From Skeptic to Raving Fan: Rural Hospital Fills Two-year Vacancy in 11 Weeks


Six months is the average amount of time it takes to fill a Family Medicine vacancy, and for a rural hospital with limited resources, the search often takes even longer. Meanwhile, other physicians are picking up the slack to care for patients, risking an increase in burnout.

This unfortunate predicament was playing out for a rural Texas hospital that had spent two years trying to recruit the right physician. Other physician recruitment firms attempted to help, but the candidates they presented weren’t the right cultural fit. The hospital’s leadership prioritized long-term retention in their recruitment efforts and knew settling for a candidate would be a short-term solution at best. They had understandably grown frustrated with the process, and the CEO was skeptical that any recruitment firm would be able to fill the role.

Respectful of the CEO’s hesitancy to try another firm, Senior Vice President Dane Altman made a clear case for exactly how Jackson Physician Search would approach the search. Impressed with the transparency of our all-inclusive fee structure, 100% digital recruitment strategy, and Dane’s forthright communication style, the CEO decided to partner with us.

Our Mission, Rooted in Four Decades of Service in Healthcare, is to Always Deliver What We Promise.

As the physician recruiter teaming up with Dane, Senior Search Consultant Jeff Payne understood the hospital’s history and sought to provide assurance. With our mission in mind, Jeff laid out a clear plan for how often and what methods he would use to provide search updates.

Jeff’s primary contact had a wide variety of responsibilities, with hiring being just one. Nevertheless, she was engaged throughout the process. She emphasized that she was only interested in seeing candidates who met a specific list of criteria. Jeff used her direction to create a detailed profile from which he would build out the physician job description and marketing plan.

The hospital initially wanted to see six or seven strong candidates, however Jeff felt that would be doing them a disservice. He explained, “Evaluating seven physicians takes an organization a lot of time. Part of the value I bring is doing that work for them. My aim is to present two equally qualified physicians who will both be a great cultural fit. From there, they simply have to choose a favorite.”

Rural Hospital CEO Instrumental in Making Candidate Feel Welcomed and Valued.

A potential favorite emerged early in the form of Dr. D. She was finishing her residency in West Virginia and met all of the hospital’s criteria. Likewise, the smaller hospital in a semi-rural setting was appealing to the candidate.

After three successful phone interviews, the hospital invited Dr. D for an on-site interview. Due to prior commitments, a month and a half would pass before the candidate’s schedule would allow for the visit, however, Jeff ensured communication channels remained open. He anticipated that the hospital’s salary offer could be a sticking point for Dr. D, so he proactively began initial negotiations even before the on-site interview took place. Simultaneously, he kept a conversation going with Dr. D and worked to adjust her expectations.

As predicted, Dr. D’s visit went well. The hospital arranged for her to spend time with the experienced Family Medicine physician on staff who would be her mentor, and the two physicians hit it off. The hospital built in plenty of free time for Dr. D to explore the town. They had also identified some potential land for sale where she and her husband might do some hobby farming – something for which she had expressed an interest. Their careful attention to detail and efforts to help her envision a life in Texas made the decision an easy one for Dr. D.

The hospital was excited to finally extend an offer. While Jeff and the hospital coordinator handled the back-and-forth negotiations to finalize contract details, the CEO emailed Dr. D directly and invited her to contact him with any questions or concerns she had. Unsure of protocol, Dr. D asked Jeff if he thought she should reach out to the CEO. “I told her since he’d offered it to her, she could most certainly take him up on it,” explains Jeff. “The fact that he offered her that level of access, even before she was officially on board, says a lot about how much they valued her.” It also signaled to Dr. D that the organization prioritized open communication, an attractive quality in an employer.

From Search Initiation to Signed Contract in Just 11 Weeks!

Jeff attributes the quick success to our digital candidate sourcing strategy combined with consistent communication between all parties. Jeff particularly valued his working relationship with the liaison at the hospital. “We were both committed to open communication,” Jeff says. “She did a great job in helping to move the process forward.”

The feeling was mutual. The client provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about Jackson Physician Search, and specifically, Jeff.

“We were impressed with the transparency of the fee-structure, detailed preparation and presentation of our opportunity, and the communication throughout the process. [Jeff] was very results-oriented and paid close attention to our wants and needs for our search. This level of professionalism resulted in a quick positive outcome for our search, not to mention our recruiter’s knowledge, experience and work ethic is to be admired.”

If your organization is seeking a physician recruitment partner that will keep you informed every step of the way, Jackson Physician Search is ready to help. Contact a recruiter today.

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Jackson Physician Search Helped a Physician Find Fulfillment in Rural Healthcare


A Hematologist, Dr. B, was working in academia at a university in Ohio. Between the clinic and the classroom, her schedule was packed. The time she did spend at home with her young children was often spent writing or reviewing papers. She was regularly published in medical journals and was on track for a full professorship, but at what cost to her family? At what cost to her mental health?

It wasn’t only her young children that caused Dr. B’s search for a better balance. Her parents, who lived in Pittsburgh, visited often, but their ability to make multiple trips each year would diminish with age. And what would happen when they eventually needed her help? How could she care for them while living so far away?

