A True Partnership: Recruiter Places 36 Physicians with Rural Oklahoma Hospital


Rural hospitals sometimes struggle to recruit quality physicians due to the difficulties of making a job in a small town seem desirable to candidates who tend to explore opportunities in metro areas.

However, one rural hospital in Oklahoma discovered a great solution to filling open roles was to forge a strong relationship with a knowledgeable physician recruitment partner who was willing to go the extra mile.

That partner was the Jackson Physician Search team of Regional Vice President Gary Seaberg and Senior Search Consultant Mark Mendoza. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2015, Jackson Physician Search has successfully placed 36 physicians for this client – with an impressive 61% of the placements occurring between 2019 and today. And, we’ve done more than just place doctors, we’ve helped build entire programs.

Fostering the Ideal Client Relationship

Mark Mendoza was a new addition to the Jackson Physician Search team when he first received this client, but that didn’t stop him from immediately hitting the ground running to understand the hospital’s needs, mission, and goals so he could begin sourcing potential candidates.

As luck would have it, Mark and the administration’s personalities meshed well from the start, which allowed them to establish a good rapport quickly and seamlessly – a key factor in building a trusting relationship.

Often, clients do not realize the hurdles they face when recruiting, which can lead to unrealistic expectations regarding the time it takes to fill a position, the compensation and benefits a position requires to stand out, and the flexibility needed to keep candidates engaged throughout the process.

With this notion in mind, Mark made it his goal to communicate effectively with the client every step of the way, providing frequent updates in a way that was beneficial for both parties. He worked with a sense of urgency, helping the client understand what was at stake for each job search, and in turn, setting a pace that allowed potential candidates to move through the hiring pipeline quickly.

Mark also used his expertise and up-to-date market data to educate the administration about aspects of recruiting they were unaware of, providing in-depth knowledge of what it takes for candidates to be interested in a rural opportunity.

All these factors combined have led to a flourishing relationship between Mark and this rural Oklahoma hospital.

Putting Trust to the Test

With a partnership built on a foundation of mutual trust, Mark once again proved his ability to efficiently place physicians for this rural hospital when they found themselves in need of an Orthopedic Surgeon.

As a physician recruitment expert, Mark worked with his client to create an appealing physician job description drawing candidates to apply for the position.

Soon, it caught the interest of Dr. L, an Orthopedic Surgeon in Kansas looking for a new position where he could make a difference in the community and the lives of his patients. Mark quickly contacted Dr. L – who was also interviewing for another job in Texas – and began the screening process.

The client was impressed by Dr. L’s resume and believed he would be an ideal fit for the Orthopedic Surgery position, as well as the organization. However, because the hospital CEO was unavailable to meet with Dr. L during his interview, they could not move forward in the process.

One Last Attempt to Seal the Deal

Mark’s client sent Dr. L an invitation to meet with the hospital CEO at the next possible opportunity. However, their attempt to secure the perfect candidate may have been too late, as Dr. L revealed his intention to accept the job the Texas hospital offered him on the spot at his on-site visit.

Upon learning this information, the hospital’s CEO turned to Mark, whose talent and expertise had not failed yet, and attempted one last Hail Mary to sway Dr. L’s decision in their favor.

Mark called Dr. L to convince him not to take the job in Texas and made him a verbal offer for his client’s position, using the argument that Dr. L wouldn’t even be eligible to practice in Texas until he had a valid Texas license – a process that could take up to six months.

With that in mind, Dr. L reconsidered. Shortly after, he took a phone call with the rural Oklahoma hospital CEO, where he officially accepted the offer to be their new Orthopedic Surgeon.

An Unorthodox Path to Success

Make no mistake, it is very unusual for a client to allow a recruiter to make a verbal job offer on their behalf. However, Mark’s ability to fill his client’s position directly correlates to the trust he has built with the hospital administration over time.

This hospital that once considered itself “not recruitable” due to its rural location has grown immensely since partnering with Jackson Physician Search. By following Mark’s guidance, they’ve brought on a variety of top-tier physicians like Dr. L, notably hiring 11 Hospitalists that have grown their program from the ground up, as well as the hospital’s first telehealth employee.

This partnership is a true testament of the success that is possible when you partner with an experienced physician recruitment firm dedicated to finding the ideal candidates for your organization.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can elevate your physician recruitment effort, contact Jackson Physician Search today.

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Second Chance: Physician Recruiter Proves to be Invaluable to a Rural Montana Hospital

Nowhere is the physician shortage felt more acutely than hospitals and healthcare organizations in rural communities. According to the AAMC, while 20% of the American population lives…

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Placement Success Story: Physician Happily Regrets Ghosting His Recruiter


As physicians near retirement age, one of the kindest things they can do for their employers is have a frank discussion regarding their timeline. After all, the average time it takes to recruit a physician ranges from 180 days to close to a year, depending on the specialty. Those averages are even longer for healthcare organizations in rural areas.

In a 2019 physician retirement survey conducted by Jackson Physician Search, half of the administrators surveyed said the ideal notice period for a retiring physician was one to three years. However, 40% of physicians felt six months was adequate. Certainly, the more notice a physician can provide, the more likely the organization is to hire a replacement for the outgoing retiree. Of course, this is only possible when the organization has the foresight to launch the search as soon as possible.

A longtime client of Jackson Physician Search had exactly this foresight when faced with replacing a retiring ENT. Fortunately, the physician had been transparent about his future plans, giving several years for the organization to conduct an ENT physician search. With time – and Jackson Physician Search – on their side, success was inevitable.  

