Breaking with Tradition: Private Practice Wins with Digital Physician Recruitment


A private radiology practice in Wisconsin was facing increasing patient demand when Business Development Manager Chris Kratochvil first spoke to the practice manager, in February of 2019. At that time, the practice wasn’t sure of its plans. Was it ready to bring on a new partner or did it just need someone temporary? The practice was evaluating its options. Chris understood and committed to staying in touch. Sure enough, a few months later, the practice seemed ready to move forward.

The Case for Digital Sourcing

Chris visited Wisconsin in July to discuss the needs of the practice, and after a face-to-face visit, he felt sure we could help. He highlighted the benefits of Jackson Physician Search’s technology-driven sourcing methods, noting that much of our success stemmed from our 100% digital approach to advertising. The old way of using direct mail in physician recruiting was not only expensive but in an increasingly digital world, it was simply ineffective.

Nevertheless, one of the partners felt strongly that direct mail advertising was the way to go. So the practice let Chris know they had decided to go with another firm. Disappointed, he made note of the current status but set a reminder to follow up with them to see how things were going.

Fast forward to the spring of 2020, and things were not going particularly well. While the other firm had delivered candidates early on, a few months into the search, they had gone completely silent – only resurfacing to request funds for a new direct mail campaign. The partners were unhappy and ready to try a new physician recruitment approach with Jackson Physician Search.

A Carefully Crafted Coincidence

Chris introduced the practice manager to Katie Moeller, the physician recruiter who would lead the search for a radiologist specializing in body imaging. Right away, they connected. Their similar communication style – phone first rather than always relying on emails – meant things could happen quickly. Once Katie understood exactly what the practice needed, she was presenting candidates in a matter of weeks.

“I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to advertise this job, and in doing so, I decided to really focus on the earning potential and the independence the group offered,” explains Katie. She works with enough physicians to not only know which job qualities are most appealing but also, the best way to describe them. “Do you say, ‘Above 90th percentile earning potential’ or ‘Unprecedented earning potential’? These details matter.”

Her carefully crafted job description was published on a wide network of curated physician job boards and she targeted radiologists with an email campaign. “Because we have our advertisements on so many different online platforms, we’re able to catch that one perfect candidate who just happens to be browsing that day,” adds Katie.

This is exactly how Dr. M learned about the position. Though he was not actively looking for a new job, he came across the description online, and the opportunity was too good to ignore. The fact that his wife had family in that area of Wisconsin was a nice coincidence. It was a move he suspected would make his family happy.

Having signed with his current practice right out of medical school, Dr. M had no experience working with a recruiter. He relied on Katie to guide him through the process and manage his expectations leading up to and following the on-site interview.

The Power of Relationships

Thanks to the effective communication between Katie and the client, Dr. M’s on-site interview was scheduled within a month of Katie presenting him. The feeling of collegiality that Dr. M experienced on the phone was reinforced when he met the partners. Their friendly, straightforward approach put him at ease immediately, and everything they said about the position aligned with what Katie had told him. His family enjoyed a tailored community tour from a trusted real estate agent who was a friend of the practice. They were also treated to a nice dinner with the partners and their spouses. He was thrilled to get an offer only a few days later.

Just 10 weeks passed between the practice officially opening the search with Jackson Physician Search and extending the offer to Dr. M – an impressive time-to-fill for a physician of any specialty.

“The speed at which the practice was able to fill the position was, of course, impressive, but the relationships built during the process are the true success story. We’re currently working on our second placement with the group,” says Chris. “And really, the client couldn’t be happier.”

Luck is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity

The story also demonstrates the success of technology-based sourcing over traditional methods like direct mail. Some might say it was “lucky” that Dr. M came across the job ad when he did, but that kind of luck doesn’t happen by coincidence. Jackson Physician Search creates opportunities by posting well-crafted physician job advertisements throughout a carefully curated network of online platforms, including job boards, social media, and email. Our recruiters also maintain an active presence in the online forums where physicians engage. We are plugged into today’s physicians, while keeping an eye on where the technology might take us tomorrow.

If your firm is ready to break away from traditional physician sourcing methods and build a relationship with a trusted recruitment partner, the team at Jackson Physician Search is ready to help. Contact a recruiter today.

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