All of this was on Dr. B’s mind when she saw an email about a physician job opening from Senior Director of Recruiting Sally Ann Patton. The Medical Director opportunity appealed to Dr. B’s need for challenge and growth, and the location was ideal in proximity to her parents

The Pursuit of Work-life Balance

Dr. B reached out to Sally Ann, who immediately recognized that Dr. B. was more than qualified. However, Sally Ann wondered if this highly lauded physician from the world of academia was serious about a position with a rural hospital. While the “Medical Director” title carried some prestige, there would be no publications or accolades in the role. The focus would be largely clinical. While there would be some management responsibilities and the potential to serve as a mentor, would this be enough to satisfy a physician like Dr. B?

Although Sally Ann had some initial reservations, the more she learned about Dr. B’s present situation and her desire for a better quality of life, the more Sally Ann began to see how it might work out to be the perfect fit.

Negotiating the Physician Contract

During the on-site interview and community tour, the hospital leadership and staff adored Dr. B and did their best to make her feel at home. She enjoyed her visit, and after spending a few days in the community, seeing several neighborhoods and schools, she began to picture a life there.

Imagining herself in the job was one thing, signing a physician contract was another. Dr. B pushed back on the facility’s first offer, and Sally Ann and her contact at the facility went back and forth on several rounds of negotiations. In the meantime, the hospital was acquired by a nearby university system. This complicated the contract’s progress, but Sally Ann thought the facility’s new ties to an academic institution would make the job even more appealing to Dr. B.

As contract negotiations continued, the hospital’s medical director officially resigned, making leadership at the facility even more motivated to come to an agreement. Dr. B’s motivation was intensifying as well. That fall, her mom suffered a health scare, shining a light on one of the primary reasons Dr. B wanted to relocate – to be available for her parents.

Identify the “Why” and Keep Coming Back to It

The story demonstrates the importance of understanding the reason “why” a physician candidate is considering a switch to rural medicine. Is it the slower pace of life? Leadership opportunities? More meaningful work?

Dr. B’s reasons were clear from that first conversation with Sally Ann. However, she needed reminders along the way. “I just kept bringing her back to her why,” Sally Ann explains. “When the logistics seemed complicated or the contract still wasn’t right, I’d say, ‘Remember why you are doing this. For your kids. For your parents. For your peace of mind.’ She needed to focus on that to keep moving forward.”

A Win-win for the Community, and Dr. B

Throughout the process, Sally Ann was never entirely sure it would work out, until one day in late December, it finally did. “In the end, she got nearly everything she asked for,” explains Sally Ann. “She is earning far more than they initially offered, and with the new ties to an academic institution, she could easily get back on track for a professorship, if that’s what she eventually wants.”

With the contract signed by all parties, Sally Ann felt tremendous satisfaction. “It was an especially fulfilling placement for me,” she said. “The community desperately needs good physicians, and now, they are getting one of the best.”

“It’s just like it says in our mission,” Sally Ann continues, “We strive ‘to improve the lives of everyone we touch,’ and I really felt that with this placement. Not only will Dr. B’s life improve, but she will have a tremendous impact on the lives of everyone in that community.”

If you are looking for a better work/life balance or are ready to take the next step in your physician career, our team of recruitment experts is here to help. Get started now and search our 500+ physician job openings.

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The Proof is in the Placement: How a Physician Group Recruited a Psychiatrist in 54 Days


Psychiatry is a very tough specialty to recruit. Just prior to the pandemic, U.S. News reported that more than 115 million Americans live in areas where there is a shortage of mental health providers. Undoubtedly, with the stress of COVID-19, the number of people seeking mental health services is rising. Yet, access has been dwindling since the 1980s. While primary care physicians have helped to bridge the gap, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) projects that the country will face a deficit of 3,400 psychiatrists by 2032.

Overcoming the Psychiatrist Shortage to Fill a Vacancy

An established behavioral health private practice with multiple locations throughout the mid-Atlantic region and a team of 45 therapists and 6 psychiatrists had just lost one of its psychiatrists. Eager to find a replacement as soon as possible, the group’s Vice President of Business Development did what most of us would do – she went online. Early in the search results, she saw a physician job description posted by Jackson Physician Search Senior Search Consultant Emily Franty and reached out to talk about her practice’s vacancy. After a brief conversation, Emily arranged for her to meet with Trevor Strauss, Regional Vice President of Business Development.

Trevor explained to the practice’s senior leadership team how Jackson Physician Search differentiates from other physician search firms with a vast digital footprint and nationwide reach. This technology-driven approach was extremely appealing to the group’s CEO and founder, who reiterated the need to quickly recruit a psychiatrist in order to meet patient demand. Typically, placing a psychiatrist can take 8 months or more, but Trevor assured the group that he and Emily would use every tool at their disposal to source the right candidates, fast.

Set for Success: Finding a Psychiatrist Who Would Thrive in the Role

Emily immediately dove in. She knew that the position would be attractive because it contained a blend of adult, outpatient clinical work, and telepsychiatry. Plus, the 20-year history and reputation of the practice would be a nice drawing card. Emily began utilizing the tools, technology, and comprehensive digital footprint at her disposal. A Forbes article notes that only 30% of candidates are actively seeking a new position, the remaining 70% are passively looking. Emily was confident that by casting a wide net, she would reach both active and passive physician candidates.