Planning Ahead for a Physician Retirement

It was late 2019 when Mark Mendoza, Senior Search Consultant at Jackson Physician Search, first opened an ENT search for a small health system in central Minnesota. The longtime client had learned of an upcoming retirement, and heeding Mark’s advice, started the search early. Since 2015, Jackson Physician Search had placed eight physicians with the organization, so the in-house recruiter knew they were in good hands with Mark.

Having recruited in the region for a long time, Mark knew the candidate pool of specialists willing to work in the upper Midwest is typically small, so he was grateful for the long lead time. The new hire could start as late as 2022 and the organization was open to a physician coming out of residency.

Marketing the Physician Job to the Right Audience

Mark knew the prospect of taking over for an established physician would be attractive to residents, but he also knew persuading a young physician to start his or her life in a small town could be challenging. He crafted the job posting to showcase the most attractive aspects of the position and posted it on an extensive network of job sites. However, Mark was not one to wait for candidates to come to him, so he also invested time on Doximity, the largest online network for physicians, and leveraged his seat to identify residents with ties to the area.

Once the search was in motion, it didn’t take long for Mark to connect with Dr. T. As a 2022 resident, Dr. T was not in a hurry to sign a contract, but he had learned from mentors the importance of starting the physician job search early. As an ENT, he knew he would be in high demand, and he wanted to investigate his options.

Persistence is Key to Developing the Candidate Relationship

Mark diligently pursued Dr. T, and in January 2020, Mark presented him to the client. Dr. T spoke to the internal recruiter, but due to his timeline, he felt little urgency to schedule a visit. He told Mark it would likely be summer before he could arrange an on-site interview. Mark understood and continued to pursue other candidates while remaining in touch with Dr. T.

Of course, come summer of 2020, COVID was now a deterrent to travel, and Dr. T wanted to put off the on-site interview further. Mark remained in touch but each time they came close to scheduling an interview, Dr. T had a reason to delay. In October, Mark reached out once more to nail down a date over the holidays, which Dr. T had previously said might work. This time, instead of offering reasons to delay, Dr. T simply didn’t return Mark’s calls. He failed to respond to emails and texts as well.

“He ghosted me!” Mark says, “I didn’t hear from him for about two months, though I continued to reach out.”

Never Give Up on the Right Candidate

In late December, Dr. T finally sent an email to Mark to thank him for his help, also letting him know his plans to accept another opportunity.

“I got the email at 9 pm on a Saturday, and I called him right then – from a grocery store parking lot of all places!” says Mark, “But given the limited number of ENTs interested in working in that area, I wasn’t going to let him go so easily.”

Mark convinced Dr. T to at least have a closer look at his client before accepting the other offer. He painted an attractive picture of what life could be like in the small, lakeside town, and Dr. T was intrigued. After an extensive virtual interview, Dr. T was surprised to find that he preferred Mark’s client over the other organization. Mark’s client extended an offer, and, after some negotiation, Dr. T accepted.

A Lasting Recruitment Relationship 

The client was thrilled to secure an ENT to seamlessly replace the retiring physician. Once again, Jackson Physician Search – and Mark – had come through for them. The in-house recruiter had this to say about Mark’s consistent success:

“I have worked with many different recruitment firms, and I have had the most success with Mark. As an in-house recruiter, I have appreciated the pre-screening, prompt follow-up and feedback, consistent level of communication, and high-quality candidates presented by Mark. He has been very cognizant of our market and provides insightful information in the recruitment process that we as an organization can use to improve.”

Dr. T was also excited to have secured his first post-residency position. Without Mark’s persistence, Dr. T might have ended up missing out on the job with a health system that will allow him to flourish personally and professionally.

With offices located across the country, our team of physician recruitment experts have first-hand knowledge of each region and the physician job opportunities within them. If you are seeking a new position, contact us today, or search our open positions now.

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Whether this is your first job search or one of several during your career, the Physician Job Search Playbook offers a comprehensive, structured approach to ensure your next position meets your most important professional…

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Second Chance: Physician Recruiter Proves to be Invaluable to a Rural Montana Hospital


Nowhere is the physician shortage felt more acutely than hospitals and healthcare organizations in rural communities. According to the AAMC, while 20% of the American population lives in rural areas, only 11% of physicians practice there – and that percentage may be shrinking as rural physicians retire and fewer graduating medical students seek jobs in rural areas.

This predicament then begs the question: how can rural healthcare organizations attract and win over physician candidates? Rural facilities may lack access to the extensive physician candidate pool necessary for an effective recruitment process. Implementing a 100% digital marketing strategy, which is designed to quickly and strategically cast a wide net to find potential physician candidates for their open positions, would greatly benefit rural healthcare.

This solution is exactly what Director of Business Development at Jackson Physician Search, Ben Stajduhar proposed to the leadership team of a small hospital in northern Montana. Situated in a town with less than 10,000 people, the organization was having trouble identifying candidates for a Hematology/Oncology opening. Although this particular physician job had been open for over a year, the leadership team still declined Ben’s offer to help. They preferred to work with contingent firms and didn’t want to commit to a dedicated physician recruitment partner like Jackson Physician Search, fearing that working with only one firm would limit their candidate reach.

Ready to Take a Chance

Ben decided to keep in touch as the search continued. “I was committed to building the relationship,” Ben says, “I wanted them to know we were there as a long-term partner whether it was for this search or another.”

Eventually, the hospital ran out of options and realized they needed to take a new approach. Search Consultant Misha Fabick met with the hospital’s VP, and the two established a good working relationship. Misha impressed the VP with how many well-qualified and interested candidates she was able to present, but ultimately, the hospital filled the position on its own.

