A Mass Texting Campaign Led to an 8-day Cardiologist Placement for this Nebraska Practice


Belonging to one of the most sought after specialties, Cardiologists can expect to find heavy demand for their services. Dr. F, a 2021 graduate of a Cardiology program in Miami, hoped to find a position that offered a family friendly atmosphere and flexibility in her practice. She had recently interviewed for a job at a rural practice in the Midwest and was weighing the presented offer. Around that same time, Search Consultant Dan Morton was asked to fill a general Cardiologist vacancy at a well-respected medical group in rural Nebraska. The Cardiology position was part of an initial series of physician job searches with this new client.

Digital Physician Sourcing Lands a Top Candidate, Fast

Recognizing the challenges of recruiting physicians to rural facilities, Dan knew he had his work cut out for him. He prepared the physician job description and highlighted the prestige of the medical group, the physician-led leadership, and the outstanding community values. In addition to posting the job on a variety of physician job boards and social media sites, Dan prepared a text message campaign to reach the candidate pool quickly. Dr. F received the text message and responded that she was interested in learning more about the physician job opportunity.

Dan connected with Dr. F, and she told him she was already considering another offer but was hesitant to accept it for a couple of different reasons. As fate would have it, her uncertainties about the first position were the most appealing aspects of the job Dan was sourcing. He told her about the strong culture and prestige of the practice. He explained that it was one of the top Cardiology programs in the state of Nebraska, and that the group cultivated an environment that allowed for physician autonomy.

Making the Candidate Feel Welcome

Dan reached out to his client to let them know he had spoken with a great candidate, but there was an urgency to the situation. Wasting no time, the group’s administration booked Dr. F a flight and proceeded to put together a very well-planned and focused site visit. The hospital team was aware of Dr. F’s desires for a family friendly community where her two middle-schoolers could thrive and have plenty of activities. The leadership team carefully listened to what her specific needs were about both her job and young family. The group’s staff made her feel welcome and comfortable around both the facility and in the community. Dr. F commented that it was everything she had hoped to find.

Through the interview process, the administrators agreed with Dan; Dr. F would fit in very well with the organizational culture and the other Cardiologists in the group. As a sign of their commitment to her, the group wasted no time by presenting a physician contract proposal during her on-site interview. Dr. F happily signed on the spot and she is currently practicing with the medical group.

8 Days from Initial Communication to Signed Physician Contract

The national average time-to-fill for a Cardiologist search is 8.5 months, and yet this particular placement took an astonishingly short 8 days.

As a new physician, Dr. F was feeling some pressure about landing her first job, but she also had a clear vision of what she wanted for her career and family. She could have settled for that first offer, but wasn’t completely confident and therefore she was willing to respond to Dan’s outreach.

The client’s trust in Dan, responsiveness, and preparation (having a physician contract ready to present on-site), are all major contributing factors to the success, and speed of this physician placement.

Had Dan employed a traditional marketing approach, like direct mail, the printing press would have not even been started in the time it took for Dr. F to sign her contract. For reasons like this, Jackson Physician Search doesn’t rely on this approach to source physician candidates. Our recruitment teams have access to a full suite of technology and tools to reach the broadest pool of candidates for every vacancy. Contact us today and learn how we can make a difference in your next physician search.

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