At the same time, Dr. K., a psychiatrist based on the East Coast, found himself questioning his desire to stay at his current job. The organization he was working for had undergone an ownership change, and Dr. K found that his practice philosophy was no longer aligned with the new corporate direction. He wasn’t aggressively seeking opportunities because of his family roots in the region, but Dr. K was keeping his eyes open for potential psychiatric job openings.

Dr. K saw the job description on a physician job board and was immediately intrigued. Because the vacancy’s clinical location was exactly what he was looking for, he got in touch with Emily.

“Excellence without effort is as futile as progress without preparation.” – William Arthur Warde

The group’s leadership team was extremely motivated. So, when Emily presented three well-qualified candidates, they acted with a sense of urgency. Within 48 hours, they had contacted the candidates and set up virtual meetings with each of them.

Dr. K. ultimately rose to the top of the list. Likewise, he was very impressed with the organization and support levels within the system for psychiatry referrals. Knowing they had an opportunity to land an esteemed psychiatrist, the practice kept the momentum moving forward. They were very flexible in their approach to coordinating virtual meetings, making sure to include key leadership and clinical staff members in the interview process. Once they had decided Dr. K was the right fit, they quickly presented a physician contract.

“It is so rewarding to help a client fill a need, especially a psychiatry position, knowing the difference that physician can have in a patient’s life. I am excited for the group and their future with Dr. K!”

– Emily Franty, Senior Search Consultant

Keys to a 54-day Psychiatry Placement:

Clearly, it is not realistic to expect every hard-to-fill physician vacancy, like Psychiatry, to go from search initiation to hire within 54 days, but many factors contributed to this success story. Here are just a few:

  1. The private practice knew that Jackson Physician Search’s digital physician recruitment strategy worked – in fact, they found us through one of our physician job posts.
  2. These digital physician recruitment strategies allow for sourcing a wide range of physicians including both active and passive candidates.
  3. The private practice moved with a sense of urgency and kept communication flowing.
  4. As it became clear that Dr. K was the right fit, the group had a contract prepared and ready to go. This ensured their ability to close the deal as quickly as possible.

If your organization has been struggling to find the right balance in your approach to filling physician vacancies, contact Jackson Physician Search to learn about the difference our digital recruitment strategies can make. Our recruitment professionals use a nationwide network of contacts and a digital reach that is unmatched in the industry.

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New Year, New Physician: A Georgia Private Practice Started 2021 by Welcoming a New Physician


A private group of orthopedic clinics and outpatient surgery centers with locations throughout Georgia needed to quickly recruit a family medicine physician in order to meet increasing patient demand. On December 1, 2020, Jackson Physician Search Senior Search Consultant Ross Hegenwald was selected to lead the charge.

With the holidays fast approaching and determined to meet the group’s sense of urgency, he immediately conducted a site visit to gather all the details he would need to find a physician who not only met the qualifications but would fit in with the group. Hiring for cultural fit is imperative with any search as long-term physician retention begins with a doctor whose beliefs align closely with the organization.

“Strong Interest” from the Start

Less than 48-hours after our partnership commenced, our 100% digital sourcing process was put into action. The physician job description was published on several physician job boards, on physician-forward social network Doximity, and distributed via email to our robust database of physicians. A few days later, Ross received an email from Dr. P with the subject line, “Strong Interest.”

In the email, Dr. P explained that he was finishing up a sports medicine fellowship in Savannah, Georgia. He had seen the physician job description posted online and wanted to learn more. Ross called him that very night and it was during this conversation that Ross said his intuition kicked in. He listened carefully to everything Dr. P was looking for, and Ross immediately knew the position would check all of those boxes. Likewise, Dr. P appeared to be everything the client wanted.

“Sometimes your intuition just kicks in. I had a really good feeling that this was going to happen.”  

– Ross Hegenwald, Senior Search Consultant

Ross passed along Dr. P’s information to the client immediately, and the practice manager called him the next day. Ross appreciated the quick response. “Timely communication is so critical in placing physicians,” he said. They were off to a great start.

A Perfect Match

Despite the sports medicine requirement, the job would not largely involve the treatment of athletes. Most of the clinic’s patients suffered from chronic pain, so the new physician would spend a majority of time administering injections. What could have been a turn off for some applicants was exactly what Dr. P was hoping to find. The impressive base salary – with a productivity-based option for more – was certainly attractive, but it was clear to Ross that Dr. P’s interest was about more than money. The specifics of this particular job in an Atlanta-area location made the position exactly what Dr. P wanted.

With this confirmed, the next step would be to find out if Ross’s instincts were right. Would the client like Dr. P as much as he suspected they would? After several productive conversations with the partners, Dr. P’s on-site interview was scheduled for December 21st.

As Ross knew they would, Dr. P and the partners hit it off. The exceptional on-site interview and facility tour confirmed for Dr. P that the job was everything he was looking for, and Dr. P’s enthusiasm for the work, coupled with his down-to-earth manner, made him a great cultural fit for the group.

They extended an offer on January 1st – just one month from the date of search initiation.

The Importance of Timing and Intuition in Physician Recruiting

Ross attributes the quick success to the transparent and timely communication between everyone involved. Dr. P sent an email to Ross as soon as he saw the job description online. Ross called Dr. P on a Friday night and immediately had a good feeling about him. The client called the very next day, a Saturday, and set up additional calls with the partners. All parties were motivated to keep the process moving and respectful of each other’s time. Physician recruiting is competitive and a strong recruitment partnership often requires going above and beyond, which is why it was so pivotal that both Ross and the practice manager worked beyond standard business hours to reach Dr. P.

