Recruiter Helps Resident Find the Trifecta of Physician Jobs: J-1 Visa Sponsorship, Work-life Balance, and Loan Repayment


Beginning his final year of residency in Alabama, Dr. A was getting serious about his first physician job search. He needed to find an employer willing to sponsor his J-1 visa waiver, so he had to allow plenty of time as his options would be more limited. Even though his job options might be fewer than his fellow residents, he didn’t want to sacrifice work-life balance and much-needed loan repayment. He felt like he was looking for the perfect trifecta! Also, after visiting friends in coastal Mississippi, he loved the idea of living there and began to browse physician job boards with an eye for job postings in that area. 

Jackson Physician Search Search Consultant Cori Centerino was searching for a Family Medicine physician for her client, a multi-specialty group located on the coast. The mission-minded organization needed a physician to start as soon as possible. Cori prepared her client for a wait — the average time to fill a Family Medicine physician job nationally is more than seven months — but she was confident that with time she would find the right candidate.

An Attractive First Physician Job

Cori crafted a physician job posting highlighting what she knew to be the most attractive features of the job. In addition to the coastal location, the role was 100% outpatient with the flexibility to choose between a four, four and a half, or five-day work week. The job would be ideal for a physician prioritizing work-life balance. It also came with a signing bonus and, potentially, loan repayment. 

As it turned out, these qualities were exactly what caught Dr. A’s attention. After several years of an intense residency, finding a job that allowed a healthy work-life balance was extremely important to Dr. A (and his wife). The fact that the organization provided care to an underserved patient population was also appealing to him. 

An Organization Willing to Wait

When Dr. A reached out in response to Cori’s ad in June, she knew right away that he was a good fit, but both worried that the resident’s timeline was too long. As a resident, he would only be available to start after completing his training the following year. Still, Cori spoke to her client about him, and while the need was indeed urgent, they were willing to wait for the right candidate. The client called Dr. A for a phone interview and then invited him to visit the organization for an on-site interview.   

It was a few months before Dr. A and his wife were able to plan a visit, but when they did, they were blown away by the comfort and kindness they experienced. Dr. A hit it off with his potential colleagues, and both he and his wife liked the town. He didn’t want to rush into a decision but understood this opportunity was the trifecta he was hoping to find. 

“He wanted to be sure that he was making the right decision for the long run,” explains Cori. “I wanted to give him the time and space he needed while still conveying the urgency of my client. It was a delicate balance.”

An Ideal First Physician Job 

Ultimately, Cori’s dedication to helping Dr. A find a job that not only met his needs, but would also be one he could be happy with for years to come paid off. He signed a contract in early November with a commitment to starting with the clinic after the completion of his training. For Dr. A, the coastal location and flexibility were attractive. Still, it was the organization’s willingness to sponsor his J-1 visa waiver and, over time, pay off his student loans that made the decision right for him and his wife. It’s not every day a resident finds a job that checks every box. He appreciated that Cori did not pressure him to decide before he was ready, and instead put his needs first. This allowed him to explore his options and discover for himself that he had indeed found the perfect physician job. 

Whether you are a resident searching for your first physician job or an experienced physician seeking a change, the recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search is eager to help. We work with organizations large and small across the country seeking physicians in every kind of practice setting. Reach out today to learn how we can assist your job search, or get started now by searching for physician jobs online.

Hiring Trends to Inform Your Physician Job Search

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Improving Physician Work-Life Balance

The stats on burnout are grim, and healthy work-life balance continues to be an elusive yet high-priority goal of many physicians. But what exactly does work-life balance look like in physician jobs?

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Recruiter Helps Rural Client Fill Nurse Practitioner Job in Under 60 Days


As organizations begin to feel the impact of the physician shortage, many organizations look to Advanced Practice Providers to support physicians and ensure patients have access to care. In the recent Jackson Physician Search Physician Recruitment Trends report, we shared that our number of Nurse Practitioner job placements quadrupled from 2020 to 2022. Organizations are increasingly leveraging APPs to fill in the gaps, so it was no surprise when a critical access hospital in rural west Texas came to Recruiter Sonya Cathey with a need for a Nurse Practitioner to bolster patient care at the facility. 

Understanding the Client’s Recruitment Needs

Based in Dallas, Sonya visited the client to meet with the CEO and familiarize herself with the organization and the town. Sonya was immediately impressed with the facility and got to tour the new, state-of-the-art building that would open in just a few months. Profiling the organization and the position is a critical step in the recruitment process; it allows the recruiter to develop a clear picture of the opportunity and better understand what kind of candidate will be a good fit.  

Highlighting the Perks of the Nurse Practitioner Job

Sonya crafted the Nurse Practitioner job ad, highlighting the key attributes of the position. In addition to working in a soon-to-open, state-of-the-art facility, the job came with competitive compensation, schedule flexibility, and a family-friendly culture. Sonya leveraged the Jackson Physician Search network of Advanced Practice Provider job boards to get the job in front of a national audience. She also had the marketing team email the nurse practitioner job to relevant candidates in the vast Jackson Physician Search provider database.