One Physician Placed, One More to Go

With the Hematology/Oncology position filled, the hospital turned its attention to an OBGYN vacancy. Because Ben and Misha had earned the hospital’s confidence and trust, they quickly shifted gears to assist them in filling this urgent need. Together they outlined the job requirements and determined the best candidate acquisition strategy. From there, Misha quickly started sourcing candidates.

Digital Physician Recruiting

A master of her craft, Misha knew exactly which tools to leverage to get immediate results. She turned to Doximity, the largest online networking site for physicians, and carefully worded the physician job description to identify OBGYNs already working in Montana. She knew the process moves significantly faster for candidates already practicing in the state, as arranging travel for interviews is easier and licensing complications are not an issue.

Misha immediately connected with Dr. M, who recently moved her family from the East Coast to Montana in pursuit of a slower pace of life. However, Dr. M had found herself in a practice that was too slow for her liking. Although Misha’s client was also located in a small town, it served as the medical hub for several communities, averaging nearly 400 deliveries annually. With that in mind, Dr. M was interested.

“Rock Solid” Physician Interview Process

Misha presented Dr. M to the client, and from there, the process moved quickly.

“I presented Dr. M on a Wednesday, and the hospital’s leadership was on the phone with her by Friday,” says Misha, “There was a Zoom call a few days later, and her on-site interview was scheduled to take place just 12 days after I first submitted her.”

“The hospital’s recruitment process was rock solid,” Misha continues, “I often have to coach clients on the interview process. Scheduling can be a logistical nightmare, and it stalls the process to the point that candidates lose interest or pursue other opportunities. This client knew they couldn’t risk that. They moved quickly and were ready to impress her with everything they had.”

The effort did not go unnoticed – Dr. M was most certainly impressed. She and her family arrived to find a thoughtfully curated welcome basket at their hotel. She started the day meeting with key people at the hospital, and meanwhile, her husband and son took a tour of the entire town, including the high school and recreational spots. The two itineraries came together that evening at a dinner with the hospital’s leaders, who were ready to verbally express their intentions to make Dr. M an offer – one that she would end up happily accepting.

The Keys to Rural Physician Recruitment Success

Both Ben and Misha are thrilled to have achieved such a quick win for this rural Montana client and to have had the opportunity to show them why working with Jackson Physician Search is different from working with other search firms, especially contingent firms whose strategy is often to forward as many CVs as possible regardless of fit.

The strategic digital net she cast proved crucial for sourcing quality physician candidates who were both a strong clinical and cultural fit, saving the client valuable time sorting through CVs and positioning them to achieve long-term, physician retention. Misha also credits her client for having a seamless recruitment process that allowed Dr. M to quickly move through the hiring pipeline – going from their initial call to an offer in a matter of weeks is nothing short of impressive.

“It really is a testament to their process,” Misha explains, “They know who they are and what they need to do to win over candidates.”

So, what can other rural health organizations learn from their success? To start, hospitals in remote areas can significantly improve their odds of acquiring the right fit by putting a swift and seamless physician recruitment process in motion as soon as their ideal candidate is presented. And of course, the most effective way to source those potential candidates is through a 100% digital recruitment strategy.

If your organization needs help identifying candidates or streamlining your physician recruitment process, a Jackson Physician Search Recruiter would love to help. Contact us today.

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In today’s healthcare employment landscape, physicians interested in finding a new opportunity don’t have to look too far to find out what jobs are available. In fact, most physicians receive between 20 and 40 job opportunities…

Physician Recruiter Captures the Attention of a Tiny Candidate Pool with Creative Job Ad

Healthcare organizations and physician recruiters trying to fill physician vacancies have long known just how challenging it can be in today’s ultra-competitive physician recruitment environment…

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Going the Distance: Hospital Changes Course to Secure Sought-after Surgeon


When the Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) endorsed Jackson Physician Search as its first and only recruitment partner, healthcare organizations around the state took notice. For more than a century, MHA has worked to provide Minnesota’s hospitals and health systems with the resources, best practices, and guidance to deliver exceptional patient care. So, when MHA leadership, after meeting with and vetting multiple physician recruitment firms, announced their endorsement of Jackson Physician Search, Minnesota hospital leaders knew they could trust the recommendation.

The President and CEO of a small, regional hospital in central Minnesota was one such leader. She had worked with recruitment partners in the past without much success, but she was hopeful that an MHA-endorsed business partner would be different. At her first meeting with Business Development Manager, Chris Kratochvil, the CEO was not disappointed. Chris highlighted the benefits of leveraging a 100% digital physician recruitment strategy, explaining how strategically targeting physicians where they spend their time, online, rather than in their mailboxes results in quicker placements and greater ROI.

The CEO was eager to see what Jackson Physician Search could do to help with her organization’s immediate need and the search was assigned to Vice President of Recruiting, Tara Osseck. The hospital sought to hire a surgeon to support Dr. R, the longtime, sole general surgeon at the facility. The overload of patients put him at risk of burning out, and yet, the patient volume was not quite high enough to justify two full-time surgeons. For this reason, the CEO ideally wanted to hire someone part time. Tara wasn’t sure how candidates would respond to the unusual request, but they agreed to move forward with the search.

The Pros and Cons

Though Tara had been uncertain, candidate response was enthusiastic. Tara attributes the high initial interest to the increasing levels of COVID-induced physician burnout. It’s a phenomenon discussed in a recent White Paper by Jackson Physician Search on the impact of COVID-19 on physician jobs. Jackson Physician Search Vice Presidents across the country report seeing an influx in physician candidates seeking a slower pace of life and better work-life balance.