The speed at which Ross was able to find and present a strong candidate impressed the client, and as a mark of their confidence, they’ve asked Jackson Physician Search to lead searches at two additional locations.

Recruiting physicians isn’t an exact science. Certainly, there are necessary steps involved – crafting a job description, advertising the position, broadcasting the need to an existing network – but so many other factors come into play. Timing obviously matters – is the time right for the physician to make a move? Can the clinic wait for the right physician to finish a fellowship? But the timing of communication is also critical. In the competitive physician market, everyone involved in the recruitment process must be willing to work together and act quickly.

If your physician recruitment efforts have stalled and you’re not sure why, perhaps it’s time to trust the timing and intuition of a physician recruitment firm with proven success. The team at Jackson Physician Search is ready to help you find your perfect match. Contact a recruiter today.

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Breaking with Tradition: Private Practice Wins with Digital Physician Recruitment


A private radiology practice in Wisconsin was facing increasing patient demand when Business Development Manager Chris Kratochvil first spoke to the practice manager, in February of 2019. At that time, the practice wasn’t sure of its plans. Was it ready to bring on a new partner or did it just need someone temporary? The practice was evaluating its options. Chris understood and committed to staying in touch. Sure enough, a few months later, the practice seemed ready to move forward.

The Case for Digital Sourcing

Chris visited Wisconsin in July to discuss the needs of the practice, and after a face-to-face visit, he felt sure we could help. He highlighted the benefits of Jackson Physician Search’s technology-driven sourcing methods, noting that much of our success stemmed from our 100% digital approach to advertising. The old way of using direct mail in physician recruiting was not only expensive but in an increasingly digital world, it was simply ineffective.

Nevertheless, one of the partners felt strongly that direct mail advertising was the way to go. So the practice let Chris know they had decided to go with another firm. Disappointed, he made note of the current status but set a reminder to follow up with them to see how things were going.

Fast forward to the spring of 2020, and things were not going particularly well. While the other firm had delivered candidates early on, a few months into the search, they had gone completely silent – only resurfacing to request funds for a new direct mail campaign. The partners were unhappy and ready to try a new physician recruitment approach with Jackson Physician Search.

A Carefully Crafted Coincidence

Chris introduced the practice manager to Katie Moeller, the physician recruiter who would lead the search for a radiologist specializing in body imaging. Right away, they connected. Their similar communication style – phone first rather than always relying on emails – meant things could happen quickly. Once Katie understood exactly what the practice needed, she was presenting candidates in a matter of weeks.

“I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to advertise this job, and in doing so, I decided to really focus on the earning potential and the independence the group offered,” explains Katie. She works with enough physicians to not only know which job qualities are most appealing but also, the best way to describe them. “Do you say, ‘Above 90th percentile earning potential’ or ‘Unprecedented earning potential’? These details matter.”

Her carefully crafted job description was published on a wide network of curated physician job boards and she targeted radiologists with an email campaign. “Because we have our advertisements on so many different online platforms, we’re able to catch that one perfect candidate who just happens to be browsing that day,” adds Katie.

This is exactly how Dr. M learned about the position. Though he was not actively looking for a new job, he came across the description online, and the opportunity was too good to ignore. The fact that his wife had family in that area of Wisconsin was a nice coincidence. It was a move he suspected would make his family happy.

Having signed with his current practice right out of medical school, Dr. M had no experience working with a recruiter. He relied on Katie to guide him through the process and manage his expectations leading up to and following the on-site interview.

The Power of Relationships

Thanks to the effective communication between Katie and the client, Dr. M’s on-site interview was scheduled within a month of Katie presenting him. The feeling of collegiality that Dr. M experienced on the phone was reinforced when he met the partners. Their friendly, straightforward approach put him at ease immediately, and everything they said about the position aligned with what Katie had told him. His family enjoyed a tailored community tour from a trusted real estate agent who was a friend of the practice. They were also treated to a nice dinner with the partners and their spouses. He was thrilled to get an offer only a few days later.

Just 10 weeks passed between the practice officially opening the search with Jackson Physician Search and extending the offer to Dr. M – an impressive time-to-fill for a physician of any specialty.

“The speed at which the practice was able to fill the position was, of course, impressive, but the relationships built during the process are the true success story. We’re currently working on our second placement with the group,” says Chris. “And really, the client couldn’t be happier.”

Luck is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity

The story also demonstrates the success of technology-based sourcing over traditional methods like direct mail. Some might say it was “lucky” that Dr. M came across the job ad when he did, but that kind of luck doesn’t happen by coincidence. Jackson Physician Search creates opportunities by posting well-crafted physician job advertisements throughout a carefully curated network of online platforms, including job boards, social media, and email. Our recruiters also maintain an active presence in the online forums where physicians engage. We are plugged into today’s physicians, while keeping an eye on where the technology might take us tomorrow.

If your firm is ready to break away from traditional physician sourcing methods and build a relationship with a trusted recruitment partner, the team at Jackson Physician Search is ready to help. Contact a recruiter today.