A Teammate’s Referral 

The job received some interest, but ultimately, a colleague’s referral stood out to Sonya as the best match. Director of Recruiting Tonya Hamlin had first connected with a Nurse Practitioner about another position in West Texas. He was currently working in Florida and had grown tired of the high cost of living in the state. His wife had family in West Texas, and they both liked the idea of relocating to Texas with their three young children. 

Tonya’s client brought him and his wife on-site, and the couple was excited to move forward. However, the offer did not come. He was disappointed– but not for long.

Though it didn’t work out with her client, Tonya knew the demand was high for Nurse Practitioners in the region. She only had to reference the job board on the Jackson Physician Search website to find another opportunity for him. She saw Sonya’s Nurse Practitioner job posting and reached out to make the introduction. 

An Even Better Nurse Practitioner Job

Sonya was thrilled to connect with the Nurse Practitioner and could immediately tell he would be a good fit for her client. Not only did he meet all of their requirements, but he also had ER experience, which would be a massive bonus in the hospital setting. Sonya told him about the new building and shared her experience in the town. He was eager to learn more. Sonya presented him to her client, who understood the need to act quickly. The CEO called him immediately, and after a successful phone interview, she invited him to come for an interview as soon as possible. He was on-site within a week. 

The Nurse Practitioner was blown away by the hospitality he and his wife received upon arriving in town. Due to a flight delay, he and his family missed the welcome dinner. Knowing they would arrive at the hotel late, the client arranged to deliver food to the hotel for them. This was the first of many thoughtful ways the client made him and his family feel at home. They soon felt this opportunity could be even better than the one he had missed. In addition to the impressive new building, he strongly connected with the other providers. He and his wife also liked the town, and the fact that it was just an hour from his wife’s family made it all the better.  

Nurse Practitioner Recruitment Success

The client was prepared to wait; however, thanks to the teamwork in Jackson Physician Search’s culture, they signed a contract with the Nurse Practitioner in fewer than 60 days. While teamwork certainly played a part, Sonya also attributes the success of the search to the client’s ability to act quickly and keep the momentum going once they were in contact with the Nurse Practitioner. In addition, they went above and beyond on the site visit, making sure he and his wife fell in love with the community. 

In the end, the Nurse Practitioner was relieved the first opportunity did not work out because the job with Sonya’s client was a much better fit. Sonya’s client was thrilled to find an experienced Nurse Practitioner ready to build a life in the area.  

If you are seeking Advanced Practice Providers or physicians to support patient care at your organization, reach out to the team at Jackson Physician Search today. 


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Hospital Hires Gastroenterologist to Start GI Program in Rural Ohio

When a community’s need for a Gastroenterologist grew too big to ignore, one small hospital in southwest Ohio partnered with Jackson Physician Search to help solve the problem…

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Physician Search Success: Hospital Hires Gastroenterologist to Start GI Program in Rural Ohio


When community need for a Gastroenterologist grew too big to ignore, one small hospital in southwest Ohio launched a physician search to solve the problem. The 30-bed regional hospital, located in a village of two thousand people, did not have a Gastroenterology program. In past years, when there was a need, the organization had always referred patients to one of three Gastroenterologists in the surrounding counties. However, in recent years all three physicians had retired or relocated, leaving patients in the area traveling an hour or more for GI care. 

Of course, hiring a Gastroenterologist to start a GI Program would be no small task. With demand for cancer screenings increasing nationwide and only 500 GI fellows coming out of training each year, Gastroenterologists are one of the most in-demand specialists and, therefore, especially difficult to recruit. The latest projections show a shortage of 1,630 Gastroenterologists by the year 2025. 

The organization knew it wouldn’t be easy, so when Tim Sheley, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Jackson Physician Search, reached out, they were eager to learn more. Tim detailed the 100% digital physician recruitment strategy and explained the benefits of partnering with a firm with national reach and regional expertise. He introduced them to Senior Search Consultant Nathan Collier, a native of Ohio, who was familiar with the region and prepared to help his client establish the much-needed program.

A Challenging Physician Search 

Nathan immediately recognized the challenges of the search. The rural location was one thing, but starting a program from scratch would likely be a turnoff for most candidates. The prospect might be daunting for GIs coming out of training, and more established GIs would be unlikely to want to start over in this way.   

Undeterred, Nathan crafted the physician job description to highlight what he saw as the job’s selling points. The facility’s location was rural but not entirely remote, as it was about an hour’s drive from the nearest international airport. The position would have minimal to no call requirements while the program was in its infancy, and cases would be routine, with more complex cases still referred out. 

Nathan distributed the gastroenterology job ad through the Jackson Physician Search network of physician job boards, and the marketing team sent it by email to relevant candidates in the vast opt-in physician database. The response was minimal, so Nathan knew they would need to get creative.

Thinking Outside the Box

Leadership at the organization understood the tough reality of the gastroenterology market, so they were willing to be flexible in order to find a physician. They were open to someone right out of training, but Nathan found these candidates were intimidated by the responsibility of launching a program without a mentor to guide them. In response, leadership forged a partnership with a health center in Cincinnati to offer phone support for the new physician. 

Nathan continued to screen candidates who reached out after seeing the ad, but he was also proactively sourcing candidates through the Jackson Physician Search database. He knew the most likely candidates would already have ties to the area, so he searched using specific parameters to find those who had trained or worked in the area at any point. Eventually, he connected with Dr. D, a Gastroenterologist working as a locums provider in a neighboring state. He had a license to practice in Ohio, so Nathan reached out to gauge his interest. 