The initial interest in a part-time position is understandable, but would these physicians, eager to apply to a part-time position, be as enthusiastic about part-time pay?

“We saw a lot of interest,” Tara explains, “However, most candidates indicated that, should they take the position, they would likely seek out additional opportunities to supplement the part-time pay.”

The Right Fit, Right From the Start

Dr. C was one of the first to express interest in the position. She had been let go by her employer in the early days of the pandemic when hospitals around the country were forced to halt surgeries. Though she’d found temporary work at a VA hospital in Minnesota, it wasn’t what she wanted long term. The central Minnesota position, however, ticked almost every box.

Tara presented Dr. C to the CEO within a few days of opening the search. They scheduled her on-site interview right away, and in a matter of weeks, she was touring the facility, hitting it off with Dr. R, and impressing the administration and other staff. Dr. C was everything they were looking for, and yet, leadership felt due diligence required them to interview a few more candidates. Dr. C understood. She proceeded with her job search but kept the opportunity in the back of her mind.

The Importance of an Open Mind in Physician Recruiting

Unsurprisingly, none of the subsequent candidates surpassed Dr. C, and by July, the CEO was ready to extend an offer. Dr. C was still available, however, she had been upfront about her preference for something full time.

“Dr. C wanted the opportunity, but ultimately, she would need to do some moonlighting to supplement the part-time income,” Tara explains.
The CEO did not like the idea of sharing her surgeon, so Tara counseled her on the only way to avoid it – making the position full time. The two worked together to conceive a plan that would leverage Dr. C’s unique skill set to grow the patient volume enough to support two full-time surgeons. The CEO agreed it would work, but would the lead surgeon be on board?

Going the Extra Mile for the Right Physician Candidate

Dr. R was not difficult to persuade. In fact, he had been so impressed by Dr. C that he drove an hour and a half to meet with her, convey the hospital’s interest, and ask her exactly what it would take to get her on staff.

“The significance of this gesture can’t be overstated,” says Tara. “Surgeons just don’t do that! The fact that he cared enough to go to her and have a face-to-face conversation about her needs and what their future together might look like, well, it told her everything she needed to know about her new partner.”

Of course, asking the candidate what they need to accept an offer is one thing, but coming through with an offer that meets the terms is another.

“It’s great to ask a candidate what they need to see in an offer, but if they tell you and then you deliver something short of that, they are going to feel unheard,” says Tara. “In this case, leadership was able to craft an offer that met and exceeded Dr. C’s expectations. We could not ask for better collaboration from a client on that front.”

Ultimately, Dr. C was thrilled to accept the position and work alongside Dr. R to grow the volume of surgical patients at the organizations and better serve the community.

The story demonstrates the importance of all parties keeping an open mind during the physician recruitment process. From leadership’s willingness to trust MHA-endorsed recruitment partner, Jackson Physician Search, to their flexibility on the part-time nature of the position, to the candidate’s openness to something other than a full-time opportunity. All parties were flexible, transparent about their needs, and willing to go the extra mile to work together.

If you are seeking a physician that is worth going the distance for, Jackson Physician Search can help! Our experienced recruitment specialists will not only present top physicians who match your needs, but they’ll also provide counsel on how to win the candidate you want. Contact us today.

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All Roads Lead Home: How One Recruiter Helped a Primary Care Physician Find His Way


Physicians are in high demand, but this doesn’t mean the physician job search is easy. After going on multiple physician interviews, it’s not always clear which option will be the best fit. In fact, experts estimate, more than half of new physicians leave their first job within five years. Of course, it’s not just new physicians who have a hard time assessing how well they will fit with the employer.

This is why it’s especially helpful to have a physician recruiter who knows the market and has worked closely with physicians employed by the various organizations in the area. That recruiter has an inside track on where physicians can earn the most money, where physicians are most overworked, and where they report the highest job satisfaction. This insight can be invaluable – that is, if the physician takes the physician recruiter’s advice to heart.

Evaluating Physician Job Opportunities

It was 2016 when Vice President of Recruiting, Tara Osseck first met Dr. S. Serving in Alaska on active military duty, Dr. S and his wife were exploring their post-military physician employment options in the Midwest, where they both had family ties. While searching online, Dr. S found the Primary Care job opening with Tara’s client, a small hospital serving the metro St. Louis area, and expressed his interest.

After speaking at length with Dr. S, Tara knew he was a good fit for her client – one she had worked with since 2015. Having placed multiple physicians with the organization, Tara could confidently tell Dr. S what he could expect as an employee. Leadership at the organization valued physician input, respected physician autonomy, and prioritized quality patient care – all things Dr. S professed to be important in an employer.

Of course, Tara’s client wasn’t the only organization Dr. S was considering. He agreed to on-site interviews with four organizations, and while he felt at home with Tara’s client, he ultimately accepted a higher offer from a competing organization. Tara was disappointed but wished him well. As she does with every physician she works with, Tara asked if they could stay in touch.

“I hated to see him make that decision,” Tara says now. “I know this market inside and out, and I told him then, my client was most closely aligned with his goals. I just knew he would regret going elsewhere.”

A Second Chance at the Right Physician Job

Tara’s prediction was right. Six months later, Dr. S reached out to her for help. Unhappy with his new employer, he felt like a ‘cog in the wheel’ rather than a physician caring for patients. Though Tara had warned him, he had overlooked the red flags during the interview process. He wanted to know if he had other options. Would her client still consider him?

Tara wanted to help, but his employment contract had a strict non-compete clause. Even if she could persuade her client to give him another chance, she feared it would prevent him from practicing in the area. Still, she approached her client, and they were willing to offer him a position at one of their facilities located outside the non-compete radius. Dr. S was grateful, but he ultimately decided the long commute would be too hard on him and his family. He decided to accept his fate with his current employer.