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Digital Sourcing and Serendipity Result in Physician Placement in Only 54 Days

Jackson Physician Search had just made a successful physician placement at a Louisiana medical group when it found itself in a sudden bind…

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Physician Recruiter Saves Orthopedic Surgeon from Almost Missing His Dream Job


We successfully placed an Orthopedic Surgeon with an Arkansas hospital five years ago and, when that physician departed for personal reasons, the hospital came back to Regional Vice President Gary Seaberg to find a replacement.

Senior Search Consultant David Isenberg immediately dove in. He started by meeting with the hiring manager to understand the type of surgeon that the hospital was looking for. He then created a detailed job description and began a strategic digital outreach program consisting of targeted emails, social networks, and national job boards – all within 48 hours.

Jackson Physician Search is the only physician recruitment firm where every recruiter has a Doximity license. Doximity is the number one networking site for physicians, and it is where David found Dr. B, an Orthopedic Surgeon looking for a new challenge. He set up an initial phone interview with the candidate and client. The phone screen went great, the two quickly hit it off, and the client even mentioned that Dr. B is one of the best Orthopedic Surgeons with whom they had ever spoken. The client was excited to bring him onsite for an in-person interview.

The Physician That Almost Got Away

An issue quickly arose, as Dr. B had two offers in hand and decided to accept one before even interviewing with the Arkansas hospital. David was confident that Dr. B was the perfect cultural fit and was not going to let him miss out on this potential dream job. Using his 35 years of recruitment expertise, he persuaded the surgeon to take the interview. Dr. B obliged and went on the interview. On his way home, he called David and his excitement was palpable. He and his wife were thrilled about the opportunity and immediately felt that it would be their forever home.

Why Using a Recruitment Firm is a Win-win

Last year, we surveyed physicians to understand their views on the physician interview process and one major takeaway was the power of the first impression. Our findings concluded that 82% of physician candidates who accepted their role after the very first interview, felt excitement after said interview, and considering Dr. B’s elation, this was a win for the Arkansas hospital.

Pairing Dr. B’s feelings towards the opportunity along with the excellent match between himself and the facility is a recipe for retention. Considering that physician vacancies can easily reach $150,000 or more per month in lost revenue and it can take up to 6-9 months to recruit for some specialties, having a formal physician retention plan should be on the minds of healthcare administrators across the country.

A Partnership That Lasts Through the Years

With a 97% client satisfaction rate, it is no surprise that the hospital reached out to Gary for help finding a physician, even five years later. Although it had been a while since our partnership began, the client was confident in Jackson Physician Search’s proven track record of success.

We are overjoyed for Dr. B and also for the facility. This is the beginning of a long-term relationship between the two. Having the opportunity to work on repeat searches for a client is testament to Jackson Physician Search’s ability to delight our clients.

Building a trusted relationship with a recruitment partner is one key to physician recruitment success. Our team of healthcare industry professionals have the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you recruit physicians who will fit, succeed, and stay. Reach out today to learn more.

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Digital Sourcing and Serendipity Result in Physician Placement in Only 54 Days


Jackson Physician Search had just made a successful physician placement at a Louisiana medical group when it found itself in a sudden bind. One of its senior physicians had become seriously ill and could no longer serve the group’s primarily Medicaid patient population. Additionally, another physician was about to go on maternity leave, so the urgency to recruit another doctor was palpable.

It was only six months earlier that the practice manager had evaluated multiple physician recruitment firms in search of a collaborative partnership. After speaking with Jackson Physician Search Regional Vice President Gary Seaberg, he felt confident in selecting us.

With a strong relationship already developed during the first search, Senior Search Consultant Don Evans immediately dove in to help the medical group recruit a second OB/GYN. To set the search up for success, Don met with the practice manager to clearly define this role and understand the characteristics of the group’s ideal physician.

As matchmakers, Jackson Physician Search is always on the lookout for both a clinical and cultural fit. In a medical group, everyone works so closely together that meshing personalities and common interests is key to long-term physician retention.

With a position description now in-hand, Don was able to customize the job ad, post the position to multiple job boards, and launch an initial email campaign in order to cast a wide net – and all within 48 hours.

The National Average Time-to-fill for an OB/GYN is 8.4 months, but Jackson Physician Search Comes Through in Just 54 Days

In a serendipitous-like moment, Don connected the very next day with an OB/GYN who had just read the job ad and found the opportunity intriguing. He also wanted to relocate back to New Orleans to be closer to family, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Don submitted the candidate, and the practice administrator called the physician. They clicked right away and proceeded to schedule an on-site interview and community tour.

After identifying a candidate who appears to be a strong clinical and cultural fit, Jackson Physician Search recommends delivering an exceptional on-site interview, including a customized, comprehensive facility and community tour. In our 2020 Physician Interview Experience Survey, we learned there are three aspects of the on-site interview that can improve your chances of a physician accepting a job offer after the first interview: make the candidate feel welcome and excited about the organization and community, answer all of the candidate’s question, and ensure that there is alignment with organizational and personal values.