The Right Opportunity, the Right Time

While Dr. D was not in an active job search, the idea of working in Ohio appealed to him. His daughter was about to move to the state for college, and he liked the idea of being closer to her. As a locum tenens physician, he was used to quickly adapting to unknown situations, so the idea of starting a new program did not phase him. The bread and butter cases, the minimal call, and the work-life balance were all attractive. 

Nathan presented Dr. D to the client, who was immediately interested. They reached out to him right away. After a promising phone interview, Dr. D traveled to Ohio for an interview with the CEO and to tour the facility. He liked what he saw and enjoyed a fun night around a bonfire with the other physicians. The experience made an impact, and when Dr. D received an offer a few days later, he was happy to accept. 

Secrets of Physician Search Success

Nathan credits the success of the search to the client’s willingness to be flexible and ability to act quickly.

“They understood the importance of keeping momentum with an interested candidate,” says Nathan. 

Of course, the part Nathan played in proactively sourcing interested candidates cannot be overstated. Nathan leveraged what he knew about the town, the position, and the organization to zero in on physicians most likely to be interested. Sure enough, he connected with Dr. D, who, while not in an active job search, was happy to learn about the position. 

The client was so satisfied with the results they retained Jackson Physician Search for two more searches. Nathan continues to work closely with the CEO to move the physician search process forward.

If you are seeking a recruitment partner to advance your efforts, reach out to the Recruitment Team at Jackson Physician Search today.  

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Jackson Physician Search Recruiters Team Up to Help Family Medicine Physician Make a Desperately Needed Change


When a new administration brought unwelcome changes to Dr. W’s organization, he began actively searching for a new family medicine job. He’d spent most of his career practicing in Iowa, and he intended to finish his career there too. He planned to work another eight to ten years before retiring, but he refused to spend those years working for an organization he no longer believed in. He was ready to make a change, and it couldn’t happen soon enough.

A Promising (but Slow-Moving) Family Medicine Job Opportunity

Dr. W was monitoring physician job boards for new Family Medicine postings. When he saw an attractive opportunity in Iowa, he immediately reached out to the recruiter. Senior Search Consultant Don Evans enjoyed getting to know Dr. W and was quick to present him for the job opening. Don’s client, however, was unable to move as quickly as Dr. W wanted even though they agreed he would be a good fit. Don knew Dr. W was looking to make a change as soon as possible, so he broke the unfortunate news to his client that Dr. W was prepared to pursue other opportunities.

Teaming Up to Find a Better Fit

Don was disappointed that his client couldn’t meet Dr. W’s ideal timeline, but he hated the idea of not being able to help Dr. W find a better opportunity. He wondered if any of his colleagues had open Family Medicine jobs in Iowa. He turned to the Jackson Physician Search job board to find out, and sure enough, Senior Search Consultant Dan Rixon had recently posted a job that seemed like it would be a great fit.

Don introduced Dr. W to Dan, and Dan immediately recognized Dr. W as an ideal candidate for his client. Dr. W was not only already licensed and practicing in Iowa, but his ties to the state were strong, and he was actively searching for a physician job in rural Iowa. Dan’s client, an organization in a town with a population under six thousand, certainly fit the bill, and despite its size, the organization was offering 75th percentile compensation, schedule flexibility, and a highly sought-after state pension fund.    

An Organization Eager to Move Forward

Dr. W was indeed interested, and he encouraged Dan to present him for the job. The CEO of the organization, who was Dan’s point of contact with the client, was thrilled to learn about Dr. W and called him the very next day. The two hit it off over the phone, and he invited Dr. W to come for an on-site interview as soon as possible. Five days later, Dr. W was meeting his potential colleagues, and by the end of the interview, he had a verbal offer of employment. Just four days later, Dr. W signed the contract.  

Dan’s client was thrilled to have the position filled so quickly, and Dr. W was relieved to say goodbye to his former employer in exchange for an organization more in line with his values. 

Family Medicine Job Search Success

Dr. W’s physician job search success accelerated when he connected with a national physician recruitment firm. When Don couldn’t help Dr. W directly, he knew someone in the firm would likely have something that would be a good fit. Don connected Dr. W with Dan, and the process moved quickly from there. Dan’s client understood the importance of acting quickly with promising candidates, and likewise, Dr. W was happy to make himself available for calls and interviews. Dan kept the process moving, and soon both his client and Dr. W were beyond satisfied with the end result.

If your physician job search could benefit from a team of physician recruiters with access to opportunities across the nation, reach out to the Jackson Physician Search team today or start searching for physician jobs online now.

Following the Path to Physician Executive Jobs

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Physician Recruiter Uses Regional Expertise (and Doximity) to Make 3 Primary Care Placements in 90 Days


As the Executive Vice President of Business Development for Jackson Physician Search, Tim Sheley has relationships with healthcare leaders throughout Kentucky. He makes an effort to learn about the challenges impacting healthcare organizations in the region and, when possible, find ways to help. There isn’t always an immediate need for physician recruitment services, but Tim values the relationships and works to maintain them. 