Chasing Physician Job Satisfaction Across the Ocean

While Dr. S wasn’t happy with his physician job, he was dealing with it. After all, his wife and children were planting roots in the community and settling into their new life. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changed all of that. Suddenly, his wife was alone at home with the children and the ties they had made in the community seemed irrelevant. They dreamed of a home near a beach where, regardless of COVID case counts, they could at least enjoy the ocean.

In an impulsive move, Dr. S and his family relocated to Hawaii. It was as beautiful as they imagined, and yet, Midwesterners at heart, they didn’t feel they belonged. They missed their church, their old neighbors, and the low cost of living. Dr. S reached out to Tara one more time to help him find a Primary Care physician job back home.

Third Times the Charm

Tara was pleased to hear from Dr. S. The time in Hawaii, though brief, made the non-compete agreement with his former employer no longer a factor. Tara was willing to present Dr. S to her client yet again – on one condition.

“I told him he had to trust me this time,” Tara says. “And I needed to know he was serious. He assured me that he would do everything he could to make it work.”

The client had an opening and was willing to consider Dr. S one more time. They quickly scheduled a virtual interview and extended an offer in a matter of weeks. I think the history with Dr. S certainly allowed the process to move more quickly,” Tara says, “But generally, this client has an extremely efficient process. I have now placed over 20 physicians with the organization, so we have worked together over the years to streamline the physician recruitment process.”

Dr. S was thrilled to accept the offer, and Tara’s client was happy to have him on board. Though the path was winding, Dr. S is grateful to have finally found where he belongs.

It is critical to add a physician recruiter to your professional network. Luckily, Dr. S had worked with Tara for years, but the important factor that resulted in his homecoming was that he finally put his full trust in her. Physician recruiters have first-hand knowledge of what it is like to work for their client, and also their competition. They can offer valuable input about negotiating compensation and the physician contract.

In our recent Physician Job Search Playbook, we outline everything you need to begin your next job search including the importance of working with physician recruiters. Check out the playbook, here.

Are you searching for a physician job with an employer who shares your values? The recruiters at Jackson Physician Search are ready to assist and advise you in your search. Contact us today.

Physician Job Search Playbook

Whether this is your first job search or one of several during your career, the Physician Job Search Playbook offers a comprehensive, structured approach to ensure your next position meets your most important professional…

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Physician Recruiter Captures the Attention of a Tiny Candidate Pool with Creative Job Ad


Healthcare organizations and physician recruiters trying to fill physician vacancies have long known just how challenging it can be in today’s ultra-competitive physician recruitment environment. Couple that with a tiny candidate pool that is characteristic of some specialties, and sourcing physician candidates becomes much more difficult.

Over the past five years, Senior Vice President Dane Altman and Regional Vice President Brent Barnacle have cultivated a successful partnership with a major Midwest academic hospital. Because we’ve made multiple successful placements, the hospital reached out to us once again for assistance with a tough Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist search that had already stretched out six months.

Recruiting a Physician Specialty with a Small Candidate Pool

In the United States, there are approximately 1,255 Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists (MFM), and only 75% of those are board-certified. On an annual basis, only 6-7% of physicians make a move, making the candidate pool for this search extremely small. Dane and Brent brought in Regional Vice President of Recruiting Tara Osseck to lead this physician search. Not only is Tara an expert physician recruiter, but she also has a very special connection to this particular physician group. The leader of the group delivered her baby a couple of years prior, so Tara was even more passionate about helping them find a physician who would be both a clinical and cultural fit.

Tara went right to work with the client, who was very responsive in supplying information and data about the position. The hospital has a prestigious reputation and was seeking a candidate with experience and leadership aspirations. To add a layer of urgency to the search, one of the facility’s physicians was eager to retire.

Creative Job Ad Makes Strong First Impression

Tara worked with the hospital’s administration to create a position that offered ample opportunities for the right candidate to flourish. One aspect included the potential to become the Medical Director of a clinic for expecting mothers with addiction issues. The client was open to being as flexible as possible, to the point of almost allowing the right candidate to design their ideal position. Tara knew that would be a great selling point for the search campaign, so she set out to create a physician job description that highlighted schedule flexibility, grant and research opportunities, and exceptional work/life balance.

Once the details were in place, Tara executed a strategic and creative digital physician search campaign. Despite the extremely limited candidate pool for the MFM specialty, the response rate to her text and email outreach was phenomenal. Knowing she had to make a strong first impression with her job ad, she used the tagline, “Design the job of your dreams – clinical, teaching, research, leadership.”

In Comes Dr. C

The opportunity caught the eye of Dr. C, a physician with almost five years of experience as part of a Maternal-Fetal fellowship, who had growing concerns about his current practice setting. He was covering excessive call and found himself being pulled in too many directions, impacting his work/life balance. Tara discussed the opportunity with him, highlighting the hospital’s prestige, the chance to grow his leadership experience at the opioid clinic, and the potential to pursue his passions through research and grant opportunities. As luck would have it, Dr. C had a strong passion for helping expecting mothers with addiction issues.

We’ve Placed 12 Physicians and Counting…

Ultimately, Dr. C was hired for the position. In less than five months, Tara had found the perfect candidate by shedding light on aspects of the job that cut through the noise and captured the attention of physicians with a rare skill set. This marked our 11th search with this client and, since then, we have already placed a 12th physician.

Whether you are facing a hard-to-fill specialty or want insight from a trusted physician recruitment partner, Jackson Physician Search has the tools, technology, and experience to make all the difference. Contact our recruitment team today to learn how we can help.

