demonstrate that it was invested in her past, present and future. Because Dr. L was originally from the area, the hospital tracked down the now-retired physician who had delivered her as a baby and invited him to attend! As you might imagine, Dr. L was extremely touched by the gesture.

She left the interview and community tour feeling already like an esteemed member of the hospital’s collaborative team. When combined with the promise of autonomy, it was an easy decision to accept the hospital’s job offer. With her residency training nearly complete, Dr. L is excited to take the next step in her very promising career.

As the endorsed physician recruitment firm by the Minnesota Hospital Association, we’re dedicated to placing candidates who will fit, succeed and stay in Minnesota. Our mission, rooted in four decades of service in healthcare, is to always deliver what we promise. Find out how our track record built on trust and transparency is the proven path to physician recruitment success. Visit us at

Let’s Get Social: Capturing the Attention of Passive Physician Candidates

At any given point in time, as many as 75% of physicians are passively exploring their career options. This means that they may not be actively applying to job opportunities, but they are more than willing to listen if something catches their attention. Reaching these passive candidates is critical, and now more than ever, the best way to reach physician candidates is via a targeted, digital recruitment strategy like the one Jackson Physician Search offers.

Physicians, like most Americans, are extremely active on social media, so physician recruiters should have a strategy to meet candidates where they are – online. Did you know that 80% of physicians have claimed their profile and are active on Doximity, the social media networking site dedicated to physicians?

To reach these in-demand physicians, every recruiter at Jackson Physician Search has a Doximity license and is a certified user. No other firm has this level of access to Doximity, which is yet another reason why we’re known for our unbeatable candidate acquisition. Find out more at

New Survey Sheds Light on Physician Retention, Physician Engagement, and Physician Burnout

Review the survey results to better develop an effective physician retention program that not only reduces physician turnover, but also increases physician engagement, mitigates burnout, and contributes to a positive workplace culture…

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From Skeptic to Raving Fan: Rural Hospital Fills Two-year Vacancy in 11 Weeks


Six months is the average amount of time it takes to fill a Family Medicine vacancy, and for a rural hospital with limited resources, the search often takes even longer. Meanwhile, other physicians are picking up the slack to care for patients, risking an increase in burnout.

This unfortunate predicament was playing out for a rural Texas hospital that had spent two years trying to recruit the right physician. Other physician recruitment firms attempted to help, but the candidates they presented weren’t the right cultural fit. The hospital’s leadership prioritized long-term retention in their recruitment efforts and knew settling for a candidate would be a short-term solution at best. They had understandably grown frustrated with the process, and the CEO was skeptical that any recruitment firm would be able to fill the role.

Respectful of the CEO’s hesitancy to try another firm, Senior Vice President Dane Altman made a clear case for exactly how Jackson Physician Search would approach the search. Impressed with the transparency of our all-inclusive fee structure, 100% digital recruitment strategy, and Dane’s forthright communication style, the CEO decided to partner with us.

Our Mission, Rooted in Four Decades of Service in Healthcare, is to Always Deliver What We Promise.

As the physician recruiter teaming up with Dane, Senior Search Consultant Jeff Payne understood the hospital’s history and sought to provide assurance. With our mission in mind, Jeff laid out a clear plan for how often and what methods he would use to provide search updates.

Jeff’s primary contact had a wide variety of responsibilities, with hiring being just one. Nevertheless, she was engaged throughout the process. She emphasized that she was only interested in seeing candidates who met a specific list of criteria. Jeff used her direction to create a detailed profile from which he would build out the physician job description and marketing plan.

The hospital initially wanted to see six or seven strong candidates, however Jeff felt that would be doing them a disservice. He explained, “Evaluating seven physicians takes an organization a lot of time. Part of the value I bring is doing that work for them. My aim is to present two equally qualified physicians who will both be a great cultural fit. From there, they simply have to choose a favorite.”

Rural Hospital CEO Instrumental in Making Candidate Feel Welcomed and Valued.

A potential favorite emerged early in the form of Dr. D. She was finishing her residency in West Virginia and met all of the hospital’s criteria. Likewise, the smaller hospital in a semi-rural setting was appealing to the candidate.

After three successful phone interviews, the hospital invited Dr. D for an on-site interview. Due to prior commitments, a month and a half would pass before the candidate’s schedule would allow for the visit, however, Jeff ensured communication channels remained open. He anticipated that the hospital’s salary offer could be a sticking point for Dr. D, so he proactively began initial negotiations even before the on-site interview took place. Simultaneously, he kept a conversation going with Dr. D and worked to adjust her expectations.

As predicted, Dr. D’s visit went well. The hospital arranged for her to spend time with the experienced Family Medicine physician on staff who would be her mentor, and the two physicians hit it off. The hospital built in plenty of free time for Dr. D to explore the town. They had also identified some potential land for sale where she and her husband might do some hobby farming – something for which she had expressed an interest. Their careful attention to detail and efforts to help her envision a life in Texas made the decision an easy one for Dr. D.