Tim had long-held relationships at a major Kentucky university’s medical center, and through those relationships, he learned the Pediatric department was issuing an RFP for recruitment services. Tim earned the business for Jackson Physician Search, but for reasons on the client’s side, the search was slow to get started. Meanwhile, the university was preparing to open a primary care clinic in September, and as of February, they still needed to hire three primary care physicians. The future clinic’s administrator turned to Tim for help. 

Tim noted that the average length of a primary care search is 7.3 months so the September opening would be cutting it close. However, the Jackson Physician Search recruitment team had a track record of beating the average time-to-fill, so Tim reassured the administrator that if anyone could do it, it was his team. Tim handed off the process to Senior Director of Recruiting Carly Clem.

A Regional Recruiter with the Resources of a National Firm

A native of Kentucky, Carly had once lived in the city in which the university was based and was familiar with its surrounding suburbs. She was confident that her knowledge of the area would be useful in the search. 

Carly scheduled time to meet with the Clinical Administrator in person and learn more about the new clinic and the qualities the ideal candidate would possess. Carly understood the urgency of the need and was committed to using every tool in her toolbelt to find the right candidates quickly. She crafted the family medicine job ad highlighting the university benefits package and the fact that it was outpatient-only and minimal call. She leveraged Jackson Physician Search’s extensive physician job board network to distribute the job ad to a national audience of family medicine physicians. 

Focusing the Search Close to Home

While the organization was open to hiring candidates from outside the state, Carly suspected the best candidates may already be living in the area — but not necessarily searching for a new job. How could she reach family medicine physicians in the area who might be interested in a university position? Of course, Carly knew the answer was Doximity, the largest online network for physicians. Fortunately, Jackson Physician Search is the only firm to invest in a Doximity license for every single recruiter. Carly leveraged her familiarity with the area to set up detailed search parameters on Doximity and send individual DocMails to family medicine physicians in the area.

“I wanted to reach anyone who might be working in the surrounding suburbs and wanting to cut down their commute,” says Carly. “I knew the benefits that come with working for a university might be enough to attract some physicians who wouldn’t otherwise be in the job market. So I reached out individually to see if they might be interested.” 

Strong Interest From Candidates with Ties to the Area

Sure enough, Carly’s first strong candidate was already working in one of the surrounding suburbs, and she was drawn to the idea of working for the university. The job was ideal for someone who wanted academic affiliation without the demands of a teaching position, which was true of Dr. M. Carly presented Dr. M to the client in May, and the process moved quickly. She signed a contract in June. 

Carly found the next candidate on Doximity by reaching out to physicians who had trained at the university and might want to come back to the area. This described Dr. W precisely. Though she was not actively looking for a new position, when Carly reached out via Doximity to tell her about the opportunity, Dr. W’s interest was piqued. She signed a contract in August.

Carly’s next placement was already living in the state, and she would complete her residency in the summer of 2023. She wanted to remain in the city and saw Carly’s client as an ideal employer. Of course, Dr. L’s timeline wasn’t ideal with respect to the clinic’s September opening, but the client didn’t want to miss out on such a strong candidate and knew they could use her in another department. They extended an offer for her to start upon the completion of her training, and Dr. L was happy to accept. 

Come September, Carly was still on the hunt for a third family medicine physician for the clinic, but she knew she was close. She connected with Dr. B after the physician responded to one of our customized email blasts, and after speaking to him at length over the phone, Carly was eager to present him. The client arranged an interview within 14 days, and 30 days later, the candidate signed a contract. 

Secrets to Physician Recruitment Success

Carly attributes the success of the family medicine searches to her keen knowledge of the area and her access to powerful tools such as the national job board network and, of course, Doximity. While compensation was fair, she knew the draw of working for a university in the heart of the city would be enough to attract physicians who already lived there and were tired of commuting to the suburbs.  

Of course, Carly also credits the client for their excellent communication and responsiveness. They were committed to working with Carly as a partner and ready to respond immediately to the candidates Carly presented.  

“It’s been a very successful partnership so far,” says Carly. “The client has been extremely happy, even referring me to several other departments within the organization.”

The client certainly recognizes the benefit of working with a recruiter who lives in the region and knows the local market intrinsically. After placing three primary care physicians within 90 days and a fourth just 90 days later, Carly continues to work with the organization to fill other needs in the area. 

If you are seeking a strong physician recruitment partner who knows your local market, reach out to Jackson Physician Search today. With regional offices around the country, Jackson Physician Search gives you both national reach and local expertise. Find out how we can be of service to you when you contact us today.

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Recruiter Finds 2 Physicians in Under 6 Months to Care for Underserved Alabama Community


When a growing clinic, once an FQHC, in Alabama lost two primary care physicians early in 2022, the Medical Director knew they couldn’t afford a wait-and-see approach to finding replacements. They needed a national physician recruitment firm with a track record of success in the state, so they enlisted Jackson Physician Search as a physician recruitment partner. Search Consultant Andre’ Jackson was eager to get to know the group and find the right physicians who would be passionate about caring for an underserved community.   