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Overcoming Small Candidate Pools in Physician Recruitment: Doximity DocMail for the Win!

A true success story, a physician search for a Reproductive Endocrinologist earns Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter.”

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Overcoming Small Candidate Pools in Physician Recruitment: Doximity DocMail for the Win!


A true success story, a physician search for a Reproductive Endocrinologist earns Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter.”

Reproductive Endocrinology has a small candidate pool, marking the specialty as one of the most challenging to recruit. Physician searches can go on for months since it’s estimated that just 11 percent of doctors are actively looking for new physician jobs at any given time. For practices facing a physician vacancy in this specialty, the situation in which they find themselves can be a disheartening reality.

A growing practice with locations in Carmel and Fort Wayne, Indiana, was all too aware of the challenge that lay ahead when they contacted Jackson Physician Search for help. So, when Senior Search Consultant Emily Franty devised her candidate sourcing strategy, she knew listing the positions on multiple job boards wasn’t likely to be enough. Following the philosophy that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity, she was determined to reach passive candidates. Despite having an entire arsenal of physician sourcing tools at her disposal, she knew having direct access to candidates via Doximity DocMails was likely to produce the best results.

Strategic Physician Sourcing Accelerates Recruitment

Within days of launching the search, she sent more than 150 DocMails to Reproductive Endocrinologists in cities surrounding the Indianapolis area. Experience had shown her that targeting neighboring states first was an efficient and effective strategy. In such a small specialty, physicians often know one another which can accelerate the recruitment process.

The week after Emily sent her initial round of DocMails, a physician in Cincinnati, Ohio, replied and expressed intrigue. The physician was transparent in that she wasn’t actively searching for a new opportunity but that her husband was from Carmel, making it an interesting prospect.

Recruiters Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

In physician recruitment, the first phone call between a recruiter and the physician is a make-or-break moment. Recruiters rarely have a second chance to make a great first impression and to pique enough interest that the doctor is willing to take time away from the practice for an interview.

After sharing a few details about the job opportunity, Emily asked a critical question, “If you could change anything at all about your current job, what would it be?” An experienced physician recruiter knows that location and compensation are usually the top two initial concerns, but other factors usually drive a job change.

The physician said she would change three aspects of her current job if given the chance. She wanted to work in a single clinic rather than traveling between multiple locations. She wanted access to a partnership track. And, she wanted to reduce the time she spent conducting surgeries.

Location and Compensation Isn’t Everything in Physician Recruitment

Getting to the heart of what a physician truly values and wants in the next job opportunity can save a great deal of time for both the recruiter and the provider. And even more importantly, it allows the recruiter to facilitate a strong fit that will stand the test of time between the physician and the practice.

Emily shared with the physician that this opportunity addressed each of her three concerns. No travel was required, the practice offered a two-year partnership track with an enviable buy-in, and she would never have to do another surgery again. The doctor said she’d consider the opportunity and be in touch.

In her weekly search update email to the practice, Emily included details about her conversation with the physician. Five minutes later, her phone rang. The client knew this physician and felt she’d be a perfect fit. They had met at a conference, and she was well-respected in the field. He was very interested and told Emily that if she could pull this off, he’d be thrilled!

Emily called the physician back, expressing the practice’s strong interest. Under strict confidentiality, the physician interviewed a few weeks later. Both sides knew it was an ideal fit. An offer was extended within days, and the physician excitedly accepted. From the initial DocMail to contract signing, less than 60 days passed, an extraordinary time-to-fill for Reproductive Endocrinology searches.

Then This Happened…

Heading into the Memorial Day weekend, Emily received an email from a physician practice in Cincinnati asking if she had time to talk that day. As it turns out, it was the former practice of the newly recruited physician. There was nothing coincidental about the outreach, however. The physician had such a great experience with Emily that she shared her contact info with her soon-to-be previous employer and suggested he reach out.

When they spoke later that day, he shared just how highly the physician spoke of Emily. And while he was disappointed to lose her, he also understood that physicians make professional moves for several reasons beyond his control. He was happy for her success and wished her well.

That said, his practice was now facing the very same vacancy and wanted to know how Jackson Physician Search’s recruitment process worked. Emily shared that she was successful with the specialty due to her access to Doximity. She explained that DocMails give her direct access to physician candidates, and that she can target them based on multiple criteria. After sharing that Jackson Physician Search is the only physician recruitment firm where every recruiter has a Doximity license, and involving her colleague, Executive Vice President Tim Sheley, the practice decided to engage us to find the newly recruited physician’s replacement.

Not every search in a tough specialty like Reproductive Endocrinology is filled so quickly, but when an experienced, passionate physician recruiter and industry-leading tools like Doximity meet, the result is nothing short of amazing. In fact, this very placement earned Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter.”

If you need help recruiting for a tough specialty, contact the physician recruitment experts at Jackson Physician Search today.

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It’s a Small World: Physician Recruitment Story Results in a Sweet Reunion

The average length of a Primary Care physician search is 180 days. However, for rural health centers, the physician recruitment cycle is often longer. Some rural facilities spend years – not to mention tens of thousands of dollars

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It’s a Small World: Physician Recruitment Story Results in a Sweet Reunion


The average length of a Primary Care physician search is 180 days. However, for rural health centers, the physician recruitment cycle is often longer. Some rural facilities spend years – not to mention tens of thousands of dollars – searching for a Primary Care physician to meet the needs of patients. When physician vacancies go on for an extended period of time, the burden falls onto other physicians, and there’s an increased risk that patients won’t have access to care when they need it most.