The Medical Group Rolled Out the Red Carpet During the On-site Interview

With a game plan in place and feeling fortunate to interview a well-qualified candidate so quickly, the practice manager and the entire medical group were prepared to make a great first impression. Determined to recruit the candidate quickly, they rolled out the red carpet from start to finish. In the practice manager’s own words, “we treated him like a five-star athletic recruit.” Shortly into the on-site interview, the practice manager and the candidate were establishing a stronger professional connection when they discovered that both belonged to and were passionate about the same national organization. They even had common connections in the community, which only helped to solidify the candidate’s excitement about the opportunity. We couldn’t have wished for a more ideal cultural match.

 “Serendipitous” Recruitment Stories Have One Thing in Common: Effective Client Communication

While the client’s constant communication with both Don and the candidate contributed to the placement’s speed, an article from The American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) notes that regular communication between providers and administrators instills trust. Two-way conversations allow administrators and physicians to understand one another’s perspective and discuss potential and existing challenges. Additionally, providing more autonomy regarding how their work is done and obtaining feedback about patient care and operations offers opportunities to increase physician engagement.

It is rewarding to be part of a homecoming for a hard-working, dedicated physician and his family. It also gives us great pride knowing that the medical group feels confident about its newest physician and the potential for long-term retention.

Digital Candidate Sourcing Drives Improved Recruitment ROI

To go from search initiation to offer acceptance in just 54 days is an incredible achievement in physician recruitment. Because our candidate sourcing process is 100% digital, we’re able to begin advertising a new position and actively screen candidates in days versus weeks and months. This positions our clients to potentially beat the average time-to-fill for any particular specialty, just as this medical group experienced.

Between our excellent track record of successful placements, a transparent fee structure, and our ability to show increased Reruitment ROI through our ROI calculator, we consistently earn a 97% client satisfaction rate. We’re also delighted that over 90% of clients trust us with multiple searches. To learn more about improving your physician recruitment and interview process, contact an experienced Jackson Physician Search industry professional today.


[Recruitment Guide] How to Deliver an Exceptional On-site Physician Interview

Download this step-by-step recruitment guide on how to deliver an exceptional on-site interview experience to reduce your time-to-fill, increase your interview-to-hire ratio, and maximize your recruitment ROI…

3 tips for recruiting top physician candidates

Going Beyond Compensation: 3 Tips to Win Top Physician Candidates

The volume of physicians who are looking for their next opportunity is surging right now. To recruit and retain your ideal candidates in today’s crowded recruitment environment, it’s time to get creative. Here are three tips for success…

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How our Physician Leader Search Earned Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter”


For two years, a Midwestern academic institution tried to fill a Family Medicine Department Chair position. Faculty members were all pitching in to help, but the lengthy vacancy was taking a toll on everyone. Impressed by our track record of quickly presenting qualified physicians, the institution decided to give Jackson Physician Search the chance to find its new physician leader.

With confidence, Regional Vice President of Recruiting Tara Osseck dove in to develop a clear understanding of the position. Her goal was to find the type of candidate that would be successful and fit into the culture. Tara worked with the client to refine the job description to reflect the position’s diverse responsibilities, including a unique clinical and administrative balance.

Greater Access to Physician Leaders

Once the role was accurately depicted, Tara leveraged several sourcing tools, including Jackson Physician Search’s 100% digital sourcing strategy allowed Tara greater access to a significant pool of physician executive candidates, targeting close to 450 physician leaders through Doximity alone. One of the candidates that jumped off the page was a mid-career physician who was currently on the faculty of an academic institution in Kansas. Dr. P had been working her way up the ladder and had significant leadership experience. But, she had not yet achieved the higher-level position she aspired to reach.

Tara reached out as Dr. P wasn’t actively looking for a new position, even though she deserved and wanted more for her career. As fate would have it, Dr. P had graduated from the very academic institution Tara was recruiting for and was very familiar with the university’s history and culture. Because she hadn’t been actively seeking opportunities, she was unaware of the Department Chair opportunity. As Tara spent time with Dr. P, she knew that this could be a perfect match.

The top three candidates were presented to the search committee, Dr. P included. Tara prepped the candidates for what ended up being a rigorous interview process. The search committee wanted to choose someone who was a great cultural fit and someone who could lead the department through future expansion.

Due to the pandemic restrictions, the interview process was conducted entirely virtually, including having the candidates present a lecture to students.

Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter”

Ultimately, Dr. P was the candidate that the search committee gravitated towards, and she was offered the position. Her familiarity with the institution’s history and culture, as well as her strong combination of clinical skills and leadership experience made her the best candidate for the role.

In addition to earning Doximity’s “Hire of the Quarter,” it also had quite an impact on Dr. P as she sent the following note to Tara after being hired:

“Tara, I owe you a lot for ‘finding me’ on Doximity and partnering with me every step of the way. I know you were hired by the university, but I felt you also worked for me as well. I wouldn’t have found or landed the career-defining leadership role without your attention to detail throughout the process.” – Dr. P, D.O

Keys to Success

Clearly, Dr. P was a terrific candidate with the right skills, background, and clinical experiences that fit what the institution was looking for. But, there were several factors that Tara and Jackson Physician Search were able to bring to this process:

  • A 40-year track record built on trust and transparency and unparalleled access to physician leaders.
  • Because only 11% of candidates are actively searching for a job, our 100% digital sourcing strategy allows for a customized and targeted approach to reach passive candidates which account for 76% of the market.
  • Jackson Physician Search is the only firm where every recruiter has a Doximity license.
  • When sourcing candidates, the Jackson Physician Search team understands the vital role that culture and fit plays in recruitment and retention.