Getting to Know the Client

Andre’ began by driving to Alabama to meet with the Medical Director, hospital administrator, and everyone who would work with the new physicians. He wanted to fully understand the culture of the organization and gain a sense of who would be the best fit. As a former Federally Qualified Health Center in an urban market, the center still served a vulnerable patient population that would require a provider sensitive to the needs and challenges of the community. Andre’ enjoyed getting to know the leadership and staff and went away with a clear picture of the type of candidates who would thrive in the setting. 

Promoting Work-Life Balance

While the opportunity presented some challenges, the job promised a healthy work-life balance that Andre’ knew would appeal to candidates. It was all outpatient and required no weekends or call. The job also came with a never-ending salary unrelated to productivity. Bonuses were based on quality of care. 

Andre’ got to work leveraging the many digital tools in his arsenal. He quickly connected with several potential candidates through various physician networking sites. One stood out as a good fit as he was already working in Alabama with a patient population similar to that of the client. While the client was open to Family Medicine or Internal Medicine physicians, the candidate was not board certified in either. He was a pathologist who had several years of experience working in primary care; however, the client decided to move forward because he was aligned in every other way.

From New York to the Heart of Alabama

With one placement secured, Andre’ shifted his focus to finding a second primary care physician. He continued to present candidates he believed could be a fit, some local but many out of state. When he connected with Dr. R, a resident working in New York City, he wasn’t sure a job in Alabama would be the right fit, but the more he learned about her current situation, he began to recognize how her work in New York would prepare her for the job in Alabama.  

As a second-year resident, Dr. R would not be able to start the job until 2023. However, she would need a J-1 waiver in order to stay in the country, so she was hoping to secure her future placement well in advance of completing her training. After several phone interviews, the client invited Dr. R to visit the facility. 

“We had worked closely with them on how to conduct the physician site visit for maximum benefit,” says Andre’, “They set the itinerary ahead of time and sent it to Dr. R to review. She had breakfast with the Medical Director before meeting her potential colleagues and then had plenty of free time to explore the city after a tour from a real estate agent.”

Dr. R came away impressed. She hit it off with everyone at the clinic and could really see herself living and working there. She could see the similarities between the Alabama clinic and her clinic in New York and knew professionally, it was what she wanted.

Still, a move from New York City to Alabama is a big one, and she needed time to consider the offer. She continued to interview with other employers but kept coming back to the Alabama opportunity. Eventually, she accepted the offer and signed the contract.   

Secrets to Physician Recruitment Success

Andre’ attributes the success, in part, to the client’s ability to react quickly and be flexible when needed. He also credits the broad reach afforded by the Jackson Physician Search digital network. Andre’ was able to identify and connect with candidates who matched the need regardless of their current locations.

Perhaps most importantly, however, despite the obvious differences between New York City and Alabama, Andre’s thorough understanding of the position allowed him to recognize the ways his client’s opportunity was similar to the work Dr. R was doing. He was able to convey to both the candidate and the client how the two were the right fit. 

Ultimately, Andre’ made two excellent matches for the client, with more sure to come.

If your organization would benefit from reaching physicians across the nation, Jackson Physician Search has the network to extend your reach and the team equipped to identify the best candidates for the job. Reach out today to learn more.

Focused on Fit: Physician Recruiter’s Detailed Approach Results in 6 Placements

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Focused on Fit: Physician Recruiter’s Detailed Approach Results in 6 Placements, Earns Glowing Review


As healthcare organizations all over the country face increasing staffing shortages and recruitment challenges, even those who don’t typically partner with physician recruitment firms find themselves willing to try something new in order to connect with the best candidates. For one healthcare organization with facilities throughout Texas, the time to try something new came in the fall of 2021. The Recruitment Director was hopeful a national physician recruitment firm with a track record of success would be the change they needed to fill open physician jobs.  

When Dane Altman, Senior Vice President and Partner at Jackson Physician Search, first connected with the Recruitment Director, he provided a detailed explanation of the Jackson Physician Search 100% digital recruitment strategy. This approach would allow them to cast a wide net; however, they would only present candidates who truly fit the needs of the organization. 

A Solid Opportunity for the Right Candidate

Dane introduced the client to Senior Search Consultant Jeff Payne, who would lead the search. He drove to the city, about two hours from Dallas, to tour the facility and better understand the specifics of the Gastroenterology job opening. The sole GI physician had given notice, so the clinic needed a replacement as soon as possible.

While the city itself wasn’t a popular destination, Jeff noted a lot of positive things about the job. Because of the size of the metro area, demand for GI services was high, as was the earning potential. There was minimal competition in the area, and the client employed 14 primary care providers who would feed referrals to the new GI. Additionally, the client had a great reputation as an employer, so Jeff knew that would be a draw.

Jeff noted all of this in the job description and highlighted the clinic’s location between Dallas and Austin, both highly sought-after destinations for physicians. The physician job ad was distributed throughout the JPS physician job board network and emailed directly to relevant Gastroenterologists in the vast JPS subscriber database. 

“The job ad received tremendous response,” Jeff says, “However, a lot of potential candidates were less interested when they learned the specific location of the job.” 

Recognizing the Right Fit Amongst the Applicants 

By casting a wide net, Jeff was able to talk to enough physicians to increase his odds of identifying the right candidate, and when he spoke to Dr. K, he suspected he had found the one.