Such was the case for a medical center located near the border of New Mexico and Colorado. For two years, another recruitment firm tried to recruit a Primary Care Physician to fill the vacancy but was unsuccessful. The expensive direct mail campaigns weren’t working, and hospital leadership was ready to go it alone.

It was only when the hospital’s CEO spoke with Ben Stajduhar, Director of Business Development at Jackson Physician Search, that he began to reconsider. He liked the month-to-month contract, as well as our 100% digital recruitment strategy designed to target the Primary Care physicians who are most likely to be interested in the position. Though still a bit skeptical, the CEO could see how this modern approach to recruitment was more likely to identify quality candidates.

Establish a Relationship of Trust

Search Consultant Misha Fabick regularly matches physicians with organizations large and small in both urban and rural areas, and she has learned that building a relationship of trust is always the first step.

“I think a lot of times in the more rural areas, recruiters come in and say ‘You have to do it this way or you’re never going to find anyone,’ and they really steamroll the client,” she says. “I try to go in with a more consultative approach. I’m there to collect information, hear about any challenges, and build a relationship. My method really resonated with this particular client, as it was something the administration had not experienced before.”

After visiting the town and consulting with leadership about the position, Misha knew it would be a challenging physician search. However, she was confident that she could find a match if she focused on the positive, leveraged her connections, and kept an open mind.

Focus on the Positive Aspects of the Physician Job

Though the organization was struggling to recruit physicians, once hired, physicians stayed. The facility’s retention rate was impressive. Physicians were undoubtedly happy with the benefits package, the organizational culture, and the facility itself, which was both nice and new. The town, however, was certainly remote. Only three hours away from Denver, it offered multiple opportunities for outdoor recreation and featured a low cost of living. Better yet, Misha happened to know of a physician to whom this opportunity might appeal.

Leverage Connections

Several months prior, while recruiting for a position in Colorado, Misha received a response to a physician job posting from a Nephrologist practicing in New Mexico. Dr. S was hoping to relocate to be closer to Denver. He had been a good fit for that position, but the hiring organization was not able to sponsor his open visa. Misha’s current client, however, would be willing to do it. She reached out to Dr. S to gauge his interest in the position.

Dr. S was happy to hear about the opportunity. While it wasn’t exactly what he had been looking for, Misha pointed out the many ways it fit his requirements. Dr. S agreed to keep an open mind, and Misha proceeded to present him to the client.

Think Outside of the Box

The client, while happy to have an interested candidate, was not seeking a Nephrologist. However, Misha explained that he was serving as a Primary Care physician in his current role and would be willing to do so again. Plus, he brought the added benefit of Nephrology training to the role.

“It can be a gamble to go outside the specifications,” says Fabick. “But my instincts told me it was a good overall match, and the client needed to at least hear about the option.”

The client was extremely open to the idea and eager to meet Dr. S. The on-site visit was scheduled, and in Dr. S’s preparation for the interview, he learned that his former mentor was now on staff at the facility. Reminded of what a small world we live in, this heightened his interest even before he arrived. The visit itself went well, and Dr. S was thrilled to be reunited with his former colleague. He accepted an offer a few weeks later.

Secrets of Success

The seeds of Misha’s success were sown in her first visit to the community. She laid the foundation of trust by asking questions and seeking to understand the unique situation of her client. Having established the relationship, she set expectations and promised ongoing communication and weekly updates. She worked closely with her main point of contact and acknowledges the critical part he played.

“He did a phenomenal job and was a great partner,” Misha says. “He really helped sell the community.”

The client helped in other ways too. The benefits package was a huge selling point, and the positive culture throughout the organization was also a draw. Most importantly, the client was open-minded and flexible, able to help with Dr. S’s open visa, and of course, open to a Nephrology specialist in lieu of an Internal Medicine physician.

The story highlights the necessity of all parties to keep an open mind. Oftentimes the perfect candidate may not appear to be perfect at first glance, but with an open mind and flexibility, a great match is often found.

If your organization is recruiting physicians to meet your unique needs, the recruiters at Jackson Physician Search are ready to build a relationship with you. Contact us today.

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Community Pitches in to Charm Internal Medicine Physician During Recruitment

To be successful in the highly competitive world of physician recruitment, rural healthcare facilities have to go the extra mile to win top talent. When seeking to recruit an Internal Medicine physician who also appeared to be a perfect cultural fit, our client in Texas did just that by getting its community members involved….

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A Mass Texting Campaign Led to an 8-day Cardiologist Placement for this Nebraska Practice


Belonging to one of the most sought after specialties, Cardiologists can expect to find heavy demand for their services. Dr. F, a 2021 graduate of a Cardiology program in Miami, hoped to find a position that offered a family friendly atmosphere and flexibility in her practice. She had recently interviewed for a job at a rural practice in the Midwest and was weighing the presented offer. Around that same time, Search Consultant Dan Morton was asked to fill a general Cardiologist vacancy at a well-respected medical group in rural Nebraska. The Cardiology position was part of an initial series of physician job searches with this new client.

Digital Physician Sourcing Lands a Top Candidate, Fast

Recognizing the challenges of recruiting physicians to rural facilities, Dan knew he had his work cut out for him. He prepared the physician job description and highlighted the prestige of the medical group, the physician-led leadership, and the outstanding community values. In addition to posting the job on a variety of physician job boards and social media sites, Dan prepared a text message campaign to reach the candidate pool quickly. Dr. F received the text message and responded that she was interested in learning more about the physician job opportunity.