The hospital was excited to finally extend an offer. While Jeff and the hospital coordinator handled the back-and-forth negotiations to finalize contract details, the CEO emailed Dr. D directly and invited her to contact him with any questions or concerns she had. Unsure of protocol, Dr. D asked Jeff if he thought she should reach out to the CEO. “I told her since he’d offered it to her, she could most certainly take him up on it,” explains Jeff. “The fact that he offered her that level of access, even before she was officially on board, says a lot about how much they valued her.” It also signaled to Dr. D that the organization prioritized open communication, an attractive quality in an employer.

From Search Initiation to Signed Contract in Just 11 Weeks!

Jeff attributes the quick success to our digital candidate sourcing strategy combined with consistent communication between all parties. Jeff particularly valued his working relationship with the liaison at the hospital. “We were both committed to open communication,” Jeff says. “She did a great job in helping to move the process forward.”

The feeling was mutual. The client provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about Jackson Physician Search, and specifically, Jeff.

“We were impressed with the transparency of the fee-structure, detailed preparation and presentation of our opportunity, and the communication throughout the process. [Jeff] was very results-oriented and paid close attention to our wants and needs for our search. This level of professionalism resulted in a quick positive outcome for our search, not to mention our recruiter’s knowledge, experience and work ethic is to be admired.”

If your organization is seeking a physician recruitment partner that will keep you informed every step of the way, Jackson Physician Search is ready to help. Contact us today.

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Jackson Physician Search Helped a Physician Find Fulfillment in Rural Healthcare


A Hematologist, Dr. B, was working in academia at a university in Ohio. Between the clinic and the classroom, her schedule was packed. The time she did spend at home with her young children was often spent writing or reviewing papers. She was regularly published in medical journals and was on track for a full professorship, but at what cost to her family? At what cost to her mental health?

It wasn’t only her young children that caused Dr. B’s search for a better balance. Her parents, who lived in Pittsburgh, visited often, but their ability to make multiple trips each year would diminish with age. And what would happen when they eventually needed her help? How could she care for them while living so far away?

All of this was on Dr. B’s mind when she saw an email about a physician job opening from Senior Director of Recruiting Sally Ann Patton. The Medical Director opportunity appealed to Dr. B’s need for challenge and growth, and the location was ideal in proximity to her parents.

The Pursuit of Work-life Balance

Dr. B reached out to Sally Ann, who immediately recognized that Dr. B. was more than qualified. However, Sally Ann wondered if this highly lauded physician from the world of academia was serious about a position with a rural hospital. While the “Medical Director” title carried some prestige, there would be no publications or accolades in the role. The focus would be largely clinical. While there would be some management responsibilities and the potential to serve as a mentor, would this be enough to satisfy a physician like Dr. B?

Although Sally Ann had some initial reservations, the more she learned about Dr. B’s present situation and her desire for a better quality of life, the more Sally Ann began to see how it might work out to be the perfect fit.

Negotiating the Physician Contract

During the on-site interview and community tour, the hospital leadership and staff adored Dr. B and did their best to make her feel at home. She enjoyed her visit, and after spending a few days in the community, seeing several neighborhoods and schools, she began to picture a life there.

Imagining herself in the job was one thing, signing a physician contract was another. Dr. B pushed back on the facility’s first offer, and Sally Ann and her contact at the facility went back and forth on several rounds of negotiations. In the meantime, the hospital was acquired by a nearby university system. This complicated the contract’s progress, but Sally Ann thought the facility’s new ties to an academic institution would make the job even more appealing to Dr. B.

As contract negotiations continued, the hospital’s medical director officially resigned, making leadership at the facility even more motivated to come to an agreement. Dr. B’s motivation was intensifying as well. That fall, her mom suffered a health scare, shining a light on one of the primary reasons Dr. B wanted to relocate – to be available for her parents.

Identify the “Why” and Keep Coming Back to It

The story demonstrates the importance of understanding the reason “why” a physician candidate is considering a switch to rural medicine. Is it the slower pace of life? Leadership opportunities? More meaningful work?

Dr. B’s reasons were clear from that first conversation with Sally Ann. However, she needed reminders along the way. “I just kept bringing her back to her why,” Sally Ann explains. “When the logistics seemed complicated or the contract still wasn’t right, I’d say, ‘Remember why you are doing this. For your kids. For your parents. For your peace of mind.’ She needed to focus on that to keep moving forward.”

A Win-win for the Community, and Dr. B

Throughout the process, Sally Ann was never entirely sure it would work out, until one day in late December, it finally did. “In the end, she got nearly everything she asked for,” explains Sally Ann. “She is earning far more than they initially offered, and with the new ties to an academic institution, she could easily get back on track for a professorship, if that’s what she eventually wants.”

With the contract signed by all parties, Sally Ann felt tremendous satisfaction. “It was an especially fulfilling placement for me,” she said. “The community desperately needs good physicians, and now, they are getting one of the best.”

“It’s just like it says in our mission,” Sally Ann continues, “We strive ‘to improve the lives of everyone we touch,’ and I really felt that with this placement. Not only will Dr. B’s life improve, but she will have a tremendous impact on the lives of everyone in that community.”

If you are looking for a better work/life balance or are ready to take the next step in your physician career, our team of recruitment experts is here to help. Get started now and search our 500+ physician job openings.

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