Currently working in a high-volume practice in Indiana, Dr. K was hoping to relocate to Texas to be near family and friends in both Dallas and Austin. The location of the clinic between the two cities was ideal for her. When she described the type of practice and employer she sought, Jeff recognized his client as a good match in these areas as well. 

After reviewing Jeff’s top three candidates, the client was eager to speak to Dr. K. Following several phone interviews and an on-site interview in May, they were ready to make an offer; however, Dr. K was having reservations about the structure of her employment and how it might complicate the logistics of her work at the affiliated hospital. Jeff advised his client to remain flexible and explore alternative ways to bring Dr. K on board. Ultimately, they were able to work with the hospital to put together an employment contract that satisfied Dr. K.

One Successful Physician Search Leads to More… 

The Recruitment Director was impressed with Jeff’s detailed approach and quickly tasked him with two more searches, this time for Family Medicine roles at Dallas facilities. Jeff spent time with the hiring managers familiarizing himself with the specifics of the need, and once again, he got to work crafting a job ad and leveraging the digital tools at his disposal. Within weeks, Jeff had a slate of candidates to present. 

As was the case with Dr. K for the GI opening, the client was quick to react and schedule interviews. As a result, they were able to sign the first Family Medicine candidate within 90 days of starting the search and three more within 120 days. Needless to say, the client was thrilled, and Jeff is currently working on three more searches for the organization. 

The Importance of Getting to Know the Client 

When asked what stood out about Jeff’s approach, the Physician Recruitment Director stressed how much she appreciated the time he spent getting to know the organization, the individual facilities, and the specific needs of the people there. 

“What impacted me the most was that Jeff has spent several hours touring each of my campuses to make sure he understands the area and what we’re looking for – and that has made all the difference,” she explains. “He didn’t just focus on our numbers and what we offer. Jeff has cared to dig deeper into our mission, vision, purpose, and values.”

It is this kind of attention to detail that allows Jeff and the rest of the JPS Recruitment Team to bring clients top-notch candidates who are not only a match clinically but culturally as well. These are the candidates most likely to fit, succeed, and stay with your organization for years to come. 

If your organization needs assistance in the challenging recruitment market, reach out to the Recruitment Team at Jackson Physician Search today and see how our attention to detail and 100% digital strategy can benefit your organization.

How to Fight Physician Executive Burnout

Healthcare leaders, including physician executives, suffer from burnout just like physicians, and yet, the problem receives far less attention. What is the impact of physician executive burnout, and what can be done to mitigate the problem?

3 Reasons to Hire Physician Executives

When creating a succession plan or launching a search for someone to join the executive team, be sure to consider how replacing departing leaders with physician executives could benefit the organization as a whole…

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Jackson Physician Search Recruiter Wins Doximity “Hire of the Quarter” by Using Geo-Targeting to Place an OB/GYN


A record number of physicians are nearing retirement age. Combine this with increasing physician burnout and low physician job satisfaction, and it’s not surprising to learn that physician retirements are above projected levels, leaving healthcare organizations nationwide with vacancies that make it harder to meet the needs of the communities they serve. And, of course, the smaller the community, the more devastating the impact of these losses. Organizations need creative physician recruitment solutions to find well-suited physicians to fill immediate vacancies while developing a pipeline of potential candidates for future needs.  

This was exactly what a small, single-specialty practice in Northeast North Carolina was hoping to find when they first approached Jackson Physician Search. The OB/GYN private practice needed recruitment assistance due to an upcoming physician retirement in their group. The group also knew that a local solo practitioner was planning to retire in the near future, and they had plans to absorb his practice. The group understood the tremendous impact their mid-sized community of 55,000 would feel with the departure of two busy OB/GYNs, so they made the strategic decision to recruit not one but two physicians in a highly competitive specialty market, all while dealing with the impact of the latest COVID surge. 

No Physician Recruitment Challenge Too Great 

Jackson Physician Search Recruiter Stephanie Hutchens was not intimidated by the challenge at hand. She met with the client and identified the many benefits they could offer to an incoming physician, including the autonomy and earning potential of a private practice, with the collegiality and mentorship of a group that had been serving its community for nearly 40 years. That said, she knew the location might be difficult; it was small in comparison to surrounding metro areas and situated more than an hour from the larger, more well-known cities across North Carolina and Virginia.

Widely respected in the community, the practice required an incoming provider to be well-trained with a track record of clinical excellence. The right fit would also be dynamic and have an engaging demeanor. In addition, he or she would have a strong work ethic and a desire to be busy — as each provider in the group was delivering up to 150 babies per year, meaning the hours and call would be significant. 

It was a tall order, and the realities of OB/GYN supply and demand made the search all the more challenging. The number of open OB/GYN jobs across the country was four times greater than the number of physicians likely available to fill them. In order to successfully recruit a provider of the right clinical caliber who was also likely to stay long-term, Stephanie knew she had to be highly strategic in how she sourced for the position…so she turned to Doximity.