Dan connected with Dr. F, and she told him she was already considering another offer but was hesitant to accept it for a couple of different reasons. As fate would have it, her uncertainties about the first position were the most appealing aspects of the job Dan was sourcing. He told her about the strong culture and prestige of the practice. He explained that it was one of the top Cardiology programs in the state of Nebraska, and that the group cultivated an environment that allowed for physician autonomy.

Making the Candidate Feel Welcome

Dan reached out to his client to let them know he had spoken with a great candidate, but there was an urgency to the situation. Wasting no time, the group’s administration booked Dr. F a flight and proceeded to put together a very well-planned and focused site visit. The hospital team was aware of Dr. F’s desires for a family friendly community where her two middle-schoolers could thrive and have plenty of activities. The leadership team carefully listened to what her specific needs were about both her job and young family. The group’s staff made her feel welcome and comfortable around both the facility and in the community. Dr. F commented that it was everything she had hoped to find.

Through the interview process, the administrators agreed with Dan; Dr. F would fit in very well with the organizational culture and the other Cardiologists in the group. As a sign of their commitment to her, the group wasted no time by presenting a physician contract proposal during her on-site interview. Dr. F happily signed on the spot and she is currently practicing with the medical group.

8 Days from Initial Communication to Signed Physician Contract

The national average time-to-fill for a Cardiologist search is 8.5 months, and yet this particular placement took an astonishingly short 8 days.

As a new physician, Dr. F was feeling some pressure about landing her first job, but she also had a clear vision of what she wanted for her career and family. She could have settled for that first offer, but wasn’t completely confident and therefore she was willing to respond to Dan’s outreach.

The client’s trust in Dan, responsiveness, and preparation (having a physician contract ready to present on-site), are all major contributing factors to the success, and speed of this physician placement.

Had Dan employed a traditional marketing approach, like direct mail, the printing press would have not even been started in the time it took for Dr. F to sign her contract. For reasons like this, Jackson Physician Search doesn’t rely on this approach to source physician candidates. Our recruitment teams have access to a full suite of technology and tools to reach the broadest pool of candidates for every vacancy. Contact us today and learn how we can make a difference in your next physician search.

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Community Pitches in to Charm an Internal Medicine Physician During Recruitment


To be successful in the highly competitive world of physician recruitment, rural healthcare facilities have to go the extra mile to win top talent. When seeking to recruit an Internal Medicine physician who also appeared to be a perfect cultural fit, our client in Texas did just that by getting its community members involved.

The client, a 49-bed community hospital in a very rural community, had been working with another search firm but was having little success. Deciding to change gears, the hospital’s CEO agreed to a meeting with Jackson Physician Search Vice Presidents, Dane Altman and Brent Barnacle. The CEO expressed frustration with an ongoing search for an Internal Medicine physician. None of the presented candidates checked all the boxes. The CEO explained that he had rigid opinions about finding a candidate who had the right blend of skills and experience, and who would also be a cultural fit with the community.

Dane and Brent prescribed the digital physician recruitment strategies pioneered by Jackson Physician Search.

The Importance of Cultural Fit on Physician Retention

The CEO agreed to give the Internal Medicine Search to Jackson Physician Search. Search Consultant Dan Rixon got to work right away to learn as much as possible about the facility, the community, and what the hospital was specifically looking for in a candidate. While his goal was to cast a wide net for physician candidates, he only wanted to submit those who were likely to fit.

Working closely with the CEO and the staff, Dan gained an understanding of why cultural fit was such an essential component for the organization. This part of West Texas is very close-knit, family-oriented, and has strong community values, making it vital to find someone connected with these values.

Dan took it to heart when the CEO told him, “I don’t want to waste my time with candidates who are only going to stay short term.” Identifying physicians who share the same mission and values of your organization and community is the first step to long-term physician retention.

Knowing this, Dan focused on the family-oriented culture of the organization and leadership’s commitment to allow physicians to practice with greater autonomy. He crafted a physician job description to appeal to candidates with Texas ties and to highlight the robust compensation package. Dan’s strategy garnered a strong response, but it was still necessary to hone in on the specific qualities of each candidate to ensure he or she would be a great fit. While screening candidates, Dan wanted to be sure each one understood just how rural the location was in order to eliminate any candidates who wouldn’t be happy long-term in the role. He balanced this by explaining the benefits that would come with working for a strong, well-operated organization.

A Community Committed to Recruiting the Entire Family

Ultimately, Dan presented six candidates for consideration. From there, the CEO narrowed it to two. During the on-site interview, the hospital’s administration went all out to ensure the candidates gained an accurate measure of the community and all it offered. The CEO even likes to host candidates at his home for an informal dinner in order to get a better sense of the person, not just the doctor.

Physicians are invaluable to small towns, and this one sure knows how to make a doctor feel special. The community rallied together to make the chosen candidate and his family feel welcomed and engaged. Some of the women in the community generously spent an entire day showing the physician’s wife around town to be certain she felt at home.

If you can help a physician and his or her’s family to feel entrenched in the community, then you are on the right path to physician recruitment success. In our 2020 Physician Interview Experience Survey, 82% of physicians responded that the community tour had a positive influence on their decision to accept the position.

Because of the community’s commitment to recruiting the entire family, the Internal Medicine physician was able to imagine life in this Texas town. The community’s genuine nature and kindness made his experience feel like so much more than a job interview. Rather he felt that he found his forever personal and professional home. For rural healthcare organizations, this all-hands-on-deck approach can often make the difference in landing or losing a quality physician.

If you need a strategic recruitment partner to help you navigate physician recruitment and retention, Jackson Physician Search is ready to help every step of the way. Contact our experienced recruitment professionals today to learn more.

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