If your organization needs a trusted partner to help you find top-tier physician leaders, reach out to Jackson Physician Search today.

Recruit with Physician Retention in Mind: Why Cultural Fit Matters

Jackson Physician Search President Tony Stajduhar discussed the current state of physician staffing and what healthcare organizations can do to succeed in the competitive physician hiring marketplace….

3 tips for recruiting top physician candidates

Going Beyond Compensation: 3 Tips to Win Top Physician Candidates

The volume of physicians who are looking for their next opportunity is surging right now. To recruit and retain your ideal candidates in today’s crowded recruitment environment, it’s time to get creative. Here are three tips for success…

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How a Rural Hospital Won Over a Physician’s Heart with a Special Delivery


Rural hospital administrators have mastered the art of creativity when recruiting physicians to their communities. They’ve long learned that compensation alone isn’t enough to lure most physicians away from larger towns and cities, so they aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to create a memorable interview experience and community tour for interested candidates.

This was certainly the case for a 25-bed hospital in central Minnesota who needed to recruit a Family Medicine Physician. Katie Moeller, Search Consultant with Jackson Physician Search, had built a strong relationship with the Hospital’s Director of Recruiting over the years, and they shared the belief that successful physician recruitment required a proactive approach. With its patients’ healthcare needs at the center of their recruitment strategy, the hospital was never afraid to hire a physician earlier than needed. Their goal was to build an experienced group of skilled physicians on staff who fit the hospital’s culture and would stay. To accomplish this, the hospital’s leadership worked with a robust long-term staffing forecast.

When Katie initiated this search, she implemented the same strategy that she’d long used with this hospital. By casting a wide net, she could capture the interest of several candidates, even those who may not have previously considered a rural opportunity. Using multiple job boards and a targeted email campaign, Katie highlighted not only the community and the outdoor, family friendly lifestyle it offered, but she also focused on the hospital’s commitment to physician autonomy.

The Promise of Physician Autonomy is Hard to Turn Down

Dr. L quickly stood out as Katie was reaching out to 2020-21 residents. She had strong Minnesota ties and was already familiar with the region and the hospital, but Dr. L was honest in that she hadn’t strongly considered the benefits of practicing medicine in a rural area. After Katie explained that the hospital valued quality over quantity, which would allow her to provide the highest level of quality care without as much emphasis on patient volume, Dr. L agreed to Katie’s request to present her for consideration.

With a strong candidate in hand, the hospital’s leadership quickly set out to demonstrate why they have been so successful in recruiting preferred physicians.

Catering to the Needs of the Physician and the Family

One way a hospital can demonstrate its commitment to a candidate is through a well-planned, customized on-site interview experience. Dr. L’s schedule made an immediate interview tough, so it was scheduled for three months out. With only one chance to make a great first impression, the hospital used this time to ensure every detail in the itinerary would address the needs of Dr. L and her spouse.

Dr. L’s husband had his heart set on finding a place with some land, so the hospital connected him with a vetted real estate agent. It was vital to keep the husband engaged in the months leading up to the community tour and to help him feel invested in the process. Physicians who are considering a rural opportunity often do so with the expectation that it will be extremely family friendly. The hospital went the extra mile to recruit the entire family, not just Dr. L.

Prior to the interview, Dr. L had an itinerary in hand and could see the intense effort the hospital put into planning an interview and community tour that was tailored to her and her husband’s needs. Making a candidate feel special and welcomed is a key practice that the hospital integrates into every candidate visit. In this case, through earlier conversations, Dr. L had expressed her passion for providing addiction health and treatment, and the hospital had prepared ways in which it could support her ongoing efforts.

Welcome Home, Dr. L. Let Us Introduce You to the Doctor Who Made a Very Special Delivery

A social gathering was planned, so Dr. L and her husband could meet her colleagues, leadership, and other staff, and the hospital found the most unique way to demonstrate to Dr. L that it was invested in her past, present, and future. Since she was originally from the region, the leadership team reached out to the now-retired physician who had delivered Dr. L as a baby!

Creative and customized recruitment at its best, Dr. L appreciated the lengths the hospital went to in order to build a relationship with her that was based on more than just employment. Rather, she left the interview and community tour feeling part of a collaborative team, knowing the autonomy the hospital offered would allow her to practice medicine the way she had always envisioned, and assured that her husband’s needs were being met. She accepted the position and will soon take the next step in a very promising career.

If now is the right time for you to consider a new opportunity, the recruitment team at Jackson Physician Search is here to help you every step of the way. Search our open positions today and take the next step in finding a role that meets your career and lifestyle needs.

Nail the Physician Interview to Land the Job – Preparation is Key to Success

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The Physician Interview: Looking Beyond the On-Campus Meetings

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How an Act of Kindness Helped a Rural Medical Group Recruit Its Newest Physician


Healthcare facilities in rural or “less popular” locations face an uphill climb in physician recruitment due to the growing physician shortage and maldistribution of providers. So, when a physician candidate shows genuine interest in the opportunity and appears to be both a clinical and cultural fit, a well-organized, on-site physician interview that includes a customized community tour is your best opportunity to seal the deal.

A Women’s Health Center in a community of 30,000 people in western North Dakota needed to recruit an OB/GYN to join its practice and came to Jackson Physician Search for help. Located close to the borders of Montana and Canada, the leadership team knew it needed a targeted and agile recruitment strategy that would identify physician candidates who would be a great fit overall with the group and who wouldn’t be turned off by long, windy winters in a remote location.

Since the Women’s Health Center had already received notice from the departing physician, identifying candidates quickly was a big concern. To alleviate that, Jackson Physician Search Divisional Vice-President Brent Barnacle shared with the leadership team that our 100% digital sourcing strategy allows for real-time adjustments to improve physician targeting and messaging strategy, often resulting in reduced time-to-fill.

Highlight the Strengths, Minimize the Weaknesses

While it is not always possible – especially during COVID-19 – a key component of successful recruitment is developing a comprehensive profile for the physician vacancy by traveling to the facility, meeting with key stakeholders and staff, and touring the community. As the health center’s ambassador, Jackson Physician Search Regional Vice-President of Recruiting Tara Osseck began the search by making the effort to fully understand the location, workplace culture, leadership philosophy, and staff. During the profile visit, she was also able to spend valuable time with the departing physician, who provided further insight about short- and long-term opportunities available to the right physician.

This first-hand knowledge is how Tara was able to look beyond the CV and identify candidates who were an ideal fit. By focusing on the many strengths of the opportunity, Tara connected with Dr. W and immediately had a sense that she would be an excellent fit. Originally from Toronto, Canada and currently in residency at the University of Buffalo, in New York State, Dr. W was not opposed to North Dakota winters but did have concerns about the remote location making travel to visit family difficult.

A strong match clinically and culturally, the candidate was open to considering the opportunity. Tara and the leadership team worked together to create a “red carpet” interview experience tailored to the physician’s individual needs. While at the facility, Dr. W met with all key stakeholders, physicians, and staff.

It was also crucial for Dr. W to spend time socially with leadership and her colleagues so that she would feel welcomed as part of the team and excited about the opportunity – two key factors physicians consider when deciding to accept or reject a job offer as noted in the 2020 Physician Interview Experience Survey. Additionally, she received a full community tour and was able to see for herself that everything she enjoyed outside of her career was readily available.

“This client mastered the art of the client/recruiter relationship and adopted recommended best-practices to provide presented candidates with a “red carpet” experience during the entire recruitment, negotiation and onboarding process. It made all the difference!”  

– Tara Osseck, Regional Vice-President of Recruiting

Small – but Meaningful Gestures – Helped the Physician Recognize Just How Much Her New Practice Cared.

The leadership team was very impressed with the physician from the moment Tara presented her. They felt she had the perfect interpersonal dynamics and practice approach that would mesh perfectly within the physician group. In such a competitive market, one small way that they were able to set themselves apart for Dr. W was the effort they put into learning about and understanding her.

To start, they helped Dr. W tap into North Dakota’s sponsored grant program to offset her medical student loan debt – a relief to a physician coming out of residency.

And knowing that she had family living in Canada, they routed her flight home from the on-site interview and community tour through Toronto. This not only allowed her to spend time with loved ones as she considered a major career decision, but also showed her how easy it would be to visit once she was living in North Dakota.

This small act of kindness left an impression on Dr. W and demonstrated just how aligned and connected she already felt with the leadership team and staff. Delighted, she received an offer and signed her contract shortly afterwards.

From Search Initiation to Placement in Under 90 Days

The leadership team and Tara partnered seamlessly to achieve a time-to-fill that is half of the national average. Some highlights that contributed to this success include:

  • Excellent communication. From the profile visit to weekly recruitment updates, the leadership team was readily available, pulled in partners for pertinent discussions, and provided timely feedback about presented candidates.
  • Market-competitive compensation and benefits package. The leadership team was open to adjusting the compensation package to meeting the needs of the candidate. Younger physicians often have different priorities than late careerists.
  • Designed a well-planned, on-site interview experience. Included all key stakeholders in the interview process and tailored the community tour to the candidate’s interests and needs.
  • Left no questions unanswered. The leadership team knew the practice from the inside out, including schedule and call requirements, patient volumes, equipment and ensured that every clinical and business question was answered.

“Recruiting an OB/GYN Physician to a smaller community in North Dakota in under 90 days is almost unheard of. It’s a testament to our recruitment methodology, by combining both the art of and science of candidate sourcing, Tara was able to match the right candidate to the right job.

– Brent Barnacle, Divisional Vice-President

Brent, Tara, and the rest of the Jackson Physician Search recruitment team are well-versed in helping healthcare organizations find, recruit, and retain physicians who are a clinical and cultural fit. Contact us today to learn how our track record is built on trust and transparency.

Key Takeaway From the 2020 Physician Interview Experience Survey: Six Steps to Delivering an On-Site Interview that Wins Over Physicians

  1. Commit to a single, comprehensive on-site interview that is customized for the candidate and leave no questions unanswered.
  2. Designate key players in the interview process.
  3. Generate feelings of collegiality, excitement, and a sense of being welcome.
  4. Clearly communicate the shared values and mission of your organization.
  5. Tailor the community tour to the candidate and their family.


Overcoming COVID-19 Recruitment Challenges Through Collaboration and Creativity

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