Recruiter’s Doximity Training Pays Off

Having attended multiple Doximity training sessions, Stephanie knew how to leverage laser-focused geo-targeting to identify candidates with potential ties to the region. Once she found relevant candidates, she implemented best-in-class DocMail messaging strategies to reach out to them. This is how she first engaged with Dr. H, an active-duty OB/GYN with the United States Army. Stationed just 90 minutes from Stephanie’s client, Dr. H was pursuing her first position as a civilian physician, as her time with the army would come to a close in the summer of 2023. She and her husband, who was also in training as an OB/GYN, had purchased land in North Carolina years ago with the intent to build a home there someday. That property just so happened to be located 30 minutes from Stephanie’s client. While the location was a deal-breaker for many candidates, it was precisely the draw for Dr. H and her husband — a fact Stephanie would never have uncovered without Doximity’s geo-targeting functionality. 

A Physician Worth the Wait 

Like many organizations looking to make an immediate hire, Stephanie’s client initially thought Dr. H’s availability was too far out — they couldn’t wait until next summer! However, after getting to know Dr. H, Stephanie could see that she was not only the right cultural fit for the group, but she and her family had the potential to become deeply rooted in the community, both personally and professionally. So, after much consultation and strategy discussions, the group agreed to meet with Dr. H and quickly decided that she was the right fit for them. 

With Stephanie’s high-touch involvement and support, the group was able to partner with the local community hospital to develop a compelling compensation package, including a sign-on bonus, relocation stipend, and loan support. The group was also able to analyze the community’s needs to identify an opportunity to bring Dr. H’s husband on board when he completes training in 2024.

Secrets of Success: A Persistent Recruiter & a Powerful Recruiting Tool

The practice opportunities for this husband-and-wife team were endless in today’s market, and they confided that they had even considered starting their own private practice. But Stephanie expertly conveyed a compelling practice opportunity, aligned vision, culture, and community details to connect a stellar candidate with an equally impressive group. In a market where many organizations are struggling to recruit a single OB/GYN, by leveraging the power of Doximity, Stephanie was able to recruit two to this private practice. It’s easy to see why Doximity recognized Stephanie for her success, naming her placement their “Hire of the Quarter.” Most importantly, Stephanie’s successful placement allows the group to continue providing exceptional care to its North Carolina community and beyond.

Is your organization undergoing an especially challenging search? The team at Jackson Physician Search is the only firm to license every recruiter to use Doximity; a powerful tool for recruiters to connect with physicians who will fit, thrive, and stay with your organization for years. Reach out today to learn more.

How to Fight Physician Executive Burnout

Healthcare leaders, including physician executives, suffer from burnout just like physicians, and yet, the problem receives far less attention. What is the impact of physician executive burnout, and what can be done to mitigate the problem?

Hospital Trusts Recruiter to Evaluate J-1 Physician Candidates and Hires Ideal Neurologist

When Katie Moeller advised her client to consider J-1 physician candidates, they agreed — but only if she took the time to evaluate each one. That’s exactly what Katie did, and the client reaped the rewards.

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Recruiter’s Creative Problem-Solving Helps Client Hire Gastroenterologist


As one of the harder specialties to recruit, it’s not unusual for Gastroenterology job openings to remain vacant for more than a year. With demand for cancer screenings increasing and only 500 GI fellows coming out of training each year, the problem is worsening. The latest projections show a shortage of 1,630 Gastroenterologists by the year 2025. One Jackson Physician Search client in a major Midwestern metro was already facing this reality. Patient demand had been trending upward for years, but despite their periodic attempts to add a Gastroenterologist, they had not been able to secure a promising candidate. 

Regional VP of Recruitment Tara Osseck had a long history of success with the client, and she remained confident that she would find the right candidate for the job. She consistently revisited the candidate sourcing strategy and discussed possible options with her client. They needed to hire a Gastroenterologist, but only if they found a truly well-suited candidate.

A Gastroenterologist Seeking a Change

Meanwhile, a Gastroenterologist working at a nearby hospital was desperate for a change. Like many physicians coming out of the pandemic, Dr. E felt disappointed by the way his employer had handled the shutdown, and leadership changes at the organization had caused him to lose hope that circumstances might improve. He no longer felt his values aligned, but Dr. E was trapped. The non-compete clause in his contract limited his ability to find another GI job in town, but due to his family’s roots in the community, relocation simply wasn’t an option. He began to apply for jobs outside of the non-compete radius, accepting the fact that he would face a long commute or even have to spend several nights a week in a different city, away from his family. 

It was in applying to one of these GI jobs that Dr. E connected with Katie Moeller, Director of Recruiting at JPS. When she learned more about his situation, she introduced him to Tara. The non-compete would likely be a problem, but she felt it was worth having a conversation. 

Recruiter Thinks Outside the Box (and the Non-Compete Radius) 

Tara was thrilled to have an interested, qualified candidate. She asked him questions to uncover why he was unhappy with his current employer and what specifically he was looking for in his next physician job. Dr. E explained his disappointment with the changes his current organization had experienced. He was production driven and motivated to work hard, but he wanted to be a part of a more collaborative group. Hearing all of this, Tara felt certain her client would be a good fit.

Of course, the non-compete was problematic, but Tara knew the client well and wondered if Dr. E could be based in one of its satellite offices that were outside the non-compete radius. She felt it was worth presenting the candidate to the client and seeing if they would be open to the idea. 

The client was receptive to Tara’s creative proposal and eager to meet Dr. E. They scheduled an interview within a week of Tara presenting him. Sure enough, Dr. E impressed everyone he met, and he was drawn to the unique culture of the organization. He knew the opportunity would provide the change he had been seeking.

Due to the complicated circumstances, it would take several months to iron out the logistics of the contract. Tara stayed involved throughout the process to streamline communication and keep negotiations moving. When the contract was finally signed, all parties were extremely grateful.  

Secrets of Physician Recruitment Success: Teamwork and Creativity

Dr. E was happy to find a job that aligned with his values right in his hometown, and Tara’s client was thrilled to fill the long-vacant position with an experienced Gastroenterologist with strong ties to the community. Tara attributes the initial success to the culture of teamwork at Jackson Physician Search. Her colleague Katie Moeller had Dr. E’s best interests in mind when she introduced him to Tara. 

From there, it was Tara’s in-depth knowledge of the client’s needs, methods, and locational geography that allowed her to think outside the box and find a way to work around Dr. E’s non-compete. Had Dr. E applied for the job directly, the non-compete would have caused them to turn him away without a second thought. However, because of her long-standing relationship with the client, Tara was aware of the satellite office and thought it was worth exploring the idea with the client. Ultimately, she was right! 

When all was said and done, Tara’s outside-the-box idea not only solved Dr. E’s non-compete problem, but it also solved her client’s long-standing physician vacancy problem.

“It was really satisfying to bring this search to a close,” Tara says. “Especially so, because I just know Dr. E is going to knock it out of the park and build a phenomenal practice with my client.”   

If you want to work with a physician recruiter partner that will bring creative recruitment solutions and well-suited candidates, the team at Jackson Physician Search would love to get to know you and find out how we can help. Contact a Search Consultant today to learn more.

The Importance of Building Trust With Physicians (And How to Do It)

The first step toward easing physician burnout is creating an atmosphere of trust where physicians can communicate their concerns and feel confident that leadership is working towards solutions…

Hospital Trusts Recruiter to Evaluate J-1 Physician Candidates and Hires Ideal Neurologist

When Katie Moeller advised her client to consider J-1 physician candidates, they agreed–but only if she took the time to evaluate each one. That’s exactly what Katie did, and the client reaped the rewards…

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Physician Recruiter Connects New Family Medicine Physician With Hometown Hospital


Most residents begin searching for their first physician jobs a full year or more before finishing training. Dr. M was no different. He began the process at the same time as his peers, but when personal issues arose near the end of his Family Medicine residency, Dr. M was forced to move back to his Middle Tennessee home without so much as a job interview. He needed to live near family, but this would significantly limit his physician employment options. He decided to focus on passing his boards and kept an eye out for Family Medicine or Hospitalist jobs at local organizations, though he knew he might be facing a long commute. 

A Hospitalist Job Opening at Home

Meanwhile, Senior Director of Recruiting Christen Kolloff was working with a new client located just outside of a Middle Tennessee metro. After experiencing tremendous growth in recent years, they were seeking multiple Hospitalists trained in Internal Medicine. Christen leveraged the JPS network of physician job boards to distribute the Hospitalist job ad and was working with several candidates, but when JPS Research Consultant Katherine Hurford came across Dr. M’s profile in one of the online physician databases, she saw his location and thought Christen might want to speak to him. Though he was trained in Family Medicine, he was seeking an Emergency Medicine or Hospitalist job in the area, so Katherine suspected he could be a good fit. She shared his information with Christen. 

Christen reached out to Dr. M to gauge his interest in the Hospitalist job opening with her client. Dr. M had been scouring the job boards of the local hospitals, but he had not applied to that one specifically because of the Internal Medicine requirement. Christen confessed she wasn’t sure they would consider him for this reason, but she wanted to learn more about him. If it seemed like a good match, she would present him to the client and advocate on his behalf.  

The Physician Next Door…

The more Christen learned about Dr. M the more certain she was that he was the best fit for her client. The hospital was not just in the same metro area, but it was literally down the street from where he lived. In fact, he had been born there! He also knew several of the physicians on staff because he had completed a few rotations there during his training. 

“The CEO of the hospital has a lot of pride in the town,” Christen said. “So I knew he would love the fact that Dr. M was born and raised there and wanted to build his adult life there as well.”

Christen was right. The client immediately set up a virtual interview, and from there, the process moved quickly. Because he was local, there was nothing to delay the on-site interview. Everyone who met Dr. M could sense that he belonged there. Though he didn’t have the Internal Medicine background they were looking for, he had already passed his boards, was in the process of getting his Tennessee license, and if hired, he was extremely likely to stay long-term. It was a winning situation for everyone. 

Physician Job Search Success

Dr. M was thrilled to receive an offer fewer than 30 days after connecting with Christen. The hospital was his ideal employer, but without Christen to make his case to the administrator, they were unlikely to respond to an application from a Family Medicine physician. 

“Dr. M wasn’t a perfect match for the job, but with his deeply rooted ties to the area–and to the hospital itself–I knew they had to meet him,” Christen says. “I was happy to advocate for him, and ultimately, the client was thrilled to find such a great fit right in their own backyard.” 


Are you searching for a new physician job? Applying with the help of a physician recruiter can make all the difference to your job search. Reach out to a Jackson Physician Search Recruiter today to learn how we can help, or search physician jobs online